NO LONGER LISTED IN PTT EFF: 5/16/86. Research: Dave Keller

Station-Calverton-c.1895.jpg (78841 bytes)
Calverton Station c.1895  view N
Archive: Dave Keller

Calverton-Station_6-05-1955_Morrison.jpg (108475 bytes)
Calverton Station  6/05/1955 Archive: Dave Morrison

calvertonstation2000-DWatson.jpg (34865 bytes)
Calverton Station 2000 Photo: Don M. Watson

The earlier 1880-era Calverton station (photo above) was constructed on the north side of the tracks and west of Edwards Avenue (see 1924 map inset below -Emery 10/57). I date this image c. 1895 as there is a private road crossing in view and later images show a low level wooden station platform and high-level express platform across what once was the private crossing. Emery's map inset states the private road was closed in 1924 and (according to Emery) a new depot was constructed on the south side of the tracks and EAST of Edwards Avenue.  (Note: Ron Ziel states 1922.) 
As this image was scanned from a stereoscope card of two images, to allow for a 3-D view when viewed thru the old viewer, and as stereoscopes were all the rage in the 1890s before actual photography became popular and Brownie cameras were available to everyone, I date this c. 1895.  

It's possible that the station was relocated to allow for the construction of the additional tracks and produce house on the former station site.  The original depot was moved to a private location.  The replacement depot years later was ALSO moved to a private location. Research: Dave Keller

E51sa-2-PkleWks-Calvrtn-8-13-26.jpg (48968 bytes)
Golden's Pickle Works Wreck 8/13/1926
calverton_mp69-70_10-57emery.jpg (187767 bytes)
Emery Calverton MP69-70  10/1957
Calverton72.jpg (60791 bytes)
Calverton LIRR maps 1966 page 72
Station-Calverton (View NE) - 06-29-22 (LIRR Valuation)_Emery-SUNY.jpg (104581 bytes)
Calverton Station View NE 6/29/1922 Photo: LIRR Valuation Archive: Emery-SUNY Stony Brook
G5s-39-Railfan Extra-WB -Calverton-Former Express House at R - View SE - 06-1955 (Keller).JPG (72740 bytes)
G5s #39 and railfan extra westbound on the passing siding across from the former express house relocated on private property.  View is SE - June, 1955 (Dave Keller archive)
Station-Calverton Orig Depot on Private Property - 02-1960_Emery-SUNY.jpg (83084 bytes)
Calverton Station - Original Depot on Private Property 2/1960 Archive: Emery-SUNY Stony Brook
Calverton Station view SW 1962
The depot had been abandoned and was about to be moved off site to a private location in E. Moriches. Dave Keller

Calverton-ex-freight-house-moved_viewS_1-3-17_StevenRothaug.jpg (52394 bytes)
Calverton - ex-freight house moved c.1936, as per Robert Emery map (see above) View S 1/03/17 Photo: Steven Rothaug
Calverton-Edwards-Ave-viewW_1-3-17_StevenRothaug.jpg (52497 bytes)
Calverton Edwards Ave View W 1/03/17
Photo: Steven Rothaug
Calverton_Station Shed_viewE-1-3-17_StevenRothaug.jpg (71259 bytes)
Calverton Station Shed view E  1/03/17
"AH" block limit signal in the left background.
Location #5 Photo: Steven Rothaug

Photos above are ex-Freight House location #1 above

Calverton-ex-IMYoung-potato-house_viewE_4-10-2018_Morrison.jpg (99202 bytes)
Calverton  Ex-I. M. Young Potato House View E 
4/10/2018 Photo: Dave Morrison
Calverton-Station-Shed_viewW_4-10-2018_Morrison.jpg (111404 bytes)
Calverton Station Shed view W  4/10/2018 
Photo: Dave Morrison
Calverton-Station-Shed_viewS_4-10-2018_Morrison.jpg (141493 bytes)
Calverton Station Shed view S
4/10/2018 Photo: Dave Morrison
ex-Busch-Potato-House_viewW.jpg (65116 bytes)
Calverton - ex-C. Busch Potato House View SW 1/03/17  Photo: Steven Rothaug
ex-LI-Potato-House_Calverton_viewS.jpg (63327 bytes)
Calverton - ex-C. Busch Potato House View S 1/03/17  Photo: Steven Rothaug
ex-LI-Potato-House_Calverton_viewE.jpg (77695 bytes)
Calverton - ex-C. Busch Potato House View E 1/03/17  Photo: Steven Rothaug
ex-C. Busch-Potato-House-rebuilt_viewW_5-2019_SteveRothaug.jpg (98205 bytes)
Calverton - ex-C. Busch Potato House rebuilt View W 5/2019  Photo: Steven Rothaug
ex-C. Busch-Potato-House-rebuilt_viewE-track-side_5-2019_SteveRothaug.jpg (109641 bytes)
Calverton - ex-C. Busch Potato House rebuilt View E 5/2019  Photo: Steven Rothaug
ex-C. Busch-Potato-House-rebuilt_viewE_5-2019_SteveRothaug.jpg (107528 bytes)
Calverton - ex-C. Busch Potato House rebuilt View E 5/2019  Photo: Steven Rothaug
Photos above are ex-C. Busch Potato House location #2 above
ex-LI-Potato-House_Calverton_viewNW.jpg (48266 bytes)
Calverton - West of  Edwards Ave View N 1/03/17  Photo: Steven Rothaug
Calverton_viewNW_1-3-17_StevenRothaug.jpg (50693 bytes)
Calverton - West of  Edwards Ave View NW 1/03/17  Photo: Steven Rothaug
ex-LI-Potato-House_Calverton_viewNE.jpg (47991 bytes)
Calverton - West of  Edwards Ave View NE 1/03/17  Photo: Steven Rothaug
Calverton_lirr-150-eastbound-freight_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (59022 bytes)
Calverton  - LIRR #150 eastbound freight 
4/02/2018 Photo: Steven Rothaug
Calverton_ ex-LI Potato House_ViewW_1960_Morrison.jpg (86807 bytes)
Calverton - West of  Edwards Ave View NW 1960  Archive: Dave Morrison
Calverton - LIRR #617 westbound Train #4201  6/1985 Photo/Archive: Jay Bendersky
Calverton_lirr-150-lirr-stencil-zoom_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (32524 bytes)
Calverton - LIRR #150 stencil zoom 4/02/2018 
4/02/2018 Photo: Steven Rothaug
Calverton_lirr-150-eastbound-freight-at-LI-ex-Potato-House_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (46878 bytes)
Calverton - West of  Edwards Ave View E - LIRR #150 eastbound hopper freight 4/02/2018 Photo: Steven Rothaug

Aerial 1/08/2023 of NYAR RS71 smoking up the old Calverton Station on the way back to Pineaire Yard after serving Paraco Gas in Riverhead. Photo/Archive: Craig Lignelli
Photos above are at ex-LI Potato House location #3 above

Calverton switch off main view W
2007 Photo/Archive: Tom Collins

This switch is about 1-3/4 miles west of Edwards Ave and is the access to the former Grumman property, now EPCAL (Enterprise Park-Calverton). 

It runs north parallel with Connecticut Ave then west on the north side of Grumman Blvd. (ex-River Rd. - see map below). Eventually it turns north to the manufacturing area.  
Info: Steve Rothaug

Grumman Spur, Calverton turnout switch
machine 2007 Photo/Archive: Tom Collins
Calvertonswitchoffmain-viewE01012012-GJohnson.JPG (139172 bytes)
Grumman Spur, Calverton switch off main
view E 1/01/2012  Photo: Glen Johnson

Grumman Spur, Calverton derail 2007 Photo/Archive: Tom Collins

Calvertonswitchoffmain-viewSE01012012-GJohnson.JPG (160056 bytes)
Grumman Spur, Calverton switch off main view SE  1/01/2012  Photo: Glen Johnson

Emery-Map-Calverton-GrummanPlant10-1957.jpg (54160 bytes)
Emery Calverton-Grumman Plant 10/1957
Archive: Dave Keller

Note: The run-around track was added sometime after Emery's map of 10/1957.  Dave Keller

Grumman-Calverton-map_2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (38555 bytes)
Ex-Grumman Plant, Calverton map 04/2018 
Research/Design: Steve Rothaug
Grumman-Spur-crosswalk-at-Connecticut-Ave_viewE-GoogleEarth-2018.jpg (145631 bytes)
Grumman Spur - Crosswalk to the Peconic River
at Connecticut Ave  - View E Google Earth 2018
CalvertonSidingRiverRdCrossing-viewN-GJohnson.JPG (169235 bytes)
Calverton siding River Rd crossing view N 1/01/2012
Photo: Glen Johnson
CalvertonSiding-ViewWFromCreek0101012-GJohnson.JPG (194161 bytes)
Calverton siding view W Peconic River 1/01/2012 
Photo: Glen Johnson
CalvertoncrossWalkToCreek-viewS01012012-GJohnson.JPG (139797 bytes)
Calverton crosswalk to Peconic River view S 1/01/2012 
Photo: Glen Johnson
CalvertonRunaround-viewE01012012-GJohnson.JPG (139326 bytes)
Grumman Spur - Calverton runaround view E 1/01/2012
Photo: Glen Johnson
CalvertonRunaround-viewW01012012-GJohnson.JPG (140710 bytes)
Grumman Spur - Calverton west end runaround view W 1/01/2012 Photo: Glen Johnson
CalvertonRunaround-viewW01012012-GJohnson .JPG (127777 bytes)
Grumman Spur - Calverton east end of runaround view W 1/01/2012 Photo: Glen Johnson
CalvertonSidingEnteringIndustries-viewW01012012-GJohnson.JPG (109310 bytes)
Calverton Spur crossing Burman Blvd. entering the plant 
View W 1/01/2012 Photo: Glen Johnson
ex-Grumman-Plant-Calverton_Google-Earth-2018.jpg (97316 bytes)
Ex-Grumman Plant, Calverton Google Earth-2018
Research/Design: Steve Rothaug
CoalPlantGrumman-Calverton09102011NeilFeldman.jpg (41616 bytes)
Grumman Aviation Co. 
Peconic River Plant. 9/10/11 Photo: Neil Feldman
Ex-Grumman-Aviation-Co.-Peconic-River-Plant_viewN_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (35881 bytes) Ex-Grumman-Aviation-Co.-Peconic-River-Plant_viewN_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug2.jpg (37861 bytes) Ex-Grumman-Aviation-Co.-Peconic-River-Plant_RR-sign-no-gates-no-lights_viewNE_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (51456 bytes)
Ex-Grumman Aviation Co. -  Peconic River Plant view N 4/02/2018 Photos: Steve Rothaug
CalvertonEndofLineviewN 01012012-GJohnson.JPG (132863 bytes)
Grumman Plant end of Line view N
1/01/2012  Photo: Glen Johnson
 Ex-Grumman-Aviation-Co.-Peconic-River-Plant_viewN_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug3.jpg (29643 bytes)
Grumman Plant end of Line view N
4/02/2018  Photo: Steve Rothaug
Ex-Grumman-Aviation-Co.-Peconic-River-Plant_viewE_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (44468 bytes)
Grumman Plant end of Line view E
4/02/2018  Photo: Steve Rothaug

Tank TX-250 Metro Energy banner
United Metro Energy, Calverton  2017
Photo/Archive: Tom Collins
CalvertonEndofLine-viewS 01012012-GJohnson.JPG (126731 bytes)
Grumman Plant end of Line view S 1/01/2012
Photo: Glen Johnson
Ex-Grumman-Aviation-Co.-Peconic-River-Plant_viewS_4-02-2018_SteveRothaug.jpg (37203 bytes)
Grumman Plant View S from main building 4/02/2018  Photo: Steve Rothaug