LIRR Timetable 1844


Long Island Railroad Co.,Official Pocket Time Table 12/04/1873.
5 x 3 3/4 inches unfolding to 5 x 12 1/4 inches. A very early LIRR pocket time table,
 including timetables east and west bound for Sag Harbor Branch, Flushing Railroad,
Long Island Railroad, Brooklyn Central Railroad, Hempstead & Glen Cove Branches.
LIRR Timetable 9/10/1894
lirr-timetable-front_9-10-1894.jpg (771229 bytes)
Main-LIne_timetable_9-10-1984.jpg (1042931 bytes)
Main Line
Oyster-Bay-Branch_timetable_9-10-1984.jpg (891238 bytes)
Oyster Bay Branch
Hempstead_Mineola_Express_timetable_9-10-1984.jpg (684430 bytes)
Hempstead-Mineola Express
North-Side-Division_Port-Jefferson-Branch_timetable_9-10-1984.jpg (939097 bytes)
North Side Division - Port Jefferson Branch
Montuak-Division-timetable_9-10-1984.jpg (833918 bytes)
Montauk Division

Timetable Summer Schedule 7/01/1880 cover

timetable-Manhattan-Beach_center-06-1884.jpg (503677 bytes)
Timetable Manhattan Beach 06/1884


timetable-Manhattan-Beach_06-1884-rear.jpg (370408 bytes)

Timetable 6/29/1889

timetable_6-25-1889-reverse.jpg (242764 bytes)
Timetable reverse 06/29/1889

timetable-rear-06-1892.jpg (312640 bytes)
Timetable reverse 6/1892

Timetable 6/1892
1939 WF timetable map.JPG (390413 bytes)
World's Fair 9/17/1939

Timetable Main Line to Hicksville and Hempstead Branch
10/21/1913  Archive: Steve Melrose

timetable-Montauk-Hamptons_8-15-57.jpg (207753 bytes)
Timetable Montauk and Hamptons 8/15/1957 

timetable-back_Montauk-Hamptons_8-15-57.jpg (191800 bytes)
Timetable reverse Montauk and Hamptons 8/15/1957

Note: This 1913 timetable covers the long gone line that went from Mineola to West Hempstead.  It cut between NASSAU Tower and Mineola Station and headed south through Garden City, crossing Old Country Road and continuing south crossing Stewart Avenue, to a few hundred feet north (around Chestnut Street) of Country Life Press Station. Heading further south towards the Village of Hempstead, it veered heading southwest starting around Old Main Street in Hempstead. From there, basically straight into West Hempstead crossing Main Street, Franklin Avenue, Intersection Street, Atlantic Avenue, Hilton Avenue, Cathedral Avenue, Saint Paul's Road N, Hempstead Turnpike (Fulton Street), and Hempstead Avenue into the West Hempstead Station. Steve Melrose

Worlds Fair timetable 5/16/1965 Archive: Kevin Wong

This is among the last editions prior to the establishment of the MTA (originally MCTA) as a quasi-independent state agency and public takeover of LIRR in late 1965. At press time (May 1, 1965) the World's Fair had been open as of Wednesday, April 21, but the 1965 World's Fair schedule (and summer 1965 schedules) appeared on Sunday, May 16. The schedules here are those in effect as of May 1, 1965 (winter/spring 1965 schedules effective September 1964 or December 15, 1964). Research: Kevin Wong


LIRR Timetable Form LI-1  6/18/1961

LIRR Special Timetable - Pope Francis Papal visit 9/25/2015

LIRR Service 2000 World Series NY Yankees - NY Mets

LIRR Belmont Stakes schedule front 6/07/2014

LIRR Timetable US Open 6/14/2004 to 6/20/2004
Shinnecock Hills Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR Timetable US Open 06/15/2009 Archive: Al Castelli

LIRR 101st PGA Championship - May 13-19, 2019
Bethpage, NY Archive: NRHS-LIST

40 Years of LIRR Branch Timetables 1974-2014

Effective on May 20,1974 - The LIRR issued its first set of eleven Branch Line timetables...

I believe that these timetables were designed by the MTA to be similar to the three route timetables that began issue on Penn Central's Metropolitan region back in the early 70s: Hudson Line (medium green); Harlem Line (medium blue) and New Haven Line (bright red).

The LIRR timetables, their colors and the original stations covered by them were:

Form 1-Port Washington Branch (scarlet red) from Elmhurst thru Port Washington
Form 2-Port Jefferson Branch (dark blue) from New Hyde Park and Huntington to Port Jefferson
Form 3-Ronkonkoma Branch (purple) from Grumman and Bethpage to Ronkonkoma
Form 4-Oyster Bay Branch (lime green) from East Williston to Oyster Bay
Form 5-Hempstead Branch (beige) from Union Hall Street and Hollis to Hempstead
Form 6-Far Rockaway Branch (brown) from Locust Manor and Valley Stream to Far Rockaway
Form 7-Babylon Branch (turquoise green) from Rockville Centre to Babylon AND PATCHOGUE
Form 8-Long Beach Branch (orange) from Lynbrook to Long Beach
Form 9-West Hempstead Branch (light blue) from St. Albans and Springfield Gardens to Westwood and West Hempstead
Form 10-City Terminal Zone (gray) covers Penn Station-Long Island City-Hunterspoint Ave.-Flatbush Ave/Brooklyn and Jamaica
Form 11-Eastern Long Island (black) covers Bellport to Montauk and Holtsville to Greenport and both Road N' Rail bus routes...

Over time there were changes to these Branch Timetables such as:

1.The stations and lines that were covered, e.g. the shift of Bay Shore thru Patchogue to the Eastern Long Island timetable by 1979.

2. In 1983 the Montauk Branch timetable was created and the Ronkonkoma to Greenport service was placed in the Ronkonkoma Branch timetable. 

3. In January 1988 New Hyde Park, Merillon Avenue and Mineola were placed in the Oyster Bay Branch timetable (until 1992?).

4.  In the 1980s, in particular, the LIRR began to regularly print special branch timetables for track work and other LIRR projects and additionally beginning during the late 80s special timetables like the NY Mets Shea Stadium and Belmont Park began to be issued.

During the early to mid 90s the LIRR experimented with different printing and formats in the Branch Timetables and by the late 90s the current format with black and white printing and some use of the line color became standard. During these years the Montauk Branch timetable began to use teal as its color replacing black and the folder numbers were shifted between the Montauk Branch (becoming Form 10) and the City Terminal Zone (becoming Form 11).

The TDI Station Timetables (TDI Publications, Inc. 16 East 42nd Street, NY) have also underwent changes of their own:  Back before December 1968 they were issued quarterly with seasonal colors: Blue-Winter; Spring-Brown; Summer-Green and Fall-Red and with the December 1968 issues Dashing Dan was dropped for the MTA M logo and all issues from that point until sometime in 1974 - when they began to be issued in the matching Branch Line timetable color - they were all in blue - and for about a two year stretch beginning in mid 1972 - when the older LIRR timetable folders were discontinued - these were the only timetables that were available to the public. Research: Gary Farkash

lirrTTBayShoreForm35.jpg (214922 bytes)
Bay Shore Timetable back 5/1962
Bayshore-timetable-front_10-1978.jpg (197850 bytes)
Bay Shore Timetable 10/1978
Bayshore-timetable_10-1978.jpg (199676 bytes)
Bay Shore Timetable back 10/78

Gibson Timetable  6/22/1952

Gibson Timetable back  6/22/1952
Islip-timetable-front_10-1979.jpg (162633 bytes)
Islip Timetable 10/79
Islip-timetable_10-1979.jpg (152305 bytes)
Islip Timetable back 10/79

Lakeview-Malverne Timetable  6/22/1952

Lakeview-Malverne Timetable back  6/22/1952

Mineola Timetable 3/16/1961

Mineola Timetable back 3/16/1961
Oyster-Bay-timetable-front_12-15-1962.jpg (218642 bytes)
Oyster Bay Timetable 12/15/1962
Oyster-Bay-timetable-reverse_12-15-1962.jpg (228127 bytes)
Oyster Bay Timetable back 12/15/1962
Patchogue-timetable_6-22-52.jpg (329764 bytes)
Patchogue Timetable 6/22/1952
Patchogue-timetable-reverse_6-22-52.jpg (351247 bytes)
Patchogue Timetable back 6/22/1952
Patchogue-timetable-12-15-61.jpg (128523 bytes)
Patchogue Timetable 12/15/1961
Patchogue-timetable-reverse_12-15-61.jpg (137119 bytes)
Patchogue Timetable back 12/15/1961

Rockville Centre Timetable  6/22/1952

Rockville Centre Timetable back  6/22/1952
LIRR Weekend Special Tours 1977 Timetable

Weekend Special Tours 1977_2.jpg (290190 bytes)


Weekend Special Tours 1977_3.jpg (269025 bytes)



Weekend Special Tours 1977_4.jpg (283561 bytes)


Weekend Special Tours 1977_5.jpg (257861 bytes)



Weekend Special Tours 1977_6.jpg (221185 bytes) Weekend Special Tours 1977_7.jpg (264920 bytes) Weekend Special Tours 1977_8.jpg (278455 bytes)

Weekend Special Tours back
Paper-Cuts_Timetable-elimination_Newsday_4-15-2019.jpg (572168 bytes)

New premium express non-stop "Cannonball East/West" direct from Penn Station to The Hamptons/Montauk and return with Hamptons Reserve Service.  Issue for May 29-September 2, 2013

This was the first time in LIRR history that the Cannonball departed from Penn station. Prior to this date on the timetable, the Cannonball had always departed from Hunterspoint Avenue. 

The first stop after Penn was Westhampton, it did not stop at Jamaica as in prior years.

I was on that 1st train from Penn in one of the 2 Hampton's Reserve cars. Reserve seating and waiter/waitress service at your seat. No standees in the 2 Hampton's Reserve cars.

The Cannonball was soon becoming  too popular and crowded. One train had 1,800 passengers with 1200 seats! The LIRR had to limit the number of passengers on the Cannonball to twelve cars and two DM locomotives. This year was the 1st time since WWII that the LIRR did NOT run the Cannonball.  Archive: NRHS-LIST  Steve Quigley

LIRR timetable Form 12-TPSS-81 Forest Hills & Kew Gardens Jan 6th-Mar 8th, 2020 The last small version timetable of 2020 due to Covid-19. Archive: NRHS-LIST  Steve Quigley

Last paper timetable Hillside Facility 3/06/2021
Archive: NRHS-LIST Steve Quigley

LIRR Babylon Branch timetable Form 7-TPSS-152 May 16th-July 12th, 2020 The last timetable of 2020 due to Covid-19.
Archive: NRHS-LIST  Steve Quigley

LIRR Boland's Landing digital timetable
June 14 - September 6, 2021 MTA/LIRR

The LIRR discontinued the printing of Branch timetables May 16th-July 12th, 2020. The last issues of all 11 forms to the public were dated March 9th-May 17th, 2020.

With the implementation of the Essential Service Schedules and cutbacks timetable printing was discontinued for all 11 timetable forms and for any special schedule and service changes.

MNCR also discontinued printing their four timetable forms: Harlem, Hudson, New Haven and Port Jervis/Pascack Valley Line timetables around the same time during 2020. However...The LIRR printed - but did not distribute - timetables dated May 18 to July 12, 2020 which would have been the regular Summer 2020 schedule changes. LIST-NRHS has a limited quantity of these rare timetables available. (sale or donation to LIST-NRHS)

This change ended 46 years of LIRR printed Branch timetables...May 20, 1974 were the first issues. Info: Mike McEnaney