LIRR Substations

PRR-LIRR Director's Inspection Trip Substation list 11/05/1947 Archive: Dave Morrison


Brooklyn Grand St. substation #1 - LIRR valuation
Archive: Dave Morrison


East NY substation #2 - LIRR valuation 3/28/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Woodhaven Jct. substation #3 LIRR valuation 5/27/1919 Archive: Dave Morrison

Jamaica Substation #4 LIRR valuation 6/10/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Substation #4 at Brenton Ave, (170th St.) Hillside c.1925 Archive: Art Huneke - Gone with the 1930-31 Jamaica East Improvement project. Info: Dave Keller

Substation #5 Hammels Archive: Art Huneke
Extension houses a battery capable of powering trains in case of a power failure.

Hammels substation #5  LIRR valuation 12/06/1918
 View N Archive: Dave Morrison

Mineola substation #8  LIRR valuation 11/07/1918
Archive: Dave Morrison


Cedarhurst substation #9  LIRR valuation 5/12/1921 Archive: Dave Morrison

Winfield Substation #21 LIRR valuation 4/08/1919
Archive: Dave Morrison

Murray Hill substation #23  LIRR valuation 4/04/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison


Little Neck substation #24 LIRR valuation 10/25/1948
Archive: Dave Morrison

Cedarhurst, Chestnut Street substation #9
6/02/1962 (Faxon-Keller)

Port Washington substation #25 10/25/1918 LIRR valuation Archive: Dave Morrison

Valley Stream substation 5/28/1918 LIRR ICC valuation
listed 3/11/1921.  Archive: Dave Morrison

Whitestone substation LIRR valuation 4/06/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Wreck Lead substation LIRR valuation 5/16/1921
Archive: Dave Morrison

Portable substation storage LIRR valuation photo 4/27/1919 Archive: Art Huneke

Floral Park Substation shed - LIRR valuation
photo View N 2/18/1918 Archive: Dave Morrison



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"Long Island Railroad Information Bulletin" of June 3, 1925 Archive: Art Huneke

Substation #15 west of Babylon Station 1925
Archive: Art Huneke

Ex-location Substation #8a now power grid at
Plainfield Ave., Floral Park-Hempstead Branch View NE  10/12/1951 (Faxon-Keller)

New Mineola Substation power grid 7/16/2019
Photo/Archive: William J. Skeats

Meadowbrook current Substation
MTA/LIRR  2020

New MTA Meadowbrook Substation Construction & Development 8/11/2020

MTA New Cassel Substation - Photo: MTA 2021


MTA C&D (Construction & Development) has completed work on the New Cassel substation, located at Broadway and Bond Street north of the LIRR. Part of the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville, the New Cassel substation is one of eight along the Main Line corridor being replaced or upgraded.

The substation is approximately 40 years old and nearing the end of its operational life. Its replacement also will accommodate the additional third track and support future growth of the LIRR. The New Cassel substation replacement is part of a larger initiative to enhance service reliability and support system expansion throughout the LIRR, and ultimately support the growth and development of Long Island.

With the LIRR Expansion Project poised to increase capacity with initiatives like the Expansion Project, East Side Access and the Double Track from Bethpage to Ronkonkoma, the substation replacement and upgrades provide all the extra power needed to run those additional trains.

There are 104 substations on the LIRR across all areas of the railroad’s electrified territory. At each of these substations, AC voltage is converted to DC voltage and safely fed to the third rail out on the tracks. This electrical power then energizes each train’s traction motor, which propels the train. Substations are strategically replaced as part of every capital program, typically based on age and/or state of good repair. Substations may also be upgraded or replaced as part of a larger project initiative, such as the LIRR Expansion Project. MTA Construction & Development is currently working to replace substations in Floral Park, New Hyde Park, Garden City/Garden City Park, Mineola, Carle Place, Westbury, New Cassel and Hicksville.