LIRR - Setauket

Setauket Pt. Jefferson freight station built: 2/1877 and used as depot
Actual depot built: Jan-Feb/1883
Agency closed: ?  Razed: 10/3/60 
Discontinued as station stop: c. 1980 Research: Dave Keller

Emery-Setauket_MP54-55_9-57.jpg (94007 bytes)
Emery map Setauket MP54-55 9/1957
Emery-Setauket_MP55-56_9-57.jpg (61179 bytes)
Emery map Setauket MP55-56 9/1957
Station-Setauket-Bob-Emery-c.1958_Slade-Huneke.jpg (104880 bytes)
Setauket Station 1958 view NW Photo: Slade Archive: Art Huneke

Station-Setauket-1959.jpg (114043 bytes)
Setauket Station 1959 view NE
Photo/Archive: Art Huneke


LIRR-Setauket-map_1966.jpg (27678 bytes)
LIRR map Setauket 1966
Location #3 : Suffolk Materials Mining Corp. 

lirr291_Setauket_viewNE_c.1966_RGlueck.jpg (135201 bytes)
LIRR #291 Setauket view NE c.1966 
Photo: Richard Glueck
lirr291_Setauket_viewE_c.1966_RGlueck.jpg (138021 bytes)
LIRR #291 Setauket view E  c.1966 
Photo: Richard Glueck

Suffolk Materials Mining Corporation was your basic sand pit and abandoned as an open pit mine. The sidings were used to unload inbound salt in the late 70's/early 80's for the Town of Brookhaven highway department. The last traffic, perhaps, was bentonite* being unloaded in the late 80's that was used in the construction of new Town of Brookhaven landfills.

* When I cross check “bentonite” it is: Sodium bentonite expands when wet, absorbing as much as several times its dry mass in water. The property of swelling also makes sodium bentonite useful as a sealant, since it provides a self-sealing, low permeability barrier. It is used to line the base of landfills for example.


Station-Setauket-Shelter Shed and Platform-View E-08-12-73 (Keller).jpg (124299 bytes)It's August, 12, 1973 and on this dreary summer's day we're looking east at the run-down Setauket station.  The metal shelter shed replaced the old wooden depot when it was razed on October 3, 1960.  Starting in the early 1960s as depot buildings were demolished, these ubiquitous metal shelter sheds were erected at some of the Nassau County station stops and at many of the Suffolk County station stops of the LIRR.  Visible in front of the shelter shed is an also-run-down telephone booth.  Remember them?  Before cell phones, if you didn't have any change and had to make a call from a deserted station platform (like Setauket), you were sunk.  Start walking!  The platform and platform lamp posts are slowly being encroached upon by nature.  This station stop would last until it was discontinued per General Order #207, effective September 6, 1980.  Today you would be hard-pressed to even visualize a station stop ever being located there. (Dave Keller archive and data)