LIRR Fan Trips    FM2004childrenturntable.jpg (59620 bytes)

G5s #39 Railfan Extra taking on water eastbound Ronkonkoma 6/05/1955 Archive: Dave Keller

H10s-107-Railfan-Extra-Station-Mitchel-Field-Westbury, NY - 10-26-52.jpg (109802 bytes)
H10s #107 and train of Tichy coaches at station platform – Mitchel Field – Westbury, NY – 10/26/52  (George E. Votava photo, Dave Keller archive)

Morris-Park-Shops-turntable_fantrip_c.1960s_SteveHoskins.jpg (147836 bytes)
Morris Park Shops turntable  -  c. early 1960's  Photo: Steve Hoskins
LIRR Trip Flyers
Montauk-High-Speed-Rail-Tour-schedule_2-22-1961_BradPhillips.jpg (216719 bytes)
"Montauk High Speed Rail Tour" flyer 2/22/61 Archive: Brad Phillips
RDC-Rail-Tour-Schedule_2-22-61_BradPhillips.jpg (172603 bytes)
Montauk Hgh Speed RDC Rail Tour schedule 2/22/1961 
Archive: Brad Phillips
Homecoming'86_Alco-RS3-1556_BradPhillips.jpg (266448 bytes)
"Homecoming '86" RS-3  #1556 flyer 1986 Archive: Brad Phillips

Maintenance of Way Association Meeting in NY September 20, 1916

MOWAssociationMeetingNY-TripGuide09201916.jpg (356076 bytes)
MOW Association Meeting NY-Trip Guide 09/20/1916
Archive: Steve Swirsky

1916map.jpg (706659 bytes)
Reverse side Trip Guide Map 09/20/1916
Archive: Steve Swirsky

Trip left Penn Station around 2 PM, traveling to Long Beach, with an hour off the train. Return to Penn was via Valley Stream and Rockaway crossing Jamaica Bay trestle. Descriptions of routes, Hell Gate as under construction, Sunnyside et al. Train was scheduled back into Penn around 5 PM. Steve Swirsky

Fan Trip "Historians' Holiday" October 26, 1952
Long Island Railroader November 1952 - Archive: Dave Morrison

LIRRer-cover_Nov52_DaveMorrison.jpg (160792 bytes)
LIRRer-Nov52-caption_DaveMorrison.jpg (30757 bytes)
LIRRer-Nov-1952_DaveMorrison.jpg (502505 bytes)

LIRRer-Nov-1952_Jericho Bridge_DaveMorrison.jpg (81658 bytes)

Fan Trip October 1954 Bay Ridge Branch

lirr50tripVanderveerPark10-54JamesJKelly.jpg (184883 bytes)
LIRR #50 trip to Vanderveer Park 10-31-54 
Photo: James J. Kelly

lirr_ PSGR-EXTRA_ G5s-50_LICity_10-31-54_huneke.jpg (60434 bytes)
LIRR #50 trip to Vanderveer Park Passenger Extra G5s #50
 at LI City 10/31/54 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

LIRR50-G5s_Flatbush-Ave_Vanderveer-Park_10-31-1954_Huneke.jpg (159458 bytes)
LIRR #50 G5s at Flatbush Ave - Vanderveer Park 10-/31/54 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Fan Trip G5s #39 Railfan Extra June 5, 1955 to Greenport

39-special-excursion-flyer_6-5-1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (100756 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Special Excursion flyer 6/05/1955 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

lirr39-extra-trip-ticket_6-5-1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (70824 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Extra trip ticket 6/05/1955 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

G5s no.39 Railfan Extra taking on water eastbound Ronkonkoma 6-05-1955  Dave Keller.jpg (83736 bytes)
G5s #39 Railfan Extra taking on water eastbound Ronkonkoma 6/05/1955 
Archive: Dave Keller


LIRR39_G5s_6-05-1955_trip-Greenport.jpg (127592 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Extra at Greenport turntable

Completed in 1844, the Greenport Line was used as a connection to Boston via ferry. When the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad was built through Connecticut, the line became a local carrier only. Fast forward one hundred and eleven years, #39 would be the final steam locomotive to travel on this line. On June 5, 1955, the Long Island Railroad organized a fantrip from Jamaica to Greenport and back utilizing G5s #39, as she was recently overhauled. The train sold out, and plenty of railfans had their cameras in hand which is a big part as to why we have so may photos of #39! She is seen here on the Greenport turntable as many railfans look on. Note how the turntable is air powered, so the locomotive's brake line is attached. Railroad Museum of LI (RMLI) "Steam Up LIRR #39" 

Photo: Roy W. Schnoor Archive: Dave Keller  


lirr39-extra-39_Mattituck_viewW_6-5-1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (134233 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Extra at Mattituck View W 
6/05/1955 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
lirr39-extra-39_Greenport_turned-on-the-table_viewE_6-5-1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (48507 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Extra at Greenport after being turned on the table. View E 66/05/1955 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
lirr39-extra-39_Greenport-coal-top-off_viewE_6-5-1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (66109 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Extra at Greenport for coal top off prior
to return trip westbound View E 6/05/1955 
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
lirr39-extra-39_Greenport-taking-water_viewE_6-5-1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (71289 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Extra at Greenport taking water
View E 6/05/1955 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
G5s 39-Railfan Extra-WB -Calverton-Former Freight House at R - View SE - 06-1955 (Keller).JPG (100682 bytes)
G5s #39 westbound on the return trip of the June, 1955 Railfan extra, took the Calverton siding for Train #4214. The former freight house is at the right, in use as a private residence. View SE  6/05/1955 Archive: Dave Keller
lirr2006-train4214-eastbound-pasing_passenger-extra-lirr39_westbound_Calverton_viewE_6-5-1955_ArtHuneke.jpg (64682 bytes)
G5s #39 waiting on the Calverton siding as eastbound LIRR #2006 Train #4214 passes. View SE  6/05/1955 
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
Tender-G5s-39-Taking-Water-Ronkonkoma-6-5-55.jpg (179246 bytes)
LIRR G5s #39 Railfan Extra tender taking water at Ronkonkoma View SE 6/05/1955 Archive: Dave Keller
G5s-39-Railfan-Extra_westbound-Ronkonkoma-Ave_06-05-55.jpg (240744 bytes)
G5s #39 westbound under Ronkonkoma Ave. Ronkonkoma 6/05/1955. Stencil on the bridge (far right) shows it was painted 10/54. Info: Dave Keller

Fan Trip Montauk RDC High Speed Rail Tour February 22, 1961

Fan-Trip-RDC-Flyer_2-22-61_BradPhillips.jpg (228635 bytes)

Fan-Trip-RDC-Flyer-2_2-22-61_BradPhillips.jpg (258004 bytes)
RDC Flyer 2/22/61
Fan-Trip-Movement-Notice_2-22-61_BradPhillips.jpg (203543 bytes)

All material collection: 
Brad Phillips

Fan-Trip-Movement-Notice-2_2-22-61_BradPhillips.jpg (120889 bytes)
Fan Trip RDC Movement Notice 2/22/61

Fan-Trip-RDC-ticket_2-22-61_BradPhillips.jpg (70230 bytes)

Fan-Trip-RDC_Amagansett_02-02-61_AlfredRJaeger.jpg (177366 bytes)
Fan Trip RDC Amagansett 2/02/61 Photo: Alfred R. Jaeger

Fan Trip RDC 2/02/61 Shinnecock Canal

Fan Trip November 5, 1961 to Greenport

NRHS - LV Chapter Return Coupon11/05/1961  
Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR-Fan-Trip_11-5-61.jpg (222891 bytes) LIRR-Fan-Trip_page2_11-5-61.jpg (277076 bytes)
Greenport-Fan-Trip_westbound_Cutchogue11-5-61__(Landau-Phillips).jpg (153407 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1560 westbound train at Cutchogue 11/05/1961 
View SE
11-5-61 (Landau-Phillips)
Note: The RDC’s were not available and the “standard” consist was substituted. (Much better!)!  It was a beautiful fall day and we had our window in the combine open all the way! Archive: Brad Phillips
Fan-trip-Yaphank_11-5-61_ BradPhillips.jpg (117013 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1560 Train at Yaphank 11/05/1961 View NW 
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR RS3 #1560 Train at Yaphank 11/05/1961 View NW 
Archive: Dave Keller

3-car train eastbound at Yaphank behind LIRR  #1560 in the old color scheme. Note the two new P72 cars at the rear and the older combine. This photos were taken November 5, 1961 and yet the combine's door and windows are open. Yaphank Ave., crossing then at grade, is to the far left. You can make out the crossbucks when you zoom in on the photo above right. Info: Dave Keller

lirr1560_11-5-61TurntableGreenportGerald Landau.jpg (71065 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1560 Greenport turntable 
Photo: Gerald H. Landau Archive: Jim Gillin
lirr1560_11-5-61yardGerald Landau.jpg (63450 bytes)
LIRR RS3 #1560 Train-E at Greenport ready to return to Jamaica 11/05/1961 
Photo: Gerald H. Landau Archive: Jim Gillin

Fan Trip September 30, 1962 to Montauk

ticket-Parlor-Car-Trip_9-30-62_BradPhillips.jpg (72769 bytes)

A fan trip 09/30/1962 to Montauk. The consist was: FM #2404, Heavyweight parlors: "Tuscarora Club", "Manhasset", "Commack", and Observation car "Jamaica".

FantripEastHampton09-30-62JimGillin.jpg (71360 bytes)
East Hampton 09/30/1962 Photo: James Gillin

FantripMontauk09-30-62JimGillin.jpg (53759 bytes)
Montauk 09/30/1962 Photo: James Gillin

parlorcartripflyer1962.jpg (149162 bytes)
Solid Parlor Car Train Flyer 09/30/1962 Archive: Jim Gillin

LIRR FM CPA-24-5 engine #2404, cars were Tuscarora Club, Manhasset, Commack, Jamaica. The whole train was turned, intact, on the wye at Montauk with a few feet to spare.  I remember being on the platform during the move and wondering whether we were going to have wet wheels on the tail of the wye! 


Welcome aboard the New York Chapter, National Railway Historical Society’s all parlor car train to Montauk. You will be traveling by parlor car on the route of the “Cannon Ball”. Although special trains for fans have been run over this trackage before, none has been done with a train consisting of only parlor cars and the observation car Jamaica.

The Long Island Rail Road is unusual, in these times, in that it is one of the few railroads out seeking more passenger business. The emblem of “Dashing Dan”, the commuter, and that of the “Weekend Chief” both of which may be seen on the outside of the cars are indications of this. There is much summer traffic to the resort areas of Long Island, particularly along the south shore to places such as Fire Island and the Hamptons. Finding that some people prefer a luxury ride via parlor cars, the railroad has for the last few years been building up its fleet to handle the growing number of people who use them. These cars may be seen on practically all diesel powered trains running to the east end of the Island on a weekend, particularly on a Friday afternoon. By such heavy volume arose the ‘New” Cannon Ball whose first section during the summer could be seen often with 16 parlor cars plus the observation. Today’s trip will not be anywhere near as long as the summertime Cannon Ball, but the ride inside will be exactly the same.

The desire to provide better service is not always coupled with the financial ability to provide the equipment to do so, particularly if such service is only seasonal. Such is the case with the Long Island Rail road which must watch its pennies. Fortunately, at this time, other railways are curtailing passenger service and their equipment is being offered for sale at low cost. The LIRR has taken advantage of this situation and is adding to their fleet of parlor cars by purchasing second had but comfortable equipment. A list of all their parlor cars is included in this brochure.


Is directed to the following information as to how the trip may be made more pleasant for you.

1.    Porters are in each car for the convenience and service to you. They can readily provide refreshments of all sorts (Remember, we have a 12:00pm opening on Sundays in this state), but the cost of these together with gratuities are not included in the fare and must be settled individually.

2.   The buffet-diner will be open for dinner around noon. Second helpings are in order for those that desire them. The waiters will be glad to assist you in anyway, but here again tips are not included in the cost of the dinner so please take care of them individually.

3.    The observation car’s rear platform is open to all, so please you fresh air friends don’t camp out there for the whole trip. Someone also will be waiting to get their dose of air.

4.   Several stops to photograph the train will be made. Those desiring pictures are asked to disembark promptly so that pictures may be taken without people getting in the way of other’s cameras. These stops will be announced before hand.

5.   During the Montauk layover, ample opportunity will be provided for pictures of our own equipment as well as that which belongs to other trains. It is possible there will be a scheduled train leaving Montauk at 2:14pm. (A current timetable is not available at this writing) Undoubtedly, many people will want pictures of themselves on the observation platform (just like in the good old days) or perhaps in front of the locomotive, so it is requested that you “dyed in the wool” fans give them equal opportunity to do so.

6.   On the return, stops will be made at Babylon and Mineola for the benefit of those who don’t wish to ride all the way back to Jamaica.

7.   Following are some standard railroad safety rules which you might follow:
a. Never step on a rail; step over it.
b. Never cross tracks nearer than 20 feet from a standing car. 
c. Don’t try to board or alight from a moving train. 
d. Don’t crawl under cars, go around. 
e. Never run; always walk and pay attention to where you are going. 
f. Remember, safety first, always.

The trip committee sincerely hopes everyone has a pleasant journey and if there are any questions or problems, please let us know.


Lv Jamaica . . . . . . . . . . 9:25am

East Hampton
(photo stop)

(movie run)

Ar Montuak . . . . . . . . . 12:24pm
Lv Montauk . . . . . . . . . . 3:00pm

(for those that wish to leave)

(for those that wish to leave)

Ar Jamaica . . . . . . . . . . . 5:21pm      This material was provided to the attendees.  Thanks to Art Single for providing this information.

Bike Hike May 5, 1963

ticket-Bike-Hike_5-05-63_BradPhillips.jpg (70322 bytes)May 5, 1963 "Bike-Hike" trip which ran for several years sponsored by the American Youth Hostels.  The RS-3 is hauling our train (3 or 4 baggage cars for bikes; plus bar car and coaches) and the FM is probably the Cannonball laying over until Monday morning. These trips ran annually for quite a while.  I don't remember what the reason for stopping them was, but perhaps the end of baggage service on the RR. 

The most interesting thing to see were the bikers.  While biking is all the rage now, it was an unusual sight back in 1963 to see several hundred people packing bikes on a train.  The bikes were carried in baggage cars and what a zoo at unloading time!  Newsday usually carried a long article in the following Monday paper with photos. The trains ran to both Montauk and Greenport over the years.

The train would run express from Jamaica to Southampton, let off bikers, and proceed to Montauk.  The bikers would than bike to Montauk for a late afternoon departure back to Jamaica. 

Back in 1962 I didn't have the $$ to ride a parlor car special.  The Bike-Hike train was pretty cheap as I recall, so made for a great fan trip (without the photo stops, though). Info/ticket: Brad Phillips

cliner-2404_RS3-1556_Montauk_5-05-63_BradPhillips.jpg (112500 bytes)
Bike-Hike FM #2404 RS3 #1556 Montauk 5/05/1963 
Photo: Brad Phillips

cliner-2404-Parlors_Montauk_5-05-63_BradPhillips.jpg (75948 bytes)
Bike-Hike FM #2404 Parlor Cars - Montauk 5/05/1963 
Photo: Brad Phillips

 Fan Trip October 13, 1963 NRHS Double Deck Rail Tour

Double-Decker-Tour-Flyer_10-13-63_BradPhillips.jpg (183822 bytes)
Double Deck Rail Tour Flyer 10/13/1963 Archive: Brad Phillips
Double-decker-Fan Trip_schedule_10-13-63_BradPhillips.jpg (212052 bytes)
Double Deck Rail Tour Schedule 10/13/1963 Archive: Brad Phillips
NRHS-Excursion_10-13-63_West-Hempstead_BradPhillips.jpg (81617 bytes)
Double Deck Rail Tour 10/13/1963 West Hempstead
Archive: Brad Phillips
NRHS-Excursion_10-13-63_East-Williston_BradPhillips.jpg (81466 bytes)
Double Deck Rail Tour 10/13/1963 East Williston
Archive: Brad Phillips
NRHS-Excursion_10-13-63_Belmont Park_BradPhillips.jpg (77819 bytes)
NRHS Excursion 10/13/1963 Belmont Park  Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips
ticket-Double-Decker-trip_10-13-63_BradPhillips.jpg (65172 bytes)
Ticket Double Decker Rail Tour 10/13/1963 Archive: Brad Phillips


Fan Trip November 1, 1964 BUDD RDC North Shore Rail Tour

Fan Trip 10/01/1964 BUDD RDC North Shore Rail Tour Souvenir Ticket Archive: Brad Phillips


Fan-trip_RDC on Old Northport Branch_11-01-64_BradPhillips.jpg (133597 bytes)
Fan trip RDC on Old Northport 
11/01/64 Photo: Brad Phillips
Fan-trip_RDC_at-Old-Northport_11-01-64_BradPhillips.jpg (226028 bytes)
End of line at Route 25A - Fort Salonga Rd. Fan trip RDC on Old Northport 11/01/64 Photo: Brad Phillips
Fan-trip-LV-notice_11-1-64_BradPhillips.jpg (253744 bytes)
Fan trip LV-NHRS and Trolley Museum of NY 
notice of LIRR RDC trip - 11/01/64 
Archive: Brad Phillips


Fan-trip-LIRR-notice_11-1-64_BradPhillips.jpg (209110 bytes)
Fan trip LIRR notice of LIRR RDC trip 11/01/64 
Archive: Brad Phillips

 New York Railroad Enthusiasts April 24, 1966 

lirr210-C420Garden-Mitchell Field-Secondary-nearNewsday4-24-66fantrip-JamesGillin.jpg (52583 bytes)
LIRR C420 #210 Garden Mitchell Field Secondary near Newsday 04/24/1966 Photo: James Gillin

Garden-City-Secondary-1966.jpg (104876 bytes)
LIRR 1966 Mineola Garden City Map

lirr210-C420turnedatGreenport4-24-66fantrip-JamesGillin.jpg (91736 bytes)
LIRR C420 #210 turned at Greenport 04/24/1966 
Photo: James Gillin

SetauketatGreenportStation4-24-66fantrip-JamesGillin.jpg (51771 bytes)
 LIRR #2038 Parlor "Setauket" at Greenport Station 
04/24/1966 Photo: James Gillin

We left Jamaica on the Main Line and then down the Hempstead Branch to Garden.  From there we went out the Garden-Mitchell Field secondary several miles.  The first photo was taken there, near Newsday and the Garden City freight yard. We then backed to Garden and continued up the line to Nassau. From there the trip went non-stop to Greenport. The next two photos were taken at Greenport. The C-420 being turned and the "Setauket" in front of the station ready to return to Jamaica. The weather was poor, typical for a fan trip.   James Gillin

Fan trip Lancaster Chapter- NRHS May 15, 1966 

lirr214fantrip-Montauk05-15-1966.jpg (101822 bytes)
LIRR #214 arrival at Montauk 05/15/1966
Photo: Jim Gillin
lirrfantrip05-15-1966_P-70coaches.jpg (100596 bytes)
P-70 coaches at Montauk 05/15/1966
Photo: Jim Gillin
Strasburg'sParadise_onthewye.jpg (116856 bytes)
Strasburg's "Paradise" on the wye 05/15/1966
Photo: Jim Gillin
ReturnToNewYorkandLancaster.jpg (99515 bytes)
LIRR #214 departure to New York and Lancaster, PA. 05/15/1966 Photo: Jim Gillin
lirrtrip05-15-66viewfromMontaukManor.jpg (102174 bytes)
View from Montauk Manor 05/15/1966 Photo: Jim Gillin

Return Ticket Stub
LancasterChapterFantrip1.jpg (183432 bytes)
PRR Transportation notices 1
LancasterChapterFantrip2.jpg (209504 bytes)
PRR Transportation notices 2 
LancasterChapterFantripdetails1.jpg (178624 bytes)
Trip Itinerary Details 1
LancasterChapterFantripdetails2.jpg (209115 bytes)
Trip Itinerary Details 2
LancasterChapterFantripdetails3.jpg (168438 bytes)
Trip Itinerary Details 3
LancasterChapterInfo.jpg (188695 bytes)
Lancaster Chapter- NRHS Info
This one ran in May, 1966 from Lancaster, PA to Montauk. It made only two stops enroute, North Philadelphia, PA to receive passengers and opposite Sunnyside yard to change engines. A GG-1 was used from Lancaster to Sunnyside and two C-420s to Montauk. It was run by the Lancaster Chapter- NRHS. I boarded in North Philadelphia. The train also carried the Strasburg RR business car "Paradise" [ex-Reading], which was turned in Montauk. I rode in the Strasburg's "Paradise" from Sayville to Babylon. The speedometer in the 'Paradise" hit 85mph going through Bay Shore, don't know have they managed that with the governors on the C-420s. Archive/Info/Photos: Jim Gillin

 SH & SH RR - BR&W Steam #60 Railfan Extra November 26, 1967
Steam-In-Flyer_10-29-67_BradPhillips.jpg (277196 bytes)
"Steam-In" flyer 10/29/67 and 11/26/67 Archive: Brad Phillips

112667_brw60_pd.jpg (79315 bytes)
Black River & Western #60 at PD Tower eastbound 11/26/1967 Photo: Richard F. Makse
112667_brw60_westofMP64montaukbranch.jpg (93106 bytes)
Black River & Western #60 west of MP64
 11/26/1967 Photo: Richard F. Makse
SHandSH Fan Trip - Jamaica_11-26-67_BRandW_BradPhillips.jpg (100109 bytes)
Black River & Western #60 at Jamaica 1/26/1967 
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips
lirr_Steam-Fan-Trip_BRandW_tender60_11-26-67_Glueck.jpg (61836 bytes)

Black River & Western #60 1-26-67 1/26/1967 
Photo/Archive: Richard Glueck

Black River & Western #60 at Shinnecock Canal eastbound 11/26/1967 Photo: Richard F. Makse

SHandSH Fan Trip - Montauk Wye_11-26-67_BradPhillips.jpg (140910 bytes)
Black River & Western #60 at being turned on Montauk Wye
 1/26/1967 Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips

lirr_Steam-Fan-Trip_Montauk_BRandW_11-26-67_Glueck.jpg (71217 bytes)
Black River & Western #60 Montauk 11/26/1967
Photo/Archive: Richard Glueck
BRandW-60-Railfan-Extra-Wye-Montauk-11-67.jpg (52132 bytes)
Black River & Western #60 Montauk Wye
Archive: Dave Keller

M1 RAILFAN EXTRA -  April 4, 1969 

M1-fantrip_viewE_Mineola_4-20-69_mattkowal.jpg (40703 bytes)
M1 Railfan Extra view E Mineola 4/20/1969
M1-fantrip_Mineola_4-20-69_mattkowal.jpg (73942 bytes)
M1 Railfan Extra view NE Mineola 4/20/1969
M1-fantrip_West-Hempstead_4-20-69_mattkowal.jpg (121853 bytes)
M1 Railfan Extra West Hempstead 4/20/1969
M1-fantrip_West-Hempstead_4-20-69_mattkowal-3.jpg (85943 bytes)
M1 Railfan Extra West Hempstead 4/20/1969
M1-fantrip_West-Hempstead_4-20-69_mattkowal-2.jpg (139629 bytes)
M1 Railfan Extra West Hempstead 4/20/1969
M1-fantrip_Valley-Stream_4-20-69_mattkowal.jpg (33734 bytes)
M1 Railfan Extra Valley Stream 4/20/1969

M1 Train Railfan Extra Long Beach 4/20/1969
M1-fantrip_New-Hyde-Park_4-20-69_mattkowal.jpg (63658 bytes)
M1 Railfan Extra New Hyde Park 4/20/1969
Collection: Matt Kowal except as noted

LIST Fan trip Oyster Bay November 9, 1969 

OysterBay-JoeTestagrose11-09-69.jpg (48463 bytes)
LIRR #228 Excursion Oyster Bay Photo: Joe Testagrose 

lirr228OBay110969.jpg (110717 bytes)
LIRR #228 Oyster Bay Photo: Joe Testagrose
lirr228LocustValley110969.jpg (123679 bytes)
Locust Valley Photo: Joe Testagrose
lirr228EastWilliston110969.jpg (101245 bytes)
East Williston Photo: Joe Testagrose

The consist of the excursion special train included Century 420 locomotive 228, the former B&O bedroom lounge observation, the two former Union Pacific club lounge cars, two former Kansas City Southern coaches, two unidentified cars (can't get a good look at them in any of the photos) and the former FEC tavern lounge observation.   Info: Jack Deasy

Excursion to Greenport - May 17, 1970

Fan-trip_Greenport_5-17-70_Joe Testagrose.jpg (114536 bytes)
After arrival of the eastbound at Greenport, locomotive 224 is cutoff the head end. 
It will be turned on the turntable and will be run around to the west end of the train for 
the return to New York City.
Photo: Joe Testagrose
Greenport-turntable_5-17-70_Zabel-Testagrose.jpg (103464 bytes)
Locomotive 224 has been turned on the turntable and is now on the west end of 
the train for the return from Greenport to New York City. 

Photo: Steve Zabel Archive: Joe Testagrose
Greenport-Station_5-17-70_Zabel-Testagrose.jpg (65232 bytes)
Awaiting departure, LIRR Road n' Rail bus 501 from Greenport to Huntington 
parked near the head end of the excursion train for the benefit of photographers.
Photo: Steve Zabel Archive: Joe Testagrose
Fan-trip_Cutchogue 5-17-70_Joe Testagrose.jpg (113966 bytes)
The westbound excursion does a photo run-by under the one lane bridge at 
Bridge Lane east of the Cutchogue station.
Photo: Joe Testagrose
Fan-trip_Mattituck_5-17-70_Joe Testagrose.jpg (109420 bytes)
The westbound excursion train does a photo run-by at milepost 81 between Mattituck and Laurel.
Photo: Joe Testagrose
Departing Greenport westbound, the consist was ALCO C-420 locomotive 224 trailed by the former Florida East Coast tavern-lounge-observation car (renamed APAQUOGUE), a former New Haven sleeper, a former PRR sleeper, another former New Haven sleeper, a former Union Pacific club lounge car, and the former Baltimore & Ohio bedroom-lounge-observation car (renamed AMAGANSETT). The consist of six cars was assembled from LIRR's recently acquired fleet of lightweight streamliner cars assigned to parlor car service.  Info: John Deasy

Farewell to the Doubledeck -  May 8, 1971 

Farewell-Double-Deck_flyer_5-08-1971_BradPhillips.jpg (255233 bytes)
"Farewell to the Doubledeck" flyer 5/08/1971 Archive: Brad Phillips

Double-Decker-fantrip_Robbins-Lane-Syosset_5-08-1971_JoeTestagrose.jpg (60166 bytes)
This 4-car train of Double Deckers was on a fantrip, and I was there. The train made a tour of electrified trackage, and this was the one and only time such stock traversed the Port Jeff branch. That was on 8 May, 1971. The location shown is Robbins Lane, Syosset where the Landia Plant of the Fairchlld Camera and Instrument Co. was located. They (the camera people) urged the LIRR to build a station there halfway between Hicksville and Syosset, when they built their new huge plant there. Most of the employees lived in Queens, where the old plant was, which the company outgrew and the new plant then consolidated everything under one roof. Four trains a day stopped there, but traffic dwindled as people moved to the Island. When the M1's and high level platforms (and third rail to this location) were coming, the station was abandoned rather than go to the expense of high platforms. Karl Groh  Archive: Joe Testagrose

Halloween Excursion - October 31, 1971

lirr1555_LI-City_10-31-71_(Landau-Testagrose).jpg (80276 bytes)

The date is Sunday October 31, 1971 and the train is photographed at the Long island City passenger yard. The consist is Alco RS-3 locomotive 1555, bedroom lounge observation 2001 AMAGANSETT, one of the two former Erie Lackawanna “Phoebe Snow” tavern lounge observation cars (2081 AQUEBOGUE or 2082 ASHAROKEN), a former PRR six bedroom lounge car, and a heavyweight car, most likely parlor observation 99 JAMAICA, which is the former 2038 SETAUKET. Locomotive 1555 has been repaired after being damaged in a grade crossing accident and derailment at Manorville on the head end of The Shelter Island Express on Friday evening August 21, 1970. If you have more information on the destination of this Halloween 1971 excursion, please advise. Photo by Gerald H. Landau. Collection of Joe Testagrose. Research courtesy of Jack Deasy
LIRR Excursion June 17, 1973

lirr1556_LI-City_6-17-73_(Zabel-Testagrose).jpg (63836 bytes)The date is Saturday June 17, 1973 and the 5 car train is photographed at the Long Island City yard. The consist is Alco RS-3 locomotive 1556, the former B&O bedroom lounge observation (2001 AMAGANSETT), a former UP club lounge car (either 2072 TUCKAPAUSHA or 2073 TUCKAHOE), a former EL “Phoebe Snow” tavern lounge observation (either 2081 AQUEBOGUE or 2082 ASHAROKEN), and two other cars. Photo by Steve Zabel. Collection of Joe Testagrose.

lirr1556_Shinnecock-Hills_6-17-73_(Zabel-Testagrose).jpg (71324 bytes)
The eastbound train is photographed at Shinnecock Hills on the Montauk Branch. Alco RS-3 locomotive 1551 leads the consist. What happened to locomotive 1556 which we saw on the head end of the train at Long Island City? We suspect 1556 was bad ordered and replaced by the 1551. Photo by Steve Zabel. Collection of Joe Testagrose.
lirr1556_Amagansett_6-17-73_(Zabel-Testagrose).jpg (55619 bytes)
The eastbound train is photographed at Amagansett on the Montauk Branch. Photo by Steve Zabel. Collection of Joe Testagrose.
lirr1556_Montauk-return_6-17-73_(Zabel-Testagrose).jpg (58703 bytes)
Locomotive 1551 has been turned on the Montauk wye and will lead the westbound train back to Queens. Now we see clearly that the two cars on the west end of the train are heavyweight parlor observation 99 JAMAICA and a former PRR six bedroom lounge.  Photo by Steve Zabel. Collection of Joe Testagrose.
lirr1556_Montauk_6-17-73_(Zabel-Testagrose).jpg (68468 bytes)
Preparing for departure from Montauk and the trip back to Queens. Montauk Manor 
overlooks the scene. Photo by Steve Zabel. Collection of Joe Testagrose.

Research courtesy: John Deasy

New York Railroad Enthusiasts June 22, 1975 

I recall reading (at a friend’s home) an article in the June 21 (1975) edition of Newsday about the excursion, and headed out to Montauk the following morning to investigate for myself.  Sure enough…in the consist of a regularly-scheduled weekend train (positioned at the easternmost end) were the three cars mentioned in the newspaper – Pins’ “signature” Pennsylvania 120 and his (then-recent acquisition) Shenandoah, along with the NYRE’s own private car, Eugene Field. Info: Ed Frye

120pinsrichardmakse.jpg (62947 bytes)
George Pins' Pennsylvania 120 at Hunterspoint Ave
Photo: Richard F. Makse
PRIVATE OBS CAR 120 PASSING PD TOWER 6-1975_Huneke.jpg (105026 bytes)
Privately owned passenger cars EUGENE FIELD, SHENANDOAH and PRR 120 passing PD tower en-route from Hunterspoint Avenue to Montauk on Friday June 20, 1975.
 Info: John Deasy Archive: Art Huneke
lirrAqueboguePRR120EdFrye.jpg (33739 bytes)
LIRR parlor Aquebogue, in its own consist, laying-over beside the 
Pennsylvania 120 (George Pins) Research/Photo: Ed Frye

prr120_jamaica06-20-75richardmakse.jpg (69314 bytes)
I photographed the train from the roof of Jamaica station on 6/20/1975. Here's that shot. That's George Pins' 120 (I believe it was called the Queen Mary) on the rear.

This was Friday June20th, 1975. My recollection is that the PV's were on the rear of the Advance Cannonball -old train #12. I rode the train to Jamaica, but I find it amazing that I was able to get to the roof of Jamaica so quickly from track 8.
Info/Photo: Richard F. Makse

George Pins' private car PRR 120, purchased from Penn Central, parked at the east end track in Montauk Yard is adjacent a LIRR consist with tavern lounge observation 2081 AQUEBOGUE positioned at the east end.

As I see it, the significance of the photos is that it was very rare for LIRR to operate privately owned passenger cars on their lines.  On this day (June 22, 1975), there were three (3) privately owned cars (PRR 120, SHENANDOAH and EUGENE FIELD) that made the trip from Hunterspoint Avenue to Montauk and back on LIRR, apparently in a consist with other LIRR cars.

One other minor point ... PRR 120 had been the President's car on PRR ... LIRR was a PRR property for many years ... the eastern end of track at Montauk would be the easternmost point on the combined PRR/LIRR system.  Research: John Deasy

ShenandoahEdFrye.jpg (51386 bytes)
George Pins-owned Shenandoah, ex-B&O 10-roomette, 6-double-bedroom sleeper 7053, ex-C&O 2655 City of Petoskey, nee-C&O 2655 City of Athens (P-S 1950). Car was painted Tuscan Red to coincide with the livery of Pennsylvania 120. Research/Photo: Ed Frye

EugeneFieldEdFrye.jpg (41529 bytes)
New York Railroad Enthusiasts 1456 Eugene Field. Formerly Nord Photo Engineering 1456 Silver Messenger (rebuilt to a 4-double-bedroom lounge configuration, and operated as a mobile classroom/product demonstration car); nee-Frisco 14-roomette, 4-double-bedroom sleeper Eugene Field (road number 1456). According to David Randall (RPC Publications), this car also operated in the 1978 “Chessie Steam Special” as a dormitory for concession personnel). New York Railroad Enthusiasts returned the car to its Frisco heritage, namely in the letterboard, nameboard, and (1456) road number. Research/Photo: Ed Frye

EugeneFieldNordEdFrye.jpg (21626 bytes) 
For your reference, I reproduced an image (from Wayner’s Pullman and Private Car Pictorial) of Eugene Field as it appeared under the ownership of Nord Engineering (renamed Silver Messenger). Research/Photo: Ed Frye

Gas Turbine/Electric Special -   November 13, 1977 

Gas-Turbine-Electric-Special-trip-flyer1_11-13-77_BradPhillips .jpg.jpg (150678 bytes)
"Gas Turbine/Electric Special"  11/13/77  Archive: Brad Phillips

Gas-Turbine-Electric-Special-trip-flyer_11-13-77_BradPhillips .jpg (128449 bytes)
"Gas Turbine/Electric Special" flyer 11/13/77 
Archive: Brad Phillips

Turbine-Fan-Trip_Kings-Park-Hospital_11-13-77_BradPhillips.jpg (76742 bytes)
"Gas Turbine/Electric Special" at Kings Park Hospital
 l1/13/77 Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR G5s #39 Fund Special Excursion October 5, 1985
Archive: John Fusto, except as noted 

10-5-85 FA Powerpack 602 Bay Ridge Yard.JPG (53931 bytes)
LIRR #602 Bay Ridge Yard

10-5-85 runby Forest Park 2.JPG (88486 bytes)
LIRR ALCO C420 # 222, 226 run-by at Forest Park

LIRR-Excursion Flyer_10-5-85.jpg (361538 bytes)
LIRR Excursion Flyer 10/05/1985

10-5-85 Alco C420 222 Bay Ridge Yard.JPG (56639 bytes)
LIRR ALCO C420 #222, 226 Bay Ridge Yard

LIRR G5s #39 Fund Special Excursion June 7, 1986
Photos/Archive: John Fusto, except as noted 

6-7-86 Greenport Station.JPG (54795 bytes)
 Greenport Station 06/07/1986
6-7-86 Alco C420 222 Oyster Bay.JPG (64268 bytes)
Alco C420 #222 Oyster Bay 06/07/1986
6-7-86 Greenport.JPG (53525 bytes)
Greenport 06/07/1986
6-7-86 Oyster Bay.JPG (50884 bytes)
Oyster Bay yard 06/07/1986
6-7-86 Oyster Bay Turntable.JPG (54689 bytes)
Oyster Bay Turntable 06/07/1986
Railfantastic-Excursion_6-07-86_BradPhillips.jpg (330255 bytes)
"Railfantastic Excursion" flyer 6/07/86 Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR G5s #39 Fund Special Excursion November 15, 1986
Photos/Archive: John Fusto, except as noted

11-15-86 F9 Powerpack 619 LIC.JPG (54973 bytes)
LIRR #619 F9  LI City 11/15/1986
11-15-86 LIC.JPG (87034 bytes)
LI City 11/15/1986
11-15-86 Speonk Station.JPG (70967 bytes)
Speonk Station 11/15/1986
11-15-86 Speonk Yard.JPG (59709 bytes)
Speonk Yard 11/15/1986
11-15-86 Shinnecock Bridge runby.JPG (109844 bytes)
Shinnecock Bridge runby 11/15/1986
11-15-86 Southampton Freight House.JPG (82970 bytes)
 Southampton Freight House 11/15/1986
11-15-86 Amagansett Freight House & Extra.JPG (69754 bytes)
Amagansett Freight House & Extra 11/15/1986
11-15-86 Montauk Station.JPG (62569 bytes)
Montauk Station 11/15/1986
11-15-86 Montauk Yard.JPG (58575 bytes)
Montauk Yard 11/15/1986
Railfanning-the-Montauk-Branch_11-15-86_BradPhillips.jpg (345014 bytes)
"Railfanning The Montauk Branch" flyer 11/15/86 
Archive: Brad Phillips

 LIST Heritage Special May 14, 1988
Photos/Archive: John Fusto, except as noted

heritagespecial05-14-88.jpg (51491 bytes)

Heritage-Special_5-14-88_BradPhillips.jpg (271564 bytes)
"Heritage Special" flyer 5/14/88 
Archive: Brad Phillips

LIST05-14-88schedule.jpg (55197 bytes)
Archive: John Fusto

5-14-88 Riverhead.JPG (69204 bytes)
LIRR GP 38-2 #268 Riverhead 05/14/1988
5-14-88 F7 621 Riverhead.JPG (74355 bytes)
LIRR F7 # 621 Riverhead 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Greenport.JPG (68215 bytes)
Greenport Dock 05/14/1988
5-14-88 F7 621 Greenport.JPG (84441 bytes)
 LIRR F7 # 621 Greenport 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Greenport Freight House.JPG (71653 bytes)
Greenport Freight House 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Runby at Mill Creek Southold.JPG (96626 bytes)
LIRR F7 # 621 runby at Mill Creek Southold 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Mill Neck cab view from F7 621.JPG (85708 bytes)
Mill Neck cab view from LIRR F7 # 621 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Sea Cliff cab view from F7 621.JPG (81216 bytes)
Sea Cliff cab view from LIRR F7 # 621 05/14/1988
5-14-88 East Williston cab view from F7 621.JPG (83988 bytes)
East Williston cab view from LIRR F7 # 621 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Locust Valley cab view from F7 621.JPG (98901 bytes)
Locust Valley cab view from LIRR F7 # 621 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Oyster Bay.JPG (107044 bytes)
LIRR F7 # 621 Oyster Bay 05/14/1988
5-14-88 Oyster Bay Yard lead, cab F7 621 cab view.JPG (95714 bytes)
Oyster Bay Yard lead, cab LIRR F7 # 621 cab view 05/14/1988

LIST  Freight Branch Excursion September 10, 1989  Farewell to AlCO C420's
LIRR maps by Jeff Erlitz and Bill Madden c.1970s Info: Richard F. Makse

LIST09-10-89mailer.jpg (109283 bytes)
LIST Freight Branch Excursion 09/10/1989 
Mixed Train Announcement Mailer Archive: John Fusto

yardA1.jpg (72766 bytes)
LIRR SW103 at Yard A. On the way to the Garden-Mitchel Field Secondary, the train stopped behind Morris Park and swapped SW103 for the FA609 and C-420s #225 & 229. (photos below)
Photo: John Fusto 

The trip consist was as follows: cabooses #64, 56, 65 & 51 then the two coaches #2913, 2975, then cabooses #62, 50, 70 & 63 and finally the LIRR SW103, LIRR FA ALCO #609, LIRR ALCO C420 #229, 225  Info: John Fusto

Kabin-Kar-Trek'89JamaicaStorageYardJJEarlwatchingattherear.jpg (63129 bytes)
"Kabin-Kar-Trek '89" Jamaica Storage Yard.  JJ Earl watching from the rear of LIRR #64 prior to departure. Leave Jamaica 8:00AM 
Archive: JJ Earl
Kabin-Kar-Trek'89YardA.jpg (54997 bytes)
Arrive Yard "A" 8:33AM Photo/Archive: JJ Earl

Kabin-Kar-Trek'89ReversethetrainYardA.jpg (86713 bytes)
Run engine around to W/E (reverse the train) Leave 9:05AM
Photo/Archive: JJ Earl

1989fantripitinerary.jpg (70168 bytes)
LIST Freight Branch Excursion Fan Trip Itinerary 
Archive: John Fusto
LISTfantrip1989northshorefreightbranch.jpg (103134 bytes)
North Shore Freight Branch west of Yard A
East River to Thomson Ave. 1989
LISTfantrip1989northshorefreightbranchYardA.jpg (289777 bytes)
North Shore Freight Branch Yard A Thomson Ave. to 39th St.
LISTfantrip1989montaukcutoffFinterlocking.jpg (268615 bytes)
Montauk Cutoff
doublethehillatdegnon9-10-89.jpg (62127 bytes)
Photo: John Fusto 

LISTfantrip1989degnonterminalmap.jpg (104116 bytes)
Degnon Terminal 1989

This trip also had a "runby" into/out of the Degnon terminal. The engine couldn't get the train out of Degnon, however, so they had to double the hill! Attached is a pic (though the vantage point isn't great) of this move. This was the last move into Degnon, as the switch was removed shortly afterwards. John Fusto

LISTfantrip1989freshpond.jpg (139163 bytes)
Fresh Pond

NYCHRRinterchange2.jpg (71809 bytes)
New York Cross Harbor Interchange Photo: John Fusto 

BRidge-MiddaySeaBeachLineoverhead.jpg (82250 bytes)
About mid-day on the Bay Ridge branch between 5th and 6th Ave. just south of 64th Street with a Sea Beach train going by as it climbs out of the subway on its way to Coney Island.
Photo/Archive: JJ Earl
twotrainsforoneshot.jpg (70583 bytes)
Here LIRR SW103 takes a "breather" as folks get a "2 trains for 1 shot" as JJ Earl called it! Photo/Archive: JJ Earl
LISTfantrip1989bushwickterminalmap.jpg (65057 bytes)
  Bushwick Branch Terminal 

eastboundbushwick.jpg (69620 bytes)
Eastbound on the Bushwick Branch
Photo: John Fusto 


LISTfantrip1989bushwicklead.jpg (88612 bytes)
Bushwick Branch Lead - Fresh Pond Secondary

eastwardbushwickwestydfreshpond.jpg (63495 bytes)
Eastbound West Yard approaching "Pond Tower" passing under NYCTA Myrtle Ave line NYCRR trestle in the distance
Photo: John Fusto 

LISTfantrip1989Bliss.jpg (132222 bytes)
Map 1989 LI City - Blissville Area
Archive: John Fusto
LISTfantrip1989haberman.jpg (148323 bytes)
Haberman Montauk Branch 
LISTfantrip1989glendale.jpg (87969 bytes)
  Glendale - Atlas Terminal
LISTfantrip1989richmondhillteamtracks.jpg (56179 bytes)
Richmond Hill
The west end portion was handled by the LIRR SW #103 swapped for the LIRR C420 #229 as we passed Morris Park. LIRR #103  had no speed control and our next destination was into controlled territory east of Jamaica.  Commentary: JJ Earl.
LISTfantrip1989holbanyard.jpg (84330 bytes)
 Hillside Area Holban Yard
LISTfantrip1989hempsteadbranchfrommain.jpg (90411 bytes)
Hempstead Branch from Main at Bellrose
LISTfantrip1989hempsteadbranch.jpg (79113 bytes)
Hempstead Branch
LISTfantrip1989garden-mitchelfieldsecondary.jpg (103280 bytes)
Garden City - Mitchel Field Secondary
MitchelSecondary.jpg (83099 bytes)
LIRR #64 At the Garden Secondary, prior to the runaround move.
Photo/Archive: JJ Earl
C420RunningaroundtrainMitchelsecondary.jpg (77425 bytes)
At the Garden Secondary, LIRR C420 #229 running around the train for the trip back to Jamaica and the Storage Yard 
Photo/Archive: JJ Earl
CabooseTrip09-10-09semaphore10-89.jpg (184441 bytes)
Caboose Trip 09/10/1989 Semaphore 10-89
by Gene Collora
LIRR-229-225-609-091089-ClintonRd-AlCastelli.JPG (67254 bytes)
LIRR #229, 225, 609  Clinton Rd, Garden City 09/10/1989
Photo: Al Castelli They were repainted for that trip in August 8/89 Retired by 11/01/89 

clintonrdrunby.jpg (64026 bytes)
LIRR #229, 225, 609  Run-by Clinton Rd, Garden City 09/10/1989 Photo: John Fusto

SW1001-102-104-Harold Protect Engines C61 P72-Cars Fan Trip Greenport October 4, 1992 

GreenportLIST_JoeSam.jpg (103562 bytes)
 Harold Protect Engines #102, #104 Fan Trip Greenport 10/04/992 Photo: Joe Sam

lirr104_SW1001_Bethpage10-04-92KevinGulau.jpg (82444 bytes)
LIRR #104 Bethpage 10/04/1992 Photo: Kevin Gulau

SW1001-102-104-Harold Protect Engines-Fan Trip-Laying-up-Greenport-10-92.jpg (52908 bytes)
Harold Protect Engines #102, #104 Fan Trip 10/04/992 Laying up Greenport

SW1001-102-104-Harold Protect Engines-C61-Fan Trip-Greenport-10-92.jpg (53194 bytes)
Fan Trip Harold Protect Engines #102, #104, C61 Greenport 10/04/992

LIST Dover Plains Limited October 16, 1993

LISTDoverPlainsLimited10-16-93.jpg (115548 bytes)
LIST Announcement Dover Plains Limited 10-16-93

10-16-1993orders.jpg (116273 bytes)
METRO-NORTH Orders 10-16-1993
10-16-1993article.jpg (351912 bytes)
Semaphore November 1993 Article
10-16-93 Dover Plains.JPG (70803 bytes)
 Dover Plains 10-16-93 Photo: John Fusto

LIRR607_Dover-Plains-10-16-1993_JoeHagan.jpg (95446 bytes)
Dover Plains LIRR #607  10-16-1993 Photo: Joe Hagan

10-16-93 MP15s Dover Plains.JPG (89380 bytes)
MP15s Dover Plains 10-16-93 Photo: John Fusto
10-16-93 FA 607 Dover Plains.JPG (82527 bytes)
FA 607 Dover Plains 10-16-93 Photo: John Fusto
10-16-93 Fresh Pond runby 2.JPG (122030 bytes)
Fresh Pond run-by 10-16-93 Photo: John Fusto
10-16-93ApproachingHell GateBridge.jpg (49842 bytes)
Approaching Hell Gate Bridge 10/16/93 Photo: John Fusto
10-16-93 LIC 1.JPG (84662 bytes)
LI City 10-16-93 Photo: John Fusto
10-16-93 LIC 2.JPG (79309 bytes)
LI City 10-16-93 Photo: John Fusto

Dover Plains Joe 'Pappy' Hagan 10-16-1993 Photo: Joe Hagan
Dover-Plains_LIRR607_MNRR-FL9AC-2007_10-16-1993_JoeHagan.jpg (62836 bytes)
Dover Plains LIRR #607 MNRR FL9AC #2007 10-16-1993 Photo: Joe Hagan

Dover-Plains-607_Harold-Fagerberg_10-16-93_JoeHagan.jpg (58631 bytes)
Dover Plains LIRR #607 Harold Fagerberg 10-16-1993 Photo: Joe Hagan

160th anniversary special train to Greenport on July 23, 1994
All photos: Valerie Stillman
CANNON BALL_160th-anniversary-special_Greenport_7-23-94_ValerieStillman.jpg (55630 bytes)
LIRR 160th anniversary special train after arrival at Greenport  7/23/1994.  LIRR locomotive #259 with “The Cannonball” herald is spotted next to Dr. James Stillman’s private car CANNON BALL, before running around to the west end of the consist for the return trip.

Ms. Valerie Stillman and Amtrak official F. Clarke Hampe on the platform of CANNON BALL during the 160th anniversary special train’s layover at Greenport on July 23, 1994.

Dr. James Stillman (platform) poses with the late LIRR President Charles Hoppe (left) and Conductor Tom Scaccia - CANNON BALL 160th Anniversary Special lays-over at Greenport 7/23/1994

Our yard crew made up the special late that night/early that morning. Steve Parisi was my Engineer, Paul Carnevale III was my Assistant, and Joe Voll was the Utility man. Trainmaster Carol Mills oversaw the operation, and rode the special, also. Pullman hitches were given making up the train as the family resided on the car that night.  Info: Ben Jankowski


NRHS National Directors Convention -   November 11-13, 1994

The NRHS National Directors Convention was held at Ronkonkoma. (Holiday Inn on Veterans Highway) south of the station. It was a three day affair. Mr. Prendergast, LIRR President in 1994, addressed the membership on one of evenings at the Holiday Inn. On the 11th, the trip took us to the Hillside shops, Wreck Lead, W. Babylon via Babylon Branch, returned to KO via the Central Branch to "B" and on to KO via the Main. Info: Joe Hagan

Hillside-Shops_11-11-1994_NRHS Directors_JoeHagan.jpg (79290 bytes)
 NRHS Directors Convention - Hillside Shops 11/11/1994 Photo: Joe Hagan
Wreck-Lead-Bridge_GP38-2 no.251252_eastendoftrain_1994 NRHS Directors_JoeHagan.jpg (79746 bytes)
NRHS Directors Convention - Wreck Lead Bridge  GP38-2 #251-252 11/11/1994 Photo: Joe Hagan
LIST 30th Anniversary Special 1966 - 1996  May 4, 1996

fantripitinerary05-04-96.jpg (56888 bytes)

fantrip05-04-96article.jpg (254055 bytes)

Farewell to the M1 Fantrip November 4, 2006

Farewell-trip-M1_pamphlet.jpg (167466 bytes)
Farewell-trip-M1_pamphlet2.jpg (274202 bytes) Farewell-trip-M1_pamphlet3.jpg (184893 bytes) Farewell-trip-M1_pamphlet4.jpg (234973 bytes)
Farewell Trip M1 Pamphlet Archive: Bob Bender

M1-9609_Farewell-Trip_East-Williston_viewN_11-04-06_MattKobel.jpg (73855 bytes)
M1 #9609 Farewell Trip East Williston view N 11/04/2006
Archive: Matt Kobel

M1-9338_Farewell-Trip_East-Williston_viewS_11-04-06_MattKobel.jpg (80460 bytes)
M1 #9338 Farewell Trip East Williston view S 11/04/2006
Archive: Matt Kobel
M1 9609C_Vanderbilt-Yard_11-4-2006_GaryChatterton.jpg (94256 bytes)
M1 #9609 arriving Vanderbilt Yard 11/04/06 
Photo: Gary Chatterton
M1 9609C_last-car-Garden City_11-4-2006_JorgeCatayi.jpg (71867 bytes)
M1 #9609 last car snaking through Garden City
11/04/06 Photo: Jorge Catayi
M1 9609C_Vanderbilt-Yard_11-4-2006_JorgeCatayi.jpg (71480 bytes)
M1 #9609 Vanderbilt Yard 11/04/06 
Photo: Jorge Catayi

M1 9609C_Penn-Station_11-4-2006_GaryChatterton.jpg (80621 bytes)
M1 #9609 arriving Penn Station 11/04/06 
Photo: Gary Chatterton

160FarewelltotheM1Fantrip11-04-06.jpg (79691 bytes)
LIRR #160 at Penn Station 11-04-06

MORRIS PARK SHOPS TOUR - March 28, 2009 Tour Photo Credits: Richard Lalomia

The surviving shop buildings and roundhouse will soon be torn down in favor of a new yard facility.  A wye will replace the turntable and separate maintenance "sheds" will replace the roundhouse.  Provisions have already been put in place for tearing down the crew facilities (Engine house, Foreman's office, Hostler's room, bathrooms and MofE crew rooms).  Two large trailers have been delivered recently and will replace the aforementioned quarters. The building directly behind the roundhouse is next to be demolished.  No dates as to when any of this will happen, but it will be in the distant future.

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTourTicket.jpg (60633 bytes)
Seems like "All trains go through Jamaica" 
LIRR Complex Tour Ticket 03/28/2009

      Photo: Steven Lynch c.1985

morrisparkremainingbuildings.jpg (106573 bytes)
The hi-lighted buildings in BLUE are the only buildings still standing in Morris Park. Info: Mike DeFantis The Long Island Rail Road Fellowship: Association of Retired and Former Long Island Rail Road Employees  Map: Steve Rothaug
mp1973buildings.jpg (70314 bytes)
1973 Building Guide
Legend: Steve Roth

hillsideandmorrispark104ronnie.jpg (120175 bytes)
View westbound of tunnel under 121st Street

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-97.jpg (66756 bytes)
View eastbound towards Dunton Tower
March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-85.jpg (90651 bytes)
1890's Loco Yard Office, track visible westbound to turntable lead


March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-84.jpg (36209 bytes)
Safety Stencil on Brick Wall

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-62.jpg (72984 bytes)
LIRR freight move of ballast cars on the Montauk Branch embankment view NE

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-122.jpg (61190 bytes)
The Morris Park Shop turntable remains

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-124.jpg (83843 bytes)
Turntable arch closeup
March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-126.jpg (58477 bytes)
Morris Park roundhouse remains
hillsideandmorrispark126.jpg (64348 bytes)
LIRR #169, coach #2909, Jet snow blower

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-48.jpg (59198 bytes)
LIRR FA2 #608 Renumbered #3100, 1991 provided HEP to the C-1 bilevels before the FL9AC's arrived on property. This end coupled to the engine.


March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-51lookie.jpg (62494 bytes)
LIRR FA2 #608 Renumbered #3100. "B" end coupled to the coaches.
March282009HillsideMorrisParkTour10.jpg (70422 bytes)
Inspection Pit, Sanding tower (old coaling tower view), Dunton Tower in background view east

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-99.jpg (46492 bytes)
Sanding tower remains

March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-103.jpg (68083 bytes)
LIRR #397, #398  GE 25 tonnerMarch282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-102.jpg (51111 bytes)
March282009HillsideMorrisParkTou-127.jpg (64243 bytes)
LIRR Track Crew Truck

175th Fantrip July 25, 2009

175thfantrip7-25-09AlCastelliTurntable.jpg (60172 bytes)
Greenport turntable 175th Fantrip 7-25-09 Photo: Al Castelli 

lirr175fantripGreenport07-25-09KevinKatta.jpg (73282 bytes)
175th Fantrip 7-25-09 View W.  Photo: Kevin Katta
lirr175fantripGreenport07-25-09viewEastKevinKatta.jpg (73298 bytes)
175th Fantrip 7-25-09 View E. Photo: Kevin Katta