LIRR Substations

PRR-LIRR Director's Inspection Trip Substation list 11/05/1947 Archive: Dave Morrison


Brooklyn Grand St. substation #1 - LIRR valuation
Archive: Dave Morrison


East NY substation #2 - LIRR valuation 3/28/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Woodhaven Jct. substation #3 LIRR valuation 5/27/1919 Archive: Dave Morrison

Jamaica Substation #4 LIRR valuation 6/10/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Substation #4 at Brenton Ave, (170th St.) Hillside c.1925 Archive: Art Huneke - Gone with the 1930-31 Jamaica East Improvement project. Info: Dave Keller

Substation #5 Hammels Archive: Art Huneke
Extension houses a battery capable of powering trains in case of a power failure.

Hammels substation #5  LIRR valuation 12/06/1918
 View N Archive: Dave Morrison

Mineola substation #8  LIRR valuation 11/07/1918
Archive: Dave Morrison


Cedarhurst substation #9  LIRR valuation 5/12/1921 Archive: Dave Morrison

Winfield Substation #21 LIRR valuation 4/08/1919
Archive: Dave Morrison

Murray Hill substation #23  LIRR valuation 4/04/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison


Little Neck substation #24 LIRR valuation 10/25/1948
Archive: Dave Morrison

Cedarhurst, Chestnut Street substation #9
6/02/1962 (Faxon-Keller)

Port Washington substation #25 10/25/1918 LIRR valuation Archive: Dave Morrison

Valley Stream substation 5/21/1918 LIRR valuation
Archive: Dave Morrison


Whitestone substation LIRR valuation 4/06/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Wreck Lead substation LIRR valuation 5/16/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Portable substation storage LIRR valuation photo 4/27/1919 Archive: Art Huneke

Floral Park Substation shed - LIRR valuation
photo View N 2/18/1918 Archive: Dave Morrison



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"Long Island Railroad Information Bulletin" of June 3, 1925 Archive: Art Huneke

Substation #15 west of Babylon Station 1925
Archive: Art Huneke

Ex-location Substation #8a now power grid at
Plainfield Ave., Floral Park-Hempstead Branch View NE  10/12/1951 (Faxon-Keller)

New Mineola Substation power grid 7/16/2019
Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

Meadowbrook current Substation
MTA/LIRR  2020

New MTA Meadowbrook Substation Construction & Development 8/11/2020