Suffolk Traction Company
All Items: Dave Keller research/archive unless noted.

Suffolk Traction Co-Traction Blvd-Canaan Lake-Patchogue-1914.jpg (68803 bytes)
Suffolk Traction Co. Traction Blvd. Canaan Lake, Patchogue 1914

Suffolk-Traction_Emery-map_Sayville.jpg (631136 bytes)
Suffolk Traction Emery Map - Sayville  c.1911+
Suffolk Traction Emery Sayville map-key.jpg (175535 bytes)
Emery Map Key - Sayville map 

Suffolk Traction map p17.jpg (540214 bytes)
Suffolk Traction Emery Map - "Main Line" 
Sayville to Patchogue Village  

Suffolk Traction map p18.jpg (532351 bytes)
Suffolk Traction Emery Map - Proposed "Holtsville Branch" from Roe Blvd., Patchogue to Port Jefferson - Sections 1-3  Only Section #1 (below left) built to just south of the LIRR Main Line
 Suffolk Traction map p18 left.jpg (497672 bytes) 
Section #1
Suffolk Traction map p18 middle.jpg (411961 bytes)
Section #2
Suffolk Traction map p18 right.jpg (583304 bytes) 
Section #3
All Emery Maps courtesy SUNY - Stony Brook

Suffolk Traction Co. Dedication 8/23/1907 A big day in Patchogue after many years of negotiations, the Suffolk Traction Co., based out of Patchogue, agreed to install a trolley network in and out of the Village. In this photograph, this is Mr. Benkenstein driving the first spike out in front of the Lace Mill on West Main Street after a deal had been struck in August of August 23, 1907.Archive: Chris Klug

Suffolk Traction Co. South Ocean Ave. 11/1907 Workers from the Suffolk Traction Company laying down ties for street battery car tracks out in front of Howard S. Conklin's store. Archive: Chris Klug

East Hampton Star 8/23/1907

The Long Islander 8/23/1907

Suffolk Traction Co. - LIRR Agreement 5/07/1912 Archive: Art Huneke

Suffolk Traction Co-Battery Car 1-Patchogue-7-1911.jpg (104858 bytes)
Battery Car no.1 first day of operation Sayville 7/1911

SuffolkTractionCo-BatteryCar_ No.2_1911.jpg (83180 bytes)
Battery car no.2 in 1911 roster shot photographed on South Ocean Avenue 
just north of the Patchogue town dock. 

-Suffolk-Traction_Car-2_stalled-Blue-P_5-2-1913.jpg (109147 bytes)
Car no.2 stalled in Blue Point 5/02/1913
Emery Collection/Archive: SUNY- Stony Brook

  Suffolk-Traction_Patchogue-East Main St_track-laying_11-27-07.jpg (111649 bytes)
East Main St., Patchogue track laying 11/27/1907
Emery Collection/Archive: SUNY- Stony Brook

Suffolk Traction Co-Installing tracks-switch-4-Corners-Patchogue-1910 (view NW).jpg (128388 bytes)
Laying tracks along West Main Street and installing switch onto South Ocean Avenue at Four Corners, Patchogue c. 1910. View looking northwest towards Swezey & Newins store at Four Corners intersection. (Thos. R. Bayles collection, Dave Keller archive)

Suffolk Traction Co. Battery  Car 1 on Flatcar-Patchogue-6-1911.jpg (61261 bytes)
Delivery of the first car 6/1911 on Flatcar, Patchogue

Suffolk-Traction_Patchogue-West-Main-St_Car-1_viewE_7-21-1911.jpg (107542 bytes)
Battery Car No.1 on West Main St. Patchogue view E 7/21/1911
Emery Collection/Archive: SUNY- Stony Brook

Battery Car No.1 on West Main St. Patchogue view NE 7/21/1911
Archive: Mike Boland

SuffolkTractionCo.-BatteryCarNo.2onMainSt.Patchogue-c.1914.jpg (117164 bytes)
Battery Car No.2 on Main St., Patchogue c.1914 view W

Suffolk-Traction_Patchogue-North-Ocen-Ave_Car-3_viewS_5-13-1912.jpg (87289 bytes)
Battery Car No.3 on N. Ocean Ave View SE towards Main St. 5/13/1912
Emery Collection/Archive: SUNY- Stony Brook



Suffolk-Traction-Co_c.1914_Hagstrom1976-map.jpg (1279759 bytes)
On this Hagstrom Atlas I've indicated in red the routes of the Suffolk Traction Company.  The routes south of the Long Island Rail Road at Holtsville station had track laid and saw battery car service between Holtsville, Patchogue (down to the foot of the dock and as far east as Bay Avenue), and west to Blue Point, Bayport and Sayville.  The route north of the LIRR at Holtsville was only a graded right-of-way.  A steel trestle spanned the tracks but never saw car service across it except perhaps for testing purposes upon completion.  Tracks were laid in the street in the upper portion of the map from Port Jefferson dock to the LIRR station but were never used and crossing frogs were never installed at the LIRR tracks.  A route between Port Jefferson and Holtsville was proposed and projected to connect these two ending points but grading never went any further than indicated on the map.  (Atlas courtesy of William Gilligan, mapping and data by Dave Keller)

Patchogue - Suffolk Traction construction N. Ocean Ave., view NE
c. 1910 Archive: Stephen Stikks

Suffolk-Traction_Patchogue-N.Ocean-Ave-southbound_Car-3_1-1915.jpg (95239 bytes)
Car no.3 southbound on N. Ocean Ave. approaching "Four Corners" 1/1915
Emery Collection/Archive: SUNY- Stony Brook

Suffolk Traction Co-Battery Car No. 4 on S. Ocean Ave.-Patchogue.jpg (99183 bytes)
Battery Car No.4 on S. Ocean Ave. View S

Suffolk Traction Co. Car no.1 derailment at West Lake Main St., Patchogue
Archive: Chris Klug
Suffolk-Traction_Mescot-Hotel_South-Ocean-Ave_August-1914.jpg (98198 bytes)
Battery car no.2 - Mescot Hotel, South Ocean Ave - August 1914 Archive: D. Raven Foncell
Suffolk Traction Co. - Trestle Under Constr. over LIRR Main Line-Holtsville - 9-20-12.jpg (143068 bytes)
Trestle under construction over LIRR Main Line
Holtsville 9/20/1912
SuffolkTractionCo-BatteryCarNo.3-Sta-Holtsville-Train time-1913.jpg (67501 bytes)
Battery Car No.3  Holtsville Station c.1913

The Holtsville depot with the end columns burned in 1914 and was replaced with another depot without columns.  As the columns are still visible on this depot and the trolley was constructed to Holtsville in 1912, the photo has to be taken between 1912 and the fire of 1914 . . . hence my c. 1913 date. Research: Dave Keller