Train-8057_westbound-Stewart-Ave-Bethpage_quadrant-gated_4-19-15_JoeMcMahon.jpg (54968 bytes)
Train 8057 westbound at quadrant-gated Stewart Ave, Bethpage  4/19/15 Photo: Joe McMahon

Tower-B-Model Board-Bethpage Jct-3-18-79.jpg (44552 bytes)
Tower B Model Board
Bethpage Junction 3/18/79
Jeff Erlitz photo, Dave Keller archive
Tower-B-Interlocking Machine-Bethpage Jct-3-18-79.jpg (64526 bytes)
Tower B Interlocking Machine Bethpage Junction 3/18/79
Jeff Erlitz photo, Dave Keller archive
Tower-B-MP15 155,164,Frt-Entering Central Br-Bethpage Jct-3-18-79.jpg (80598 bytes)
Tower B LIRR MP15 155, 164, Freight entering Central Branch - Bethpage Junction 3/18/79
See Emery Map MP28 - MP29  below for location
Wm. Madden photo, Dave Keller archive
K4s-5406-Trn4229-B-Twr-Bethpage-5-11-47.jpg (49358 bytes)
K4s #5406 and Sunday-only train #4229 westbound past "B" Tower  Bethpage Jct. 5/11/47  (G. E. Votava photo)  (Note white-painted smokebox!) Archive: Dave Keller
bethpage-CentralAve-vieweast-toTowerB.jpg (69212 bytes)
LIRR #25 & Train #4227 Central Islip State Hospital Train 6/49 elevated view from L.I. Motor Pky overpass view E toward Tower B Archive: Dave Keller

lirr1558Bethpage1957.jpg (65600 bytes)
Warren L. Kessler, Inc 
LIRR #1558 RS3 Westbound
  in 1957 
Photo: Joe Hagan (4)

lirr608Bethpage08-01-1972BrianWoodruff.jpg (83924 bytes)
LIRR  #608 08/01/1972 westbound
 Photo: Brian Woodruff


lirr221Bethpage05-06-67.jpg (82045 bytes)
LIRR C420 #221 Westbound commuter accelerates away from "B" Tower after brief stop for a signal at Bethpage, NY 05/06/67

lirr1520bethpage.jpg (62629 bytes)
LIRR #1520 RS2 Westbound freight switching Sturtevant Coal at Broadway Ave.

lirr455Bethpage08-01-1972BrianWoodruff.jpg (92837 bytes)
LIRR #455  08/01/1972 
Photo: Brian Woodruff

1551bethpage-eastboundJoeTischner.jpg (189294 bytes)
LIRR #1551 Eastbound work train running against the current of traffic on mainline #1
The low home (dwarf as others call it) is visible in the foreground.  The bridge abutment in the close distance is Central Avenue.  The spur went to General Motors when there was a warehouse there.  Currently, it ends at the back parking lot for the Sleepy's warehouse. I would assume that this siding was taken out when the mainline was electrified and control of the branch was taken over by Divide.  Note the train order signal attached to the top head of the position light home signal Archive: Joe Tischner (2)
1552bethpage-westboundJoeTischner.jpg (195963 bytes)
LIRR #1552 Westbound 
Archive: Joe Tischner (3)

BTower09-19-08JoeTischner.jpg (91824 bytes)
 NYA #271 Westbound past "B" Tower  Bethpage Jct. 09/19/08  Photo: Joe Tischner

BtowerTr4250_011979JimGillin.jpg (71364 bytes)
B Tower Tr #4250 eastbound 01/1979 Photo: Jim Gillin

 Bethpage Maps
Emery-Bethpage-(Central Park)-1916.jpg (204010 bytes)
Emery Map Bethpage (Central Park)  1916
Emery-Grumman_MP26-27_5-58.jpg (165329 bytes)
Emery Map MP26-27  05/1958
Emery-BethpageMP27-28_05-58.jpg (242486 bytes)
Emery Map MP27-28  05/1958
Long-Island-Railroader_March-April-1951_s.OysterBayRd_Dave Morrison.jpg (222944 bytes)
Long Island Railroader March-April 1951 
South Oyster Bay Rd Archive: Dave Morrison
Old-South-Oyster-Bay-Rd-crossing-relocated-1951_viewS_8-15-15_DaveMorrison.jpg (68749 bytes)
Old South Oyster Bay Rd crossing relocated 1951 
view S 8/15/2015 Photo: Dave Morrison


EmeryBethpageMP28-29.jpg (199494 bytes)
Emery Map MP28-29  05/1958
Bethpage1966map.jpg (40060 bytes)
LIRR MP 27- M28 Sidings Map - 1966 (5)

(1) Compare this early shot taken by George Votava looking east toward “B” tower with Joe Tischner’s photo, marked (3).

Bear in mind Votava’s view was shot from the remains of the old, unused, Long Island Motor Parkway overpass over the LIRR AND over Central Ave. (Formerly Central Park Ave.)

(2) Joe Tischner’s shot marked (2) is looking the other way.  Joe mentions that the bridge abutments (shown in line with the 2nd hopper) are those for the overpass over Central Avenue . Votava’s photo (1) shows Central Ave (formerly Central Park Ave. ) AT GRADE. See how close to Central Ave. the siding began? Compared to the old photo above, it would have passed right in front of the door to the crossing watchman’s outhouse had it been laid prior to elevating the ROW and tracks and/or depressing the crossing of Central Ave. or a combination of both to make the grade less steep for trains to climb!  Dave Keller

(3) This shot is looking in the same direction as the old shot marked (1).  Look at the tower in the right background and siding branching off in the foreground and compare to Votava’s photo, using the tower in the right background for reference . . . . . . no siding back then, of course and Central Ave. was at grade.   Input: Dave Keller

(4) Passing Warren L. Kessler, Inc., 300 Broadway Ave., Bethpage, NY  Manufacturer of  lamps, candle holders, etc.

In l939 (the company operated from 1938-1978 )Warren Kessler built a factory on the site of the Feuchsel Pickle Works, located north of the railroad tracks, east* of Broadway.  This company manufactured lamps and lighting units for all the American embassies around the world.  Exquisite Kessler lamps were included in the remodeling of the Truman White House. Motto in l946 "What Bethpage Makes - Makes Bethpage."  Warren L. Kessler, Inc.  Manufacturers of lamps and decorative accessories.  Known throughout the nation for exquisite glass products. Source: Encyclopedia of the Unincorporated Village of Bethpage 

Kessler Empire Style Candelabra Lampe






Bethpage-CVS-Broadway-formerKesslerWorks-01132010-AlCastelli.jpg (51756 bytes)In the year 2000, a CVS drug/convenience store was built on the site of the Kessler factory east of the tracks on 300 Broadway Ave. 

Photo: Al Castelli


Bethpage-KesslerGlassHistoricMarker-01132010-AlCastelli.jpg (87249 bytes)KESSLER GLASS Historical Marker
Site of Warren Kessler Inc. manufacturer of hand-blown lamps & vases 1938-78 that have graced the White House and U.S. Embassies worldwide 
Donated by the Kessler Family 

Photo: Al Castelli


(5) The General Motors siding was the interlocked siding by B Tower east of Bethpage. The crews used to have to tie up the interlocking to switch it, by using the block operator to throw the switches for them. Quite interesting! The switch was removed probably when the line was electrified. As mentioned, the building still stands, but it is not GM anymore. The building is now a Sleepy's mattress.  Info: Pat Scopelliti