LIRR Paperwork
liirrequipmentchangeform.jpg (113834 bytes)
LIRR Equipment Change Form - Morris Park 06/08/1965 Archive: Jim Gillin

LIRR shipping receipt Form 21 - Scott R163 Documentary stamp - Consigned to Winfield 10/02/1899 Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR Freight Bill Form A 3 - Consigned to Mr. Frumberg at Hammel 8/22/1914
FNSCRR1873.jpg (379064 bytes)
Flushing & North Side Railroad and Central Railroad of Long Island Passenger Timetables 1873
They are several panels with schedules inside; back cover panel is Sunday Trains schedule with a notice that "Freight Trains daily from Hunter's Point at 10:00 AM" and a blurb showing the times that "Flushing & North Side R. R. Express leaves principal office, foot of James St., New York (listing the times) for all stations," below which is a list of branch offices. According to Mr. Vincent Seyfried, these are the only passenger timetables of this fabled road known to exist. Archive: Seth Bramson

LIRR ETT No.11 Cover 11/08/1874
of Kenny Poppen Engine #46
Archive: Art Huneke

LIRR ETT 1874 Rule no.70

conductor's check_10-02-1882.jpg (34017 bytes)
Conductors Commutation Check 10/02/1882

LIRR-ETT No. 59 Cover -11-03-1910 (Keller).jpg (50651 bytes)
LIRR ETT No.59 Cover 11/03/1910 as the first ETT showing regularly-scheduled service from Penn Station. The preceding ETT (No.58) was issued with the opening of Penn Station on 09/08/1910, but that showed temporary and test trains from the new station. Two months later it was replaced by #59. Research/Archive: Dave Keller
lirr04-24-1834bandersen.jpg (57774 bytes)
"The Long Island Rail Road Company" Founded April 24, 1834 Private collection of Big John Fan of the Sunrise Trail.  Archive copy: Robert Andersen

LIRRcharterDaveMorrision.jpg (68406 bytes)
"The Long Island Railroad Company" 
  April 24, 1834  Collection:  Dave Morrison


FreightArrivalfromJamaicaletter.jpg (71534 bytes)
LIRR letter notification to customer indicating Freight Arrival 04/15/1940 from Jamaica
lirrconductorseatpassfront.jpg (14460 bytes)
LIRR Railroad Conductor 
Seat Pass
lirrconductorseatpassback.jpg (21810 bytes)

I’ve come upon similar items from the late 19th and very early 20th century that seem to have been personally issued by train crews to assist them in their daily routine.  Sort of like having a desk job and you like to cradle the phone on your shoulder, but the company won’t spring for any shoulder rests, so you go and buy your own for your own use and comfort.

Another example was a document from 1909 that had a rubber stamp imprint affixed that read “Conductor Noe, Train 60.” (And, as an aside, conductor Noe’s first initial was “O.”  I kid you not.)

Obviously, this conductor held his run for a goodly period of time that he would bother to have his own stamp made with the train number and he had no threat of someone taking train 60 from him.  Thus . . . the rubber stamp allowed him to just smack his documents rather than handwrite every one. 
Certainly not LIRR issued.

It appears that the Conductor with the seat check (above) devised a system of keeping track of his ticket collections from his passengers, by having his own seat checks printed. It was definitely a privately-printed item.  The back has a train schedule thereon, but also has an advertisement for a local theatre in NYC.

The theatre obviously paid for the cost of printing and while the conductor got free, personalized seat checks, the theatre got publicity and the riding public got a free timetable. They were perhaps  issued in different-colored cardstock for the use on the conductor’s different runs or days of the week.

This conductor may have started the whole seat-check thing that has been in use for so many years on the LIRR!  Insight and commentary: Dave Keller

Try-Long-Island_mag-ad-1911.jpg (159633 bytes)
"Try Long Island" magazine ad 1911
Summerland_mag-ad-1913.jpg (224507 bytes)
"Summerland of the East" magazine ad 1913 
Long-Island-Shore_mag-ad-1915.jpg (128848 bytes)
"The Long Island Shore" magazine ad 1915

LIRR Timetable Coney Island July, 1893

LIRR Home ad 6/1898

"Out On Long Island" LIRR Traffic Department 1894

LIRR Promotional Tourism Booklet 1926

LIRR Ad Poster Montauk Point c.1928

LIRR Ad Poster c. 1929

ColdSpringGenlOrder.jpg (112003 bytes)
Cold Spring General Order #90
Woodbury Station changed to Cold Spring  1015/1880

Found in the wall of the Stony Brook station during recent renovation. Stony Brook was massively remodeled in 1917, this bit of history was still trapped within its walls and did not come forth until about 10 years ago. Info: Dave Morrision

lirr100sharesSpecimen.jpg (61274 bytes)
LIRR 100 Shares Specimen

Stock Trust Certificate ca.1897.jpg (62602 bytes)
Stock Trust Certificate ca.1897

1913lirr_Beach-Temperature-Ad.jpg (88381 bytes)
1913 LIRR Ad for DD1 Electric Service to the Long Island Beaches from NY Penn Station 

LIRR Beach Service: Sheep'shead Bay, Coney Island and Manhattan Beach were accessed via the Manhattan Beach branch.

Rockaway Park
, Seaside and Steeplechase were accessed via the Rockaway Beach branch, both over Jamaica Bay trestle or over land via Valley Stream and Far Rockaway.
Info/Research: Dave Keller

Brick enginehouse Valuation specs.jpg (110443 bytes)
LIRR Brick Enginehouse Valuation specifications. 08-26-1916 Collection: Dave Morrison  

These are the job specifics for the construction of the standard, 4-bay, brick engine house.  It proscribes the construction materials to be used. Sort of like a “job standard” which the construction must follow.

Design of the OBay, Greenport and Patchogue engine houses, hence their references at the bottom of the document giving the ACTUAL BLUEPRINT reference numbers per structure. Info: Dave Keller

Brick enginehouse Valuation drawings.jpg (31289 bytes)
LIRR Brick Enginehouse Valuation Drawings 
Collection: Dave Morrison  

End of Steam Special 10/16/1965

lirr1852Return.jpg (109147 bytes)
LIRR  Sept. 30, 1852 Tax Return
lirrSummerHomespamphlet.jpg (28636 bytes)
This is the "Summer Homes on Long Island" pamphlet  issued by the Traffic Department LIRR in 1900. It's "A Brief Description of New York and Brooklyn's Nearest Summer Resorts", with a list of Desirable Boarding Places and "How to Reach Them by the Long Island Railroad".  It contains 96 pages of advertisements, photographs and illustrations, maps and BOAT AND STAGE CONNECTIONS for the steamer "Long Island" and the railroad. 

Montauk Steamboat Co. LIRR to Block Island Schedule 6/29/1905

Flyer - New Double-Deck Cars 1948

Flyer - Penn Station Is Cooler 1948

Flyer - New Platform Extensions 1948
 Signed by General Manager David E. Smucker on March 1, 1948 prior to becoming LIRR Trustee in 1949, assigned by the PRR. 
Form C Clearance Card
Form C Clearance Card.jpg (86036 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck 

Form 19 Train Order
1968 Form 19.jpg (79522 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck

Form A Clearance CardForm A Clearance Card.jpg (51583 bytes)
This card is basically a proceed order that shows when there is an exception to that train for instance when an extra that is not shown on the timetable would be placed on this card. Also shows if there are any train orders for that train.
Collection: Paul Strubeck 

FormAcard.jpg (49129 bytes)
Collection: Neil Feldman

Form S Clearance Card 
( Used for the Montauk Cut-off )FormS-ClearanceCard-MontaukCutOff.jpg (73632 bytes)
Form used for clearance to either C secondary track between the former Bliss Interlocking, and LIC, or using the Montauk Cutoff Secondary track which connects to the back end of Sunnyside Yard from the Lower Montauk Branch. 
Collection: Paul Strubeck 

S_CardNeilFeldman.jpg (120111 bytes)
Collection: Neil Feldman

K Card
K Card.jpg (62070 bytes)
Card used in replacement of block signals in dark/manual block territory.
Collection: Paul Strubeck

ASC Test Card
ASC Test Card.jpg (51421 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck

Form-ASCOT1.jpg (87575 bytes)
Automatic Speed Control Test Report Card 5/29/1990 Archive: John Volpi

Misprinted K Card 2005,  soon spotted, recalled and fixed.
K Card 2005 misprint-recalled-fixed.jpg (81113 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck

Freight Train Delay Report
Freight-Train-Delay-Report.jpg (92621 bytes)
Archive: John Volpi

Form-K_10-21-82.jpg (56848 bytes)
LIRR Form K 10/21/1982
Archive: John Volpi

Form_R-D-45_Medical-Exam-Request.jpg (65386 bytes)
Form R.D. 45 Medical Examination Request

JamaicaTickets-FormSpl.Exc.1447-1.jpg (25486 bytes)
Form Spl. Exc. 1447-1 (9124)
One day excursion Jamaica to 
Bellaire returning ticket


JamaicaTickets-Form1B_front.jpg (35969 bytes)
Form 1B front (9124)
Jamaica to Woodside ticket 

One day excursion tickets were just that . . .. good for one day and were usually discounted and were good for a round trip made the same and as late as 4:00 am the following day (rush-hour, or "peak service" began shortly thereafter).  This ticket was between Jamaica and Bellaire.  Jamaica was the big shopping area for many years for those who did not go all the way into Manhattan.  Chances are a housewife bought this excursion ticket to do her shopping in Jamaica and return to her home in Bellaire the same day.

The other ticket is just a typical one-way fare and was good for use within one year of purchasing it.  If it were never used, you could return it within the year and get your money back via mail from Jamaica. Jamaica tickets were yellow color-coded.

If this were a ticket to Penn Station it would have been blue and if it were a ticket to anywhere along the Atlantic branch, and/or terminating at Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, it would have been pink.

The excursion ticket has not been punched, and I cannot see if it's got an official issuing dater die stamp on the back, so either it was blank ticket stock someone acquired over the years or it was purchased and never punched and/or lifted by a member of the train crew. Research: Dave Keller

General LIRR Notecard 
General LIRR Notecard .jpg (33924 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck 

retireLIRRform.jpg (93835 bytes)
LIRR Retirement Form

PD Tower special PTT issued for only 2 days for the signal cut over project. 
000 008.jpg (66694 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
Cab Report Check Card.jpg (86368 bytes)
Cab Report Check Card
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
Train Service Time Card
Train Service Time Cardback.jpg (87179 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
Train Service Time Card back
Train Service Time Cardback.jpg (87179 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
968 Form 19
Form 19 Train Order.jpg (64143 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
 Sick Leave report 
Sick Leave report.jpg (228467 bytes)
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
Revenue Report.jpg (98459 bytes)
Revenue Report 
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
April 24, 1831

Collection: Robert Andersen
lirr1844schedule.jpg (48032 bytes)
LIRR 1844 Schedule
June 22, 1844 Patchogue spelled incorrectly
lirr1844schedule7-26.jpg (88290 bytes)
LIRR 1844 Schedule
July 26, 1844
to Greenport
LIRR 1855 Schedule
Patchogue06-29-1905scheduleDaveMorrision.jpg (284184 bytes)
LIRR June 29-1905 Timetable
Collection: Dave Morrison

freightsch06-05-74.jpg (192255 bytes)
LIRR Freight Schedule 
Archive: Tim Darnell

1878 Rates
1898 Ad                        1917 Ad
CampUptonschedule07-18-1918.jpg (74088 bytes)
Special LIRR Form 36 timetable for  Camp Upton trains  August 24, 1918  Collection:  John Fusto  
washdc.jpg (79948 bytes)
1928 timetable Notice the car from Washington added to train 18 on Friday and train 7 on Monday. 
Collection: Robert Andersen
lirrconsist1929.jpg (150930 bytes)
LIRR Consist
Collection: John Fusto
lirr-delivery-receipt.jpg (90635 bytes)
LIRR Freight Delivery Receipt Form  09/05/1940
lirrTripPass1930.jpg (51457 bytes)
LIRR Trip Pass- Issued 07/08/1930 from Jamaica to NY, expires 07/25/1930 by Block Operator: P.W. Boyd


Canoe Place 1953

freightpickupslip.jpg (47777 bytes)
Freight Pickup Slip Form 121


Bill of Lading

LIRR-Freight-Bill_Form-3_Corona_12-15-1888_Keller.jpg (229947 bytes)
Freight Bill - Form 3 1888

waybill12-23-91.jpg (184756 bytes)
Freight Waybill Dangerous Material
return to LI City from Pro-Go Corp Holtsville, NY 12/23/1991, car residue last contained LPG flammable gas. Placard placed on  GATX 97621

gatx96320.jpg (32168 bytes)
GATX car in the same series

Souvenir-Ticket.jpg (56194 bytes)
Souvenir ticket generally used by 
Conductors to give to children.

1928 Trip Pass Sag Harbor
Collection: Dave Keller

trip-pass-going_livestock-agent_Port-Jefferson-New-York_5-18-50.jpg (74206 bytes)trip-pass-going_livestock-agent_New-York-Port-Jefferson_5-18-50.jpg (79440 bytes)
Roundtrip pass Livestock Agent for UPRR NY- Port Jefferson issued 5/18/1950

1940 World's Fair             Freight Notice

1967 Parlor Car East

Freight Notification Form 121

Freight Pickup Form 121 Central Islip $15.40 for brick 8/29/1894

Freight Pickup Form 121 Smithtown
16 parts farm wagon 12/27/1895

2/17/1894  Bushwick - Please send check for car (sic) manure 1115 to C. R. Buffett,
East Northport for $1225 and oblige.
freightpickupjohnfusto.jpg (146856 bytes)
Freight Pickup Slip Form 121  12/09/1897
Glen Cove (a piano) Collection: John Fusto

9/12/1893 Bushwick - Please give this disposition for car 1355.  Cannot send it to Smithtown "Board of Health" restrictions.  Please advise at once.

Freight Pickup Form 121 Central Islip
cord wood loaded for Flushing 2/10/1897

lirr_Party-ID_Souvenir- ticket.jpg (25903 bytes)
Souvenir Coupons Form 107-6  

These are the souvenir coupons of passenger ID tickets issued only in connection with a party ticket.  The group leader holds the party ticket good for X number of people.  Each person in the party is given one of these ID cards which are valid for their passage, including connections (e.g., to Penn or Flatbush Ave.).  Standing alone, they have no value. Issued in various colors over the years, but all carry the same form number. 

LIRR_Party-ID-Tickets_BradPhillips.jpg (150702 bytes)
 Info/Archive: Brad Phillips

More LIRR Ticket Info

Party Group OW BLK&BLK LH-267.jpg (76347 bytes)
Party Group One Way ticket LH-267

Party Group RT BLK&BLK LH-363.jpg (57484 bytes)
Party Group Round Trip ticket LH-363

Party Group RT BLK&Z1 LH-364.jpg (59276 bytes)
Party Group Round Trip ticket City Zone 1 LH-364

Party Indiv Return Z9 & 1 LH-268Z.jpg (61374 bytes)
Party Individual Return ticket City Zone 1 LH-268Z 

Party Indiv Return BLK & 1 LH-268.jpg (50181 bytes)
Party Individual Coach Return ticket  LH-268Z 

Individual Return BLK&BLK LH-269.jpg (55090 bytes)
Individual Return ticket LH-269

Tickets late 1980's  to early 1990's. Archive: Kevin Fehn

1909aannualreport_johnfusto.jpg (74488 bytes)
1909 Annual Report
Collection: John Fusto
SagHarbGrnptferrysched05-15-24johnfusto.jpg (228679 bytes)
LIRR Sag Harbor-New London Water Line Schedule Ferry Connections
Sag Harbor & Greenport, L.I. and New London, CT  05-15-24
Collection: John Fusto
studentticket2johnfusto.jpg (75748 bytes)
Student Pass Application
46 Trip Ticket  Archive: John Fusto

lirrform54-student ticket-johnfusto.jpg (90832 bytes)
LIRR Form 53 Student Pass
46 Trip Ticket
Archive: John Fusto

baggage check.JPG (37884 bytes)
Baggage Claim Check Archive: John Fusto
timesheet3-31-28.jpg (197255 bytes)
LIRR Timesheet 3/31/1928
hempstead ticket.JPG (57932 bytes)
Hempstead ticket Good until  9/04/1893
Collection: John Fusto

Wheel Report  7/10/1974 Archive: Carl G. Esposito
Instructions-Pass-Car-Reports_MikeBowland.jpg (185029 bytes)
Instructions for Making Passenger Car  Reports Archive: Mike Boland
Pass-Car-Reports_CTL-1023_MikeBowland.jpg (227313 bytes)
Passenger Conductor Car  Report C.T.L. 1023 12-11-54 Archive: Mike Boland

Freight wheel report used by the LIRR to bill shippers. The locations are on the Garden City Garden City Secondary. The location numbers are as follows on the 1966 and 1978 LIRR maps:
Oxford #32 1966   #1 1978
Newsday #33 1966  #2 1978
Blanchard Press #42 1966  Mercury Litho #14 1978
Lee story #51 1966  #11 1978

freight 1.JPG (41163 bytes)
LIRR Freight Service MTA Pamphlet Front Archive: John Fusto

freight 2.JPG (246384 bytes)
LIRR Freight Service MTA Pamphlet Archive: John Fusto

freight 3.JPG (130382 bytes)
LIRR Freight Service MTA Pamphlet Back Archive: John Fusto
1909 AR.JPG (575693 bytes)
 LIRR 12/31/1909 General Income Account Annual Report, Collection: John Fusto


schedule 2.JPG (116625 bytes)
LIRR Parlor Car Washington to Montauk Collection: John Fusto
lirrformCT94.jpg (705251 bytes)
LIRR Form CT 94 Station Records and Train Movements 1/04/1926 Monday MT Tower in Mineola (now Nassau) Archive: John Fusto
HicksvilleStationDemo1962.jpg (39141 bytes)
Hicksville Station Demolition 1962
Courtesy: Dave Morrison
Archive: Dave Keller
HicksvilleStationDemo1962-2.jpg (137700 bytes)
Hicksville Station Demolition Map
Courtesy: Dave Morrison
Archive: Dave Keller
HicksvilleStationDemo1962-3.jpg (100411 bytes)
Hicksville Station Demolition Back
Courtesy: Dave Morrison
Archive: Dave Keller
RonkElectrification1987.jpg (42203 bytes)
Ronkonkoma Electrification
Courtesy of: Dave Morrison
Archive: Dave Keller  
St. James Station Restoration-1.jpg (26598 bytes)
St. James Restoration Project
Courtesy of: Dave Morrison
Archive: Dave Keller  
St. James Station Restoration-2.jpg (145004 bytes)
St. James Restoration Project
03/21/1997 Courtesy of: Dave Morrison
Archive: Dave Keller

  st james 1978 lirr.jpg (49855 bytes)
St. James 1978 Photo: Steve Lynch

ww2 018.jpg (87378 bytes)
1965 Parlor Car Travel Program 
Archive: Paul Strubeck 
ww2 020.jpg (257109 bytes)
May - Oct 1965 to Hamptons Side

ww2 019.jpg (306560 bytes)
May - Oct 1965 to NY City Side
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
ww2 012.jpg (64596 bytes)
Daily Report of Ticket Sales
Jamesport 10/30/1887
Collection: Paul Strubeck 
Parlor-Car-timetable_foldout-1966_BradPhillips.jpg (257890 bytes)
1966 Parlor Car Travel Program 
Archive: Brad Phillips 
Parlor-Car-timetable_foldout-back_1966_BradPhillips.jpg (286412 bytes)
1966 Parlor Car Travel Program reverse
1923-Westinghouse-Electric-Ad-LIRR-Long-Island-Railroad-Electrification.jpg (381221 bytes)
1923 Westinghouse Ad LIRR Electrification
Form 166
1917ticket500mileageform166.jpg (56765 bytes)
500 Mileage Ticket Booklet 07/28/1917
Collection: John Fusto

ticket2.jpg (47793 bytes)
500 Mileage Ticket Booklet Back 07/28/ 1917
Collection: John Fusto

Scrip tickets 07/28/ 1917 
Collection: John Fusto

500 Mileage Scrip
lirr500milescrip07-28-1917JohnFusto.jpg (286091 bytes)
Scrip booklet inside 07/28/1917 
Collection: John Fusto

Half Fare Ticket
halffare.jpg (62346 bytes)It's a cash fare purchased ON BOARD the train and issued by trainmen/conductors/ticket collectors.

It had been issued under the authority of the United States Railway Administration (USRA) which took control of all  USA railroads beginning at the outset of WWI in 1917 until 1920.  

The LIRR used USRA marked forms until the early 1920s. I have a train order from 1921 that still says USRA across the top.  Just using up old stationery, I guess.  Why not?

Seeing the ticket also lists the Manhattan Beach branch, which was abandoned to passenger service in 1924, this ticket was issued between 1917 and 1924. 

Collection: John Fusto History: Dave Keller  

form166_lirr500-MileTicketBooklet-17488_front_DaveKeller.jpg (41279 bytes)
Form 166 LIRR 500 Mile Ticket 
Booklet #17488 front 
form166_lirr500-MileTicketBooklet-17488_InsideBookletCover_DaveKeller.jpg (42730 bytes)
Form 166 LIRR 500 Mile Ticket Booklet #17488 inside booklet cover
form166_lirr500-MileTicketBooklet-17488_MileageScrip_DaveKeller.jpg (65168 bytes)
Form 166 LIRR 500 Mile Ticket Booklet #17488 mileage scrip

1. Each narrow piece of scrip is tear off.

2. The number in red is the ticket booklet ID # (see the top of the front cover and in the top of the inside of the cover. You'll see it's stamped identically on each piece of scrip.

Each piece of scrip is numbered individually in black for one mile. i.e. this book would have scrip numbered from  #1 to #500 indicating the number of miles. If your trip was from Port Washington to Penn Station, the trainman/conductor would know the mileage from his ETT and tear off the requisite number of scrip coupons for that mileage. (Read the very first instructions AT THE TOP OF THE COVER).

3. While the keystone with the words "Long Island" appeared beginning in 1906 and was the same on passes from 1915, it wasn't until 1917 that the intertwined initials were used. So I'd say the scrip dates from between 1917 and 1920. LIRR Conductor Jeff Skinner told me and gave me scrip collected by LIRR Conductor Oscar Anderson from Teddy Roosevelt. Skinner began his LIRR career in 1917 and Roosevelt died at Sagamore Hill 
in 1919. I'd say 1917-1920 was a good window of use.

Scrip is paper offered in lieu of payment. If you worked for NY State when they couldn't finalize their budget back in the 1980s, they paid their employees in scrip: worthless paper that was to be redeemed for cash once the budget was voted in.

Old-time miners who lived in company towns were paid in scrip. Scrip was then used at the company store to purchase goods, clothes, supplies, tools and food. This kept the miners slaves to their employers because they never received cash of any kind . . .strictly barter . . .hard work for goods.

So . . . the scrip was taken off the pack in mileage increments by the ticket collectors and then turned in to the ticket receiver's office along with their actual tickets sold. I gather it wasn't a very successful way of collecting fares so it didn't last very long. As a result, samples are rather rare. Info is courtesy of Dave Keller

This form is (was) used by conductors/trainmen to turn in cash collected on board trains.  In addition to the ticket receiver’s office in Jamaica, several outlying/terminal stations could also accept cash.  I handled many of these when working Long Beach.  The locations are listed in the ADL 205 Manual of Instructions to Passenger Conductors, et al, 8/1/1954.
Ticker Receiver's Receipt for Conductor Cash-Deposits 2/06/1929

Ticket receipts from stations were deposited in local banks.  However, when I started back in 1963 in Amityville, the cash would be placed in a heavy-duty pre-printed registered envelope, sealed with wax, and handed to a messenger on a designated Morning eastbound local train (the messenger had to sign for the envelope, or course).  I believe that process ended shortly thereafter as in later years working South Shore stations we used the bank.

 “Back in the day” when handling cash deposits, we just took the cash in the locked bag in our personal auto, walked to the night drop and dropped it in.  Can you imagine the risk of doing that today with the drug-induced criminal activity all around us?  I could have been robbed scores of times; weekend evenings, no one around, etc.!  I didn’t even think about it back then. Brad Phillips

waybillcoins08-12-1864.jpg (85640 bytes)
Waybill: Gold Coins August 12, 1864
Collection: Dave Keller

Shipment of a bag of gold coins, valued at $1,000 going via Wells, Fargo & Co. from San Francisco on the steamer "Golden City" to Panama, then land transfer to Aspinwall  (now named Colon, Panama) on the east coast (Caribbean Sea) and whatever connecting steamer will take it on to New York City.  1864

(This was typical of the hazardous shipping of valued merchandise before the days of the Panama Canal! Transcontinental railroad wasn't yet in place, either, and there was a war going on! ) History: Dave Keller

prrdestroydocrequest.jpg (278159 bytes)
Request to destroy outdated documents 04/12/1958 Kings Park Collection: Joe Tischner

LIRR freight receipt: Pearsalls Station - Agent E. P. Frost  - Consigned to J. H. L'Hommedieu for 1 case hardware and 2 bundles sash cord 5/16/1882

LIRR freight receipt: Pearsalls Station - Agent E. P. Frost  - Consigned to Long Beach Improvement Co.  for 27 lengths of iron pipe and 8 boxes white gloss. 5/16/1882

LIRR Safety Rules S7C MOW and Structures Employes 10/01/1929

LIRR Safety Rules S7C Engineering Dept. Employes 11/01/1929  Archive: Patrick Marinaccio

LIRR Safety Rules 1/01/2021 cover

LIRR Safety Rules 1/01/2021 Page 2

LIRR Safety Rules 1/01/2021 Page 3
waybillwadingrivestation1877.jpg (50827 bytes)
Wading River station - 1 box - 1877
Collection: Dave Keller

waybillwadingriverstation1896.jpg (61512 bytes)
Wading River station - from Port Jeff 101 feet of molded white pine - 1896
Collection: Dave Keller

Islip03-19-1887waybill.jpg (77444 bytes)
Islip station - 1 box paint, 1 box drugs, 111 bundles paper - 1887 (unfortunately, the agent identified his station on the cover of his ledger book, but not on his individual receipts. Shame!) Collection: Dave Keller

Riverheadstation1878.jpg (38653 bytes)
Riverhead station from Westbury - 3 bundles of trees - 1878 Collection: Dave Keller

waybillmanorstation1877.jpg (37664 bytes)
Manor station - 1 barrel sweet potatoes 1877 Collection: Dave Keller

Eastportrates 1890.jpg (19114 bytes)
To Agent at Eastport - Shipping rates on berries - LIRR Traffic Dept. - 1890
Collection: Dave Keller


letternewhavenandlirr.jpg (45430 bytes)
Correspondence between the New Haven RR and LIRR Accounting Dept. 
Collection: Joe Tischner
southampton-freight-docjoetischner.jpg (210139 bytes)
A freight receipt for a car delivered at Southampton Freight house Collection: Joe Tischner
Farmingdale Station Attic Waybills 1909 Form A 69 
Collection: Dave Keller
lirrwaybillcoal1909hn2.jpg (58315 bytes)
This bill is for a load of coal carried in a PRR hopper and was destined for Nostrand Bros. in Farmingdale:

Note the stamp at the bottom acknowledging having been recorded at the scales of the weigh station.
lirrwaybillcoal1909backlx9.jpg (36345 bytes)
Here's the back of the same bill, showing the Yardmaster's stamp at Greenville Terminal: 11/07/1909
lirrwaybillbarrelsforbawe9.jpg (51354 bytes)
Empty barrels from the 6th St. Freight House which were destined for Bloch & Guggenheimer in Farmingdale. Then as today B&G were a big producer of pickles:
lirrwaybilloverbethpagesd7.jpg (55008 bytes)
Another interesting one, in that the load (undecipherable to me) was destined for the Queens Co. Brick Manufacturing Co. Siding along the Bethpage branch. The Bethpage branch was the spur from Bethpage Jct. to what was originally the old Stewart Brick works and from where all the bricks were made to build Garden City by A. T. Stewart's construction firm:

Whatever the load, it was carried by a LIRR freight car and was weighed in Hicksville, per the note at the very top.
lirrwaybilloverbethpagebe7.jpg (26388 bytes)
Here's the back of the waybill for the Bethpage branch item
Conductor V. Hoffman, run 5
lirrwaybillforlimotorpktd6.jpg (47547 bytes)
Here's an interesting one for what appears to be 600 sacks (sax) of peanuts (?) and consigned to the Long Island Motor Parkway Corporation to be picked up at Farmingdale. Must've had to feed a lot of squirrels, or else the gatekeepers (toll collectors as they were called on the LIMP) were getting a "raise!" (People worked for peanuts back then . . . . ) 
lirrwaybillformaywoodsiar5.jpg (58553 bytes)

And another interesting one. A shipment of lime from Amityville to St. Catherine's Infirmary at Maywood Siding, the famous siding along the Central Extension where Charles "Mile-a-Minute" Murphy made his famous bicycle ride behind a LIRR train in 1899 (only 10 years earlier!). The directions on the bill say "Central Extension . . . near Farmingdale." Guess the train crew didn't know where it was . . . 

Back then, lime was used for two major purposes: 
1. Dump down the openings under the outhouse seats to kill the smell and disintegrate the waste collected
2. Use to assist in the decomposition of dead bodies

Being an infirmary, they may have used it for both those purposes, such as when they had a "John Doe" or "Jane Doe" in the morgue.

waybillblankdashdan1965.jpg (53301 bytes)
LIRR Waybill Blank 1965 "Dashing Dan" logo
Collection: Dave Keller

CommutationTktPatchogue1962.jpg (62346 bytes) 
1962 Commutation Weekly Ticket for Henry Keller, Dave Keller's Father. 
 Collection: Dave Keller

NostrandBrosCoalwaybill.jpg (125604 bytes)

NostrandBrosCoalwaybill-back.jpg (92414 bytes)
PRR Waybill for 65 tons of stove coal from Susquehanna Coal Co. to Nostrand Bros., Farmingdale NY

Stamped on the back with the yardmaster's stamp from Greenville Terminal (11/7/09) and the stamp from the LIRR at Long Island City.
lirrbaggagetag.jpg (67750 bytes)
LIRR Baggage Tag  10/13/1943
lirrsafetybookcovermikekoehler.jpg (232936 bytes)
LIRR Safety Book Cover

Back in the early 1970's the LIRR was on a safety campaign much like today's Operation Lifesaver. This item is a book cover. Back in my school days we were required to cover our text books with either brown paper or an accepted book cover. They came to schools with a demonstration, and also gave out freebies to the students., one of which was the book cover pictured. How I managed to save it all these years is a miracle! I used it to cover my Electrical Installation notebook. I attended a vocational high school and it seemed appropriate for me to use a LIRR book cover, as I was a railfan even back then, on my way to becoming an electrician.  Info: Mike Kubiak

PDtower.jpg (90842 bytes)Most of the LIRR's art through the '70 and '80's, was drawn by Don Malone.  He had a trademark way of drawing people's hands. Note the kid waiting at the railroad crossing and compare it with any of Don's drawings. 

Don worked in Public Affairs back when it was called Public Relations and had a staff of three. 

He also illustrated the guy and gal holding the lantern in the Book of Rules' hand signals. When he had originally made the drawings in 1982, the characters had "flood water pants" on. Don thought that was funny. 

Transportation's Superintendent at the time, Pete Roche, said "Hay Don, what the hell is with the flood pants." He made them longer, and to this day in the illustrations you can see where he lengthened them.  

Don's son had become a block operator.  Currently,  Public Affairs employs over 80 persons and has to pay an outside artist.  The Long Island Tool
  Drawing by: Mike Malone c.1980's

LIRR timetable Washington's Birthday 2/19/1973 Design: Don Malone  Archive: Dave Morrison

This was a program in the mid-80's to lend out the thousands of unclaimed lost and found umbrellas. It lasted perhaps a year, until all the lent umbrellas were stolen or lost. The work of public relations man Don Malone.

courtesymatterdontbecelqd8.jpg (54573 bytes)
Don't Be Cell-fish MTA 2008
courtesymattersoneseatnlh9.jpg (44225 bytes)
One Seat, No Feet! MTA 2008
frt05-16-86PaulStrubeck.jpg (108043 bytes)
LIRR Freight Brochure 5/1986
Archive: Paul Strubeck

lirrfreightmap1986.jpg (89921 bytes)
LIRR Freight Brochure reverse side 5/1986 Archive: Paul Strubeck

LIRR STRIKE INFO Sept. 22, 1997

Cover of a VERY RARE "Special Timetable" in the event Amtrak went on strike September 22, 1997.  Strike never happened and this "Special Timetable" was quickly pulled and extra copies shredded.

Cover of a brochure issued by the LIRR for Nassau County residents on how to cope with a possible LIRR strike

Small one page flier issued by the LIRR in the event of a potential Amtrak Strike on June 24th (year unknown).  This strike is not the 1997 pictured left.
FronttransitstikeflierforLIRR.jpg (75676 bytes)
LIRR Cancelled Trains Contingency Plan in event of NYC Transit Strike 
BacktransitstikeflierforLIRR..jpg (83047 bytes) JohnPaulvisit.jpg (40965 bytes)
LIRR 10/07/1995 Pope John Paul II, Papal Visit to NYC Special Timetable


"Travel Easy" map brochure corrected to 1/1966

Form F timetable Port Jefferson Branch 6/13/1967
Furlough-Fares-Flyer-LIRR.jpg (80189 bytes)
LIRR Furlough Fares Flyer c.1950

Station Record of Train Movements
Port Jefferson 2/03/1976
Archive: Richard Makse

125thtourtimetable.jpg (397094 bytes)
175th Anniversary Tour timetable 07/25/2009
Archive: Dave Morrison

LIRR-NETS 1974-75

One Day Getaways - Theodore Roosevelt Centennial Celebration 1998 Archive: Dave Morrison

"Leave something on the train?" c.2015
Combo Tickets", as purchased and/or in possession, allow the bearer admission at Riverhead and Greenport once during the season of April through October.  This ticket, for example, is still valid for a visit to Riverhead as it has not been stamped as the Greenport portion of the ticket is!  These are "Souvenir Tickets", as well.  Suitable for insertion in scrap books, etc.  The back side has past official LIRR mileages from back in the day reproduced as an educational note for the bearer. This was a concept of Ken Schaefer's, past Secretary of the Board of Trustees (RIP), and long time active Charter Member of the Museum.    RMLI President: Don Fisher  - 8/19/2022

Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden 8/30/2004