Station-New-Hyde-Park-1918.jpg (110071 bytes)
New Hyde Park 2nd Station - View SE  1918
Archive: Dave Keller

3RD DEPOT BUILT: 1947, REMODELED: c. 1990s, RAZED: 2002-2003 
4TH DEPOT BUILT: 2002-2003. AGENCY CLOSED: 8/19/2009  Research: Dave Keller
Station-New Hyde Park-c.1947.jpg (72043 bytes)
New Hyde Park 2nd Station - View NW c. late 1946 or early 1947 
LIRRer_5-1948_Morrison.jpg (123925 bytes)
New Hyde Park 3rd Station - View S 5/1948 
Relocated N side of tracks. (LI Railroader-Morrison)
Station-New Hyde Park-c. 2005.jpg (78007 bytes)
New Hyde Park 4th Station - View SE  c.2005
Emery-Map-Floral Park-NewHydeParkMP15-MP16.jpg (222042 bytes)
Emery map - MP15-16 1943 Archive: Dave Keller
Emery-Map-NewHydeParkMP16-MP17.jpg (333865 bytes)
Emery map - New Hyde Park MP16-17  7/1958 Archive: Dave Keller

New-Hyde-Park_2019-Google.jpg (90648 bytes)
New Hyde Park - 2019 Google map

Emery-Map-Merillon-Ave_MP17-18_7-1958.jpg (188453 bytes)
Emery map - Merillon Ave.  MP17-18  7/1958 Archive: Dave Keller

Station-Merillon Ave-New Hyde Park-View NW - 07-06-74 (Votava-Keller).jpg (108619 bytes)
Merillon Ave Station - View NW 7/06/1974 (Votava-Keller)

Note: Mail delivery by the New Hyde Park USPS 11040 Zip Code.

Emery-Map-Plainfield-Ave-to-Covert-Ave_MP15-16_7-1958.jpg (267130 bytes)
Emery map - MP15-16 7/1958 Archive: Dave Keller
newhydepark47.jpg (53415 bytes)
LIRR map 1966 New Hyde Park - page 47
LIRR-map-1986-page35-New-Hyde-Park_JeffErlitz.jpg (80832 bytes)
LIRR map 1986 New Hyde Park - page 35
Archive: Jeff Erlitz

Covert Ave., New Hyde Park -View W 4/18/1943
Photo: Fred Weber Archive: Dave Morrison

New Hyde Park Coal & Ice - View W zoom  4/18/1943
Photo: Fred Weber Archive: Dave Morrison
NHP-coal-ice_viewE_1951_Huneke.jpg (31676 bytes)
New Hyde Park Coal & Ice 
View east 1951 Archive: Art Huneke
LIRR-452-S2_freight-PRR-2-Door-Horsecar-eastbound_Covert-Ave.-NHP_c.1952 (Winslow-Keller).jpg (118980 bytes)
ALCO S2 #452 eastbound freight PRR 2 Door Horsecar at 
Covert Ave., New Hyde Park  c.1952  (Winslow-Keller)
H10s-106-Freight-EB-Covert-Ave._New-Hyde-Park_c.1954-Keller.jpg (101505 bytes)
H10s #106 freight eastbound at Covert Ave., New Hyde Park c.1954 Archive: Dave Keller
LIRR-456_4-car-westbound-freight_Mineola-Jamaica-Creedmoor-Branch_NHP_11-26-54_Votava-Boland.jpg (81238 bytes)
ALCO S2 #456 westbound with a four car local working from  Mineola to Jamaica, and the Creedmoor Branch.  New Hyde  Park 11/26/54  (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
  LIRR-455_10-car-freight_westbound-Holban-yard_NHP_8-4-72_Votava-Boland.jpg (88575 bytes)
ALCO S2 #455 with ten car westbound freight to Holban Yard at New Hyde Park 8/04/72 (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
LIRR-459_9-car-westbound-freight-Jamaica_NHP_5-23-72_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (83409 bytes)
ALCO S2 #459 with a nine car westbound freight to Jamaica at New Hyde Park 5/23/72 (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
DS4-4-1000-450-freight-Passingthroughstation-MerillonAveNewHydePark-c.1953.JPG (46305 bytes)
DS4-4-1000 #450 Passing through Merillon Ave Station, 
New Hyde Park c.1953  Archive: Dave Keller
1559 and 210 with westbound, 36-car freight Ronkonkoma to Holban Yd., hllis at New Hyde Park on June 26, 1976_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (95796 bytes)
LIRR #1559 and #210 with westbound thirty-six car freight 
Ronkonkoma to Holban Yard. New Hyde Park 6/26/1976 
(George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
LI 1557, 206, 216,  Precision National 1707, and BAR 60_Merillon-Ave-New-Hyde-Park_ deadheading west to Jamaica on a Saturday AM 7_6_74_George. E. Votava_MikeBoland.jpg (106061 bytes)
LIRR #1557, #206, #216, Precision National #1707, and BAR #60 at Merillon Ave, New Hyde Park deadheading west to Jamaica on a Saturday morning. 7/06/1974 (George E. Votava-Mike Boland)
New-Hyde-Park_Coal_viewE_c.1944.jpg (115194 bytes)
New Hyde Park Coal - View E c.1944
Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-24-3-Car-Train-West-New-Hyde-Park-6-10-46.jpg (89351 bytes)
G5s #24 with 3 car train westbound New Hyde Park 6/10/1946
Archive: Dave Keller
Plaza-Fuel-Co._New-Hyde-Park_viewE-of-NHP-Rd._7-1939.jpg (40758 bytes)
Plaza Fuel Co. siding New Hyde Park 
view E  Archive: Daniel Marra, Sr.
CovertAve07-1940viewW_NHPCoal&Ice.jpg (43864 bytes)
Covert Ave - View W 7/1940 New Hyde Park Coal & Ice
 in distance Archive: Dave Keller
New-Hyde-Park_Stattel-siding_summer1939.jpg (47714 bytes)
New Hyde Park-Stattel siding - View N summer1939
Emery map MP16-17 location #1 7/1958
G. H. Stattel Seeds & Feed, LI Seed Co. in 1924
New Hyde Park Coal & Ice in rear
S2-452-Frt-East-New-Hyde-Park-7-25-53_Keller.jpg (93840 bytes)
LIRR S2 #452 freight eastbound New Hyde Park 7/25/1953
Archive: Dave Keller
New-Hyde-Park_LIRR-449_west-of-NHP-Rd_team-track_viewE_7-15-1968_James Mardiguian.jpg (89399 bytes)
New Hyde Park - LIRR #449 team track west of 
New Hyde Park Rd. - View E 7/15/1968
New-Hyde-Park_LIRR-449_east-of-NHP-Rd_team-track_viewE_7-15-1968_James Mardiguian.jpg (102940 bytes)
New Hyde Park - LIRR #449 team track east of 
New Hyde Park Rd. - View E 7/15/1968
New-Hyde-Park_LIRR-449_Covert-Ave_viewE_7-15-1968_James Mardiguian.jpg (89024 bytes)
New Hyde Park - LIRR #449 at Covert Ave.
View E 7/15/1968

School's out! Monday July 15, 1968 we rode our bikes to New Hyde Park station to watch the "freight rush hour", as we referred to the mid-morning hours. Besides the passenger trains (including two westbound Montauks with parlors on the hind end), we shot four eastbound freights, and the westbound local freight (assumed to be L-42). Today, they are working the North Siding which still had several consignees plus the team track. The team track, between the station building and New Hyde Park Road, usually had two or three box cars spotted for unloading...charcoal, appliances, Christmas trees, etc. So here's the drill working the siding with its train holding the main. Note the lanterns hanging on the cab front. First view, west of New Hyde Park Rd.  at the team track. Next, east of the crossing on the siding. And for good luck, part of the eastbound parade at Covert Ave crossing. All of these views about to change forever with the Third Track grade crossing elimination.  Photos/Archive/Info: James Mardiguian

NewHydeParkOilTerminalview.jpg (67155 bytes)
New Hyde Park Oil Terminal with the NYA siding in yellow and the oil terminal siding in white. Drawing: Steven Lynch Info: Daniel Marra, Sr.

New Hyde Park Oil Terminal

NY&A-271_West@NHPk06-22-2010.jpg (139834 bytes)
NYA #271 westbound 200 yards east of New Hyde Park Rd from a utility pole at the NHPark Oil Terminal 6/22/2010 Photo: Daniel Marra, Jr.
Trestle_Tanners-Pond-Rd_New-Hyde-Park_viewN_1966 (Keller-Keller).jpg (58841 bytes)
Tanners Pond Rd. trestle - New Hyde Park view N 1966 (Keller-Keller)
Trestle_Tanners-Pond-Rd_New-Hyde-Park_viewN_Google-2016.jpg (54384 bytes)
Tanners Pond Rd. trestle - New Hyde Park view N 2016
New-Hyde-Park-station_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (94107 bytes)
New Hyde Park Station - View SE 3/08/2019 
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
New-Hyde-Park-station-platform_viewE_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (105356 bytes)
New Hyde Park Station - platform view E 
3/08/2019 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
LIRR-421_New-Hyde-Park-Rd_viewE_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (132469 bytes)
LIRR #421 New Hyde Park Rd. - View E 3/08/2019 
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
LIRR-521_New-Hyde-Park_viewW_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (133438 bytes)
LIRR #521 New Hyde Park - View W 3/08/2019 
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
New-Hyde-Park-Rd_viewW_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (142316 bytes)
New Hyde Park Rd. - View W 3/08/2019 
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
New-Hyde-Park-Station_waiting-room_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (94818 bytes)
New Hyde Park Station waiting room 3/08/2019 
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison


New-Hyde-Park-Rd_viewN_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (82854 bytes)
New Hyde Park Rd. - View N 3/08/2019 
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
New-Hyde-Park-Rd_viewS_3-8-2019_Morrison.jpg (107671 bytes)
New Hyde Park Rd. - View S 3/08/2019 
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
New Hyde Park Station Tickets
Ticket-New-Hyde-Park-Floral-Park_half-fare_7-30-1962_BradPhillips.jpg (122752 bytes)
Ticket New Hyde Park - Floral Park 1/2 Fare 7/30/1962
Archive: Brad Phillips


Ticket-10-trip_Hunters-Point-NHPark_form-211-H_BradPhillips.jpg (60483 bytes)
Ticket 10 trip Hunterspoint Ave - New Hyde Park
Form 211-H Archive: Brad Phillips

Ticket-weekly_NY-Penn-NHPark_form-WP-2_BradPhillips.jpg (173280 bytes)
Ticket weekly NY Penn - New Hyde Park - Form WP-2
Archive: Brad Phillips
Ticket-Westbury-NHPark_form-L-H-1_BradPhillips.jpg (63699 bytes)
Ticket Westbury - New Hyde Park - Form L-H-1
Archive: Brad Phillips


Ticket-Jamaica-NHPark_form-1-BH_BradPhillips.jpg (70445 bytes)
Ticket Jamaica-New Hyde Park - Form 1-BH
Archive: Brad Phillips


I worked there a few days back in 1965.  One of the duties as clerk was to walk the nearby team track and record freight car numbers for the agent (Mineola?).  As I recall, I sold for the first morning westbound train and then walked the track during the break before the next train was due.  Ticket sales were light, similar to Rosedale and Laurelton.  I don’t think I sold a single eastbound ticket. Brad Phillips