LIRR Car Rosters - Trains

Roster: LIRR Early Passenger Cars
Research: Vincent Seyfried LIRR History Vol VII

Roster: LIRR Steel Coaches & Electric M.U. with conversions
Research: Henry Raudenbush and Jeff Erlitz, courtesy of George Chiasson

Roster: LIRR Passenger-Baggage-Combine-Cars
              LIRR Passenger-Baggage-Combine-Cars Additional Data
           LIRR Passenger-Baggage-Combine-Cars Supplementary Notes 
Research: Koehler, Seyfried, MTA 1972

Roster: LIRR Modernization Numbers - Old Cars
Research: Bob Kingman

Roster: LIRR Steel and Composite Passenger Car Roster 
           LIRR Steel Passenger Car Roster Notes
Research: Jeff Erlitz 9/24/2018

MP41-Operational-Lines_Keystone-Winter-2014.jpg (450220 bytes)
LIRR MP41 operations. Map courtesy of Herb George's Change at Ozone Park.  Red route lines added and map captioned by Dave Keller and Chuck Blardone of  "The Keystone"
FA2-601-Train-Haberman-6-9-78.jpg (104796 bytes)
LIRR FA2 #601 Haberman 6/09/1978 View W

ALCO FA2 #601 is on the rear of a push-pull train eastbound passing the Haberman station westbound platform.  The view is looking east.  The station platform at the left was used for westbound trains.  Eastbound trains stopped on the west side of the 49th St. crossing (behind photographer) (Dick Makse info). 1942-era Maspeth holding yard at far right.  

lirr1504_ H-16-44GeorgeCPRedding061960.jpg (111342 bytes)
Photo: George C. P. Redding. LIRR FM H-16-44 # 1504 with an Oyster Bay train on Montauk branch,  June, 1960. George did not give an exact location, but Dick Makse says it is at Glendale Jct. and George was standing on the Rockaway Beach branch trestle over the Montauk branch. The connecting track is behind the sand tower. Archive: Jim Gillin
west of Quogue train 9, June 1969.jpg (115308 bytes)
LIRR #218 west of Quogue, Train #9, June 1969
Archive: Jim Gillin


lirrMP75BabylonCarll'sCreekwestbound091963JimGillin.jpg (117971 bytes)
LIRR MP75 MU's leaving Babylon crossing Carll's Creek westbound on the temporary track.  Note the beginnings of the grade crossing elimination project in the background.  09/1963 Photo/Archive: Jim Gillin
C420-226-Train-PilgrimStateHospitalStation1976.JPG (77501 bytes)
LIRR C420 #226 Pilgrim State Hospital Station 1976
Archive: Dave Keller
C420_222-HospitalTrain-Sta-PilgrimStateHospital-Brentwood-10-77(Huneke).jpg (115853 bytes)
Alco C420 #222 with 3-car hospital train eastbound at station Pilgrim State Hospital Brentwood, NY 10/77
(Art Huneke photo, Dave Keller archive)
RichmondHill040847.jpg (112019 bytes)
Richmond Hill storage yard 04/08/1947
Photo: LIRR Archive: Jim Gillin
lirr1551_TR4NepeagueMeadowsRoad- c1960.jpg (117560 bytes)
LIRR RS-3 #1551 TR 4 at Nepeague Meadows Road between Amagansett and Montauk  c. 1960 Photo: LIRR Archive: Jim Gillin
World'sFairStation8-94JimGillin.jpg (92984 bytes)
World's Fair Station August, 1964 Photo/Archive: Jim Gillin
lirr1560-Babylon.jpg (107777 bytes)
"Mets Hot Streak Express", LIRR #1560 with heavyweights #2038 SETAUKET and #2037 TUSCARORA CLUB, at Babylon Photo: Steve Hoskins Archive: Steve Lynch
12thStreetviewW-NewHydePark07271973.jpg (50248 bytes)
LIRR #214 12th Street view W New Hyde Park 07/27/1973
lirrDE30AC-412,413-C3cars-Train651-SmithtownNeilFeldman.jpg (180973 bytes)
LIRR DE30AC #412,413 with C3cars Train #651
Smithtown Photo: Neil Feldman