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riverhead28.jpg (75138 bytes)
LI Potato Building, No more track 
but the ROW is visible. 

ticket_Riverhead-Calverton_ 4-07-61_BradPhillips.jpg (42016 bytes)        ticket_Riverhead-Calverton-reverse_ 4-07-61_BradPhillips.jpg (25075 bytes)
Ticket between Riverhead and Calverton 4/07/1961 Archive: Brad Phillips

riverheadmappaulstrubeck.gif (10693 bytes)
Riverhead LIRR Map: Paul Strubeck  c. 2008

    1.-3. LI Ice Company
    4.-5. LI Coal Association
    6.-7. LI Produce
    8. Suffolk  Potato
    9. Jackson

LIRR Siding Map 1966- Raynor Ave to Marcy Ave.


riverhead10.jpg (85109 bytes)
Switch off the siding that enters into Slater's. There is another switch inside the fence, And this spur once served as a LILCO track. 
riverhead13.jpg (124640 bytes)
 Looking back east you can see the switch leading into Slater"s and the other switch to get to the buildings. The spur looking east once served LI Ice Co. and LI Coal Association 
  riverhead17.jpg (99542 bytes)
The first unloading door on the spur 
( Spot # 1 on Map ) 
riverhead18.jpg (63719 bytes)
Another unloading door ( Spot # 2 on Map ) 
riverhead20.jpg (128768 bytes)
Crumbling smoke stack by the 1st building
riverhead21.jpg (43511 bytes)
A more modern unloading door 
( Spot # 3 on Map ) 
riverhead24.jpg (77972 bytes)
Wooden unloading door ( Spot # 4 on Map) 
riverhead25.jpg (72407 bytes)
The last unloadng door of the spur ( Spot # 5 on Map )
riverhead26.jpg (143995 bytes)
Track Bumper, Just before Marcy Avenue ( Spot # 5 on Map )
riverhead29.jpg (81607 bytes)
LI Potato 1st Unloading door ( Spot # 6 on map ) 

riverhead30.jpg (80453 bytes)
The other unloading door at LI Potato, Now sealed up ( Spot # 7 on map ) 
riverhead31.jpg (69821 bytes)
Another building once served off the same ROW, The 1966 map notes this one as just "Jackson",  spots 8 & 9 are visible.  View E
riverhead32.jpg (70415 bytes)
 Unloading doors ( Spot # 9 on map ) 
riverhead-1966.jpg (98977 bytes)
LIRR 1966 Freight Sidings Map - Riverhead
riverhead36.jpg (85261 bytes)
The end of the ROW view  West 
Photos, descriptions, research and designed maps courtesy Paul Strubeck  c. 2008
for more LIRR information by Paul, visit: "Welcome to Abandoned LIRR"