Eastport  Ticket_Eastport-Riverhead_8-10-1896.jpg (34413 bytes)
Ticket Eastport-Riverhead 8/10/1896 Archive: Brad Phillips
Station-Eastport-c.1925.jpg (54706 bytes)
Eastport c.1925 Collection: Dave Keller

Farmers' Commission House ad 1921+

A 1920's agriculture ad in a trade paper advertising the Farmers' Commission House in New York City. This was the clearing house for many Long Island Duck farmers who formed the association in 1921 to help stabilize and promote the sale of Long Island Ducklings. At this time the Long Island Duckling was a menu item at the finest restaurants, on Cross-Atlantic steamships and in the dining cars of the major railroads such as the “Broadway Limited” and “20th Century Limited” passenger trains.

In the early 1870’s the first Chinese Peking Ducks in America were imported to New York City. From that initial stock, a drake and three ducks were bred in Connecticut and found to be a hearty breed for the New World.

The streams and creeks of Eastern Long Island were ideal for providing clean, fresh water for ducklings to grow and thrive. Thus, in the 1880’s a tremendous enterprise of duck “ranching” began on Long Island. The succulent Long Island Duckling became the height of fine dining on steamships, railroad dining cars and restaurants in New York City. Our Duckling’s fame and tender meat spread across the country and World-wide - as far away as China!

Railroads built specialized stock cars for the transport of poultry. The cars were similar in design to pig and cow cars but held shelving along the inner perimeter for the placement of cages holding the feathered stock. A small room or shanty was built inside the car and a caretaker would ride with the fowl, caring for them, providing fresh drinking water and feed as they traveled to market.

At its earliest, the Long Island Duckling traveled live to market in New York City. Eventually, a growing demand and improved technology lead to the harvesting of the ducks right at the ranch, their feathers were saved for down and they were dressed and placed in barrels for shipment to market. Today’s Long Island Duckling is harvested, dressed and flash frozen, packaged and shipped to western markets in modern refrigerator trucks.  Info: RMLI

EASTPORT: Montauk Branch: Built: 3/1870 as “MORICHES” Station on original Sag Harbor Branch., moved to Eastport site: 10/18/1881
New stop in service: 10/19/1881. Remodeled: 19_?
Agency still listed in "LIRR Ticket Offices open for sale of tickets" of 9/12/1955
Agency closed: 19_? Discontinued as station stop: 10/6/58. Moved to private location after 1963

Eastport - Prototype History 
"The Cannonball" Spring 2009

eastportdrawing.jpg (26601 bytes)
The Feed Mill names: Suffolk Feed & Supply Co, 1924, Beacon Milling Co. 1958, Beacon Feeds 1986, Eastport Feeds 1987 Info: Steven Lynch

CBallEastport1.jpg (479202 bytes)
Page 1
CBallEastport2.jpg (492800 bytes)
Page 2
CBallEastport3.jpg (525605 bytes)
Page 3
CBallEastport4.jpg (378832 bytes)
Page 4

Legend to the above numbered locations on page 2-3:

1) Switch
2) Wood Crates
3) Former Siding - A. Mottola & Co.
4) Electrical Sub-Station
5) Switch
6) Switch
7) Long Island Duck Packing
8) Location of Former Eastport Station
9) Feed Mill (Formerly Beacon Milling Company - Currently Eastport Feed)
10) Duck Farms
11) Stone Culvert (over Seatuck Creek)
12) Old Wood Automobile Bridge (1907 over River Avenue)
13) Eastport High School
14) Bus Company (Adelwerth Bus Corporation)
15) Plate Girder Bridge over Montauk Highway - (Suffolk) County Route 80

Article, graphics, and photos:  George Loy Jr.  Cannonball Editor 

Typical Long Island Duck Farm post card 1979 
Photo: Milt Price Archive: Jeff Fisher
LIRR-Check-Duck-Farm-Eastport-1928-Front.jpg (44124 bytes) LIRR-Check-Duck-Farm-Eastport-1928-Back.jpg (39611 bytes)
Front and rear scans of a check issued in 1928 to the LIRR at Eastport by one of the Duck Farms located there, and endorsed by the LIRR agent at Eastport. (Dave Keller+ archive)

Sanborn map - Eastport 11/1909

Sanborn map - Eastport 10/1920

Sanborn map - Eastport 8/1932

MP 69-70 Eastport 1958

eastport1958davekeller.jpg (52824 bytes)
Eastport 1958
Collection: Dave Keller

Eastport siding view West

05-06-06eastportpaulstrubeck.jpg (67313 bytes)
05-06-06 Westbound
Photo: Paul Strubeck

eastportfreightsiding_jorgregory2007.jpg (126062 bytes)
08-2007  Westbound Photo: Joe Gregory

beaconfeedsEastport86.jpg (54022 bytes)
B. Beacon Feeds 1986  view East
Photo: Steve Lynch

B. Eastport Feeds view East

eastportfeed08-2007joegregory.jpg (94065 bytes)
B. Eastport Feeds view East
Photo: Joe Gregory  08/2007

eastview northtrack.jpg (51547 bytes)
B. Another track just a few feet north of the one still in use. It went all the way back and through a shed. View East. Photo: Paul Strubeck 2006

C. North siding receiving


MP15ac #160 Eastport Feeds c.1987 Direction looking East.  Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive


ticket_Eastport-NY-via-Ferry-front_9-05-1905_BradPhillips.jpg (89861 bytes)

Ticket Eastport to NY via 34th Street Ferry 9/05/1905 
Archive: Brad Phillips

ticket_Eastport-NY-via-Ferry_9-05-1905_BradPhillips.jpg (50157 bytes)

eastport-viewE_9-28-87_EdwardHand.jpg (131674 bytes)
Eastport view E 9/28/1987 Photo: Edward Hand

eastport_viewSE_9-28-87_EdwardHand.jpg (66519 bytes)
Eastport view SE 9/28/1987 Photo: Edward Hand


A special thanks to Stephen Rothaug for his photos and map diagram.

E. Truck loading shed

  D.  Quonset Hut view W 

 Silos  View NW

F. South side of plant view NE

G. South side of plant

Eastportfeeds05-06-06PaulStrubeck.jpg (48503 bytes)
H. Southwest View 05-06-06
Photo: Paul Strubeck (see map above silos arrow indicate direction)

westviewnorth track.jpg (63573 bytes)
H.2 Close-up It went all the way back and through a shed. View West. 
Photo: Paul Strubeck 2006
eastportboxcarunloadingsite.jpg (108801 bytes)
I. Old boxcar unloading site
Photo: Paul Strubeck 2006

Eastport1975tad.jpg (72821 bytes)
Freight 1975 Westbound
Photo: Tim Darnell

MP15ac-172-frt-approaching-westbnd-Eastport-c1989.jpg (51197 bytes)
MP15ac #172 freight approaching westbound c.1989 Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive  
MP15ac-152-Frt-on-Main-258-on-Siding-Eastport-c1989.jpg (62331 bytes)
MP15ac #152 freight on main #258 on siding c.1989 Thomas Collins photo, Dave Keller archive  

154eastportfeeds.jpg (58979 bytes)
LIRR #154 -#157 switching Eastport Feeds in the very late 80's.  Direction looking East. 
Photo: Tom Collins


tankcarnewNYAcustomer_joegregory_eastport08-2007.jpg (51525 bytes)
Tank car at new NYA customer 08/2007 Photo: Joe Gregory

Davis Fuel, they had that one tank car in captive service for a few months between PT and wherever it was loaded. I believe they were unloading some non-hazmat part of the bio-fuel process. They haven't had a car spotted in months and may be inactive.