LIRR Early Electric Engines

Note 1: 320 & 322.2, built by Baldwin. Retired 320 (11/23/1959), 322.2 (8/27/1958)  Note 2: 322.1 was built by the carshops of the LIRR. The carbody was sheathed with steel in March of 1927.
Information: Electric Locos page 68-69  Diesels of the Sunrise Trail 
Author: John Scala
lirr320_Morris-Park-transfer-table_1950s.jpg (114901 bytes)

#320, the small electric switcher, entered service at Morris Park Shops in 1927. In addition, there were TWO units numbered #322, the first one was built in 1912 and was also retired in 1927.  The 2nd one was built in 1927 and was retired in December, 1958.  Info: Dave Keller  

On the transfer table at the Morris Park Shops in the 1950's. 


A1 320-with DD1-MP Shops-c. 1946.jpg (55915 bytes)
 LIRR #320 with DD1  c. 1946 
Archive: Dave Keller
A1 322, 320-Transfer Table-MP Shops - 12-31-49.jpg (60057 bytes)
LIRR #322, #320 Morris Park shops transfer table 12/31/1949
Archive: Dave Keller
H6sb-304-Shop Switcher 320-MP Shops-c. 1932 (Erlitz).jpg (73186 bytes)
LIRR H6sb #304 A-1 #320 Morris Park shops c.1932
Archive: Jeff Erlitz 

LIRR H6sb #304 (and #300) were removed from the roster  in 1932. The cover plate is missing above the builder's plate, so #304 was no longer under her own power and may have been in the process of being removed, making this image c. 1932. Dave Keller

lirr320_mpark1939.jpg (109900 bytes)
LIRR #320  Morris Park roundhouse 1939 
lirr320A-1_06-29-49jimgillin.jpg (88010 bytes)
LIRR #320 A-1 6/29/1949
Archive: Jim Gillin
lirr320_Morris-Park-shops.jpg (119187 bytes)
LIRR #320 Morris Park shops transfer table
A1 320- Transfer Table- MP Shops - 6-26-49.jpg (89920 bytes)
LIRR #320 Morris Park shops transfer table 6/26/1949 Archive: Dave Keller
Morris-Park-Shops_lirr-A1-320_c.1955.jpg (56964 bytes)
LIRR #320 A-1 Morris Park Shops c.1955
lirr320_Morris-Park_c.1949.jpg (79277 bytes) 
LIRR #320 Morris Park c.1949

Electric shop switcher, Morris Park, ca. 1949 (photo left) Shop switchers, be they steam, diesel or electric, have always been diminutive affairs. Rarely do they have to drag around more than one dead engine or car at at time, so the need not be powerful or fast. They must, however, be as short as possible, in order to fit onto a turntable or transfer table with whatever they may be moving around. The LIRR has operated several electric shop engines, one being a homemade job that was created by the simple expedient of mounting a  cab, controls and couplers  on a MU truck. No. 320, shown here, was more sophisticated; it was built by Baldwin and equipped by Westinghouse in 1927 and worked the Morris Park Shops until 1958. All engines are now small diesels.

Photo: James V. Osborne  Archive: Brooklyn Public Library 

More A-1 Electrics at Morris Park Shops

lirr322_MPark-transfer-table_12-16_ArtHuneke.jpg (77022 bytes)
LIRR #322 Morris Park Park transfer table 12/1916 Archive: Art Huneke

lirr322_1912-1927_ArtHuneke.jpg (193267 bytes)
LIRR  #322 The first A-1 in service in 1912, gone in 1927 Archive: Art Huneke
lirr322_Morris-Park-yard-entrance.jpg (65353 bytes)
LIRR  The second A-1 #322 Morris Park yard entrance,
in service 1927-1958
A1-Shop-Switcher-322_Morris-Prk-Locomotive-shop_04-23-55_Faxon,Jr.-Keller.jpg (108106 bytes)
A1 Shop Switcher #322 Morris Park Locomotive shop 4/23/1955
(Faxon, Jr.-Keller)

"From Ron Ziel's: Electric Heritage of the Long Island Rail Road 1905-1975"
The first ever PRR class AA-1 B-B built 1905 as an electric experimental boxcab engine  #10001. Later renumbered PRR #3950 and then LIRR #323. It was used to
explore the concept of third-rail electrification for Penn Station and later worked the LIRR car floats May, 1916 until scrap in July, 1937. Info: Dave Keller

AA1 Elec Loco No. 323 - PHOEBE - MorrisPkShops-Jamaica, NY - 07-09-27 (Votava-Keller).jpg (95607 bytes)
AA-1 electric #323 "PHOEBE" at Morris Park shops 7/09/1927

AA1 Elec Loco No. 323 - PHOEBE - MorrisPkShops-Jamaica, NY - c. 1935 (Keller).jpg (90870 bytes)
AA-1 electric #323 
"PHOEBE" at Morris Park 
shops c.1935 Archive: Dave Keller

AA1 Elec Loco No. 323 - PHOEBE - MorrisPkShops-Jamaica, NY - 08-10-36 (Keller).jpg (97823 bytes)
AA-1 electric #323 "PHOEBE" at Morris Park 
shops 8/10/1936 Archive: Dave Keller
AA1 Elec Loco No. 323 - PHOEBE - Storage Yard-Richmond Hill, NY - 03-06-37 (Winslow-Keller).jpg (126482 bytes)
AA-1 electric #323 
"PHOEBE" at Richmond Hill storage yard 3/06/1937 to be scrapped in July, 1937 (Winslow-Keller)

AA-1_323_Morris-Park_5_10_36_(Rugen-Boland).jpg (93221 bytes)The LIRR AA-1 depicted above was LIRR's #323 "Phoebe"; the only one built by PRR's Juniata Shops. It was always accompanied by her compressor (ex-test gear) car which also served as a reacher in spanning long gaps in the all-essential third rail.  Info: Dave Keller

AA-1 #323 at Morris-Park 5/10/1936 (Rugen-Boland)



Originally classed as BB3, but were changed to just B3.  They operated under overhead wire and were used exclusively on the Bay Ridge branch which had catenary overhead  wire.  When the electrification was removed, the B3 units were towed to Morris Park Shops and remained there lined up along the embankment until they were sold to the scrapper. (See color photo below) Note: Electric current turned off for last time over entire line: 12/31/58

These are the same type units you would see operating in Sunnyside Yard for many years later, with "Pennsylvania" stenciled along the sides.  This class were nicknamed "rats."  Info: Dave Keller

Class B3 Electric Roster #324-337 built 8/26 (except #331 7/1926) Originally delivered as married pairs and numbered 324A&B, and classed BB-3. Later re-classed to B-3. 325, renumbered to 328, (10/1953), 324, 325 & 332 sold as-is to PRR 2/24/1954.  Info: "Diesels of the Sunrise Trail" by John Scala

B3-324_5_12_40_(Votava-Boland).jpg (95129 bytes)
B3 #324 5/12/1940 (Votava-Boland)

B3-Electrics-327-329_MORRIS PARK_11-11-55_(Rugen-Huneke).jpg (105195 bytes)
The B3 electrics #327, #329 have been taken out of service and are on one of the back layup tracks in Morris Park yard, against the Montauk branch embankment. The Richmond Hill Storage Yard  is on the other side of the embankment.  View NE 11-11-1955 (Rugen-Huneke)

lirr327-329_Morris-Park-shops_1955_viewNE.jpg (41818 bytes)
B3 Electrics #327, 329 at Morris Park shops 1955 view NE
B3-328-329_3_26_50_(Votava-Boland).jpg (103870 bytes)
B3 #328, 329 3/26/1950 (Votava-Boland)
B3-Loco-329-NH-Loco-0109-et-al-Loco-Shop-BayRidge-7-39.jpg (63059 bytes)
B3 #329 NH Loco #0109 et. al. Loco Shop Bay Ridge 7/1939 
LIRR B-3_329-328 coupled in front of engine house Bay Ridge 3-26-50.jpg (81034 bytes)
B3 #329, 328 coupled in front of  Bay Ridge  engine house 3/26/1950
B3-332_3_26_50_(Votava-Boland).jpg (109860 bytes)
B3 #332 3/26/1950 (Votava-Boland)
B3-333_7_25_38_(Votava-Boland).jpg (73012 bytes)
B3 #333 7/25/1938 (Votava-Boland)
LIRR B-3 336 Freshly Painted Upper Body in yard Bay Ridge 11-18-34.jpg (83476 bytes)
B3 #336 Freshly painted upper body in Bay Ridge yard 11/18/1934
LIRR B-3 337-34 with freight Bay Ridge 1936.jpg (100461 bytes)
B3 #337, 334 freight train Bay Ridge 1936
 LIRR B-3 337-325 coupled in yard switching freight with idler car BAy Ridge 4-8-46.jpg (118691 bytes)
B3 #337, 325 coupled in yard switching freight 
with idler car Bay Ridge 4/08/1946


Photos in this section: Archive: Dave Keller unless otherwise noted.

The "Odd D" was the original forerunner of the DD1.  "D" being the designation used by the PRR for their 4-4-0 wheel arrangement.  While an electric loco, the "Odd D" was still a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement and was classed accordingly.  As the DD1s were two units in a pair (A and B) units and both having the 4-4-0 wheel arrangement, they were classed "DD". The "Odd D" was a one-of-a-kind unit hence the name "Odd."  It was used on the LIRR for test runs along the Central Branch extension east of Garden City.  A mile or so of overhead wire was installed and the loco, using a pantograph, ran test runs pulling passenger cars. Research: Dave Keller

Diesels of the Sunrise Trail John Scala's roster states the DD1s arrived 1927 to 1944, with the majority arriving 1927 to 1929.

Pre-1939 (1938) scheme before repainting, with hood intact.  (road number on front door and 
Penn Roman lettering with serifs on the body)  

DD1s pulling a display train of Pennsy equipment into the Fair for set-up at the Railroads on Parade exhibit.jpg (29090 bytes)
DD1s pulling a display train of PRR equipment 
for set-up at the railroads on Parade exhibit

lirr338.jpg (90761 bytes)
DD1 #338 

lirr340_Hillside.jpg (80520 bytes)
DD1 #340 Hillside pre-Tichy prior 11/1949

DD1-340-Tichy Scheme-Pulling Horsecar from Brandywine Stables-Near Jamaica - 1950 (Keller).jpg (74576 bytes)
DD1 #340 Tichy scheme - pulling horse car from Brandywine 
Stables near  Jamaica 1950 Archive: Dave Keller

lirr341_Morris-Park.jpg (59345 bytes)
DD1  #341 Morris Park  Tichy scheme

DD1-341, 348-Morris Park Shops-Old Sign-Tichy Scheme-View NW-Jamaica-10-06-51 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (99438 bytes)
DD1 #341 - #348 Morris Park Shops Old Sign Tichy s cheme view NW -Jamaica 10/06/1951 (Faxon-Keller)

DD1-348-Tichy-MorrisParkShops-11-12-50.jpg (88339 bytes)
DD1 #348 Tichy scheme Morris Park Shops
11/12/1950  Archive: Dave Keller
DD1-354-Train-Eastbound-Track 8-Jamaica-4-17-38.jpg (99846 bytes)
DD1 #354 eastbound Track 8 Jamaica 4/14/1938

DD1 #352 LI City -1950 Archive: Dave Keller
lirr354 -DD-1_Morris-Park-Dunton-Tower.jpg (48299 bytes)
DD1  #354 - Morris Park at Dunton Tower 
pre-Tichy prior 11/1949

As the LIRR was removing these locomotives from service beginning in 1948 (Tichy painting began in Nov 1949 and ended in Nov 1952) and with them all gone by 1952, only the few remaining units in that 3 year window were painted. LIRR #340  (seen with the horse car above), # 341, #348 ,  #352, and perhaps a few more. Research: Dave Keller

image001.jpg (46870 bytes)               
                                                                     Post 1939 (1949) scheme after repainting, with hood removed. (road number removed from front door and keystone logo added) Research: Dave Keller

Class DD1, Pennsylvania RR built at Juniata Shops 7/1910 ex-PRR 3954, 3955 Acquired 2/1928, Scrapped 9/1952
Morris Park shops 1939 fresh repaint for April 30th, 1939 NY World's Fair. ERA Collection
PRR DD1-27-At Platform-Penn Station NY - 1910 (Keller).jpg (108390 bytes)
PRR conductor and trainman are conferring with the motorman of DD1 #27 at the open-air platform for track 17 at Penn Station in 1910.  The gates for tracks 16 and 15 are visible at the level above.
Archive: Dave Keller
PRR DD1-10-LIRR Train EB out of E River Tunnels Headed for H tower - LIC - 1910 (Keller).jpg (90353 bytes)
PRR DD1 #10 is pulling a LIRR train from within the East River tunnels
 towards "H" tower where the electric head-end power will be 
transferred to a LIRR locomotive. - 1910 Archive: Dave Keller

DD1-Mixed Consist Train-Past New Sunnyside Yard-LIC-1910.JPG (111516 bytes)
DD1 westbound consist of a wooden parlor, followed by a steel combine car and two steel passenger cars at the new Sunnyside Yard LI City 1910 View NE 

DD1-348, et. al-Montauk Cut-off-LI CIty-03-26-49 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (92943 bytes)
DD1 #348 at Montauk Cutoff view N LI City 3/26/1949 (Faxon-Keller) This was used as a herald only on the DD-1 electric locos after the pin-striping of 1939. Prior to the pin-striping the logo was not utilized. Research: Dave Keller
DD1-347-343_eastbound-approaching-Woodside_10-11-40_Harold-Fagerburg-Huneke.jpg (95689 bytes)
DD1 #347,  #343 World's Fair Train eastbound approaching Woodside Station 10/11/1940  (Harold Fagerberg - Art Huneke)

DD1-350-Morris Park Shops - c. 1948.jpg (67964 bytes)
DD1-350-Morris Park Shops - c. 1948

DD1 342A/B eastbound Hampton Express running between Penn Station and Jamaica on the main line at Hillside Avenue signal bridge View W 7/21/1940 Photo: Harold Fagerberg Archive: Jeff Erlitz


DD1-Dbl-Hdg-Train-White Flags-Approaching Sta-Belmont Park-c. 1937_DaveKeller.jpg (122677 bytes)
An unusual sight that was temporarily popular during the 1939-40 NY World's Fair service was a train pulled by a double A-B set of DD1 electric locomotives.  Here a special "double-doubleheader" is pulling a special race train into the Belmont Park station c.1937.  The lead locomotive is flying white flags, as an EXTRA not on the timetable. The bluff in the left background is the location of the photographers of the 1905, 1919 and 1949 images of the station facilities posted on this page. 
(Dave Keller data and archive)

DD1 westbound train to Long Island City west of
Hunterspoint Ave. Station c.1942 - View E Archive: Jeff Erlitz
Horace Harding Expressway (LIE) overhead.

DD1 Rockville Centre westbound freight - ex-gondola #2954 third rail bridge car fitted with an air compressor 4/1949 Photo/Archive: F. Rod Dirkes
DD1-Dbl-Hdg-Hntrspt-Ave-LIC-2.jpg (131710 bytes)
DD1s  double-heading pulling Tichy coaches, 
Hunterspoint Ave., LI City c. early 1950's Archive: Art Huneke

DD1-Dbl-Hdg-Hntrspt-Ave-LIC.jpg (85305 bytes)
DD1s double heading Hunterspoint Ave., LI City
 c. early 1950's Archive: Art Huneke
Note: Tichy coach 4th car Info: Dave Keller