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PD Tower Gone 1912-2006

PD Signal History
PD Crew Messages 1929-42
Q&A on Patchogue Operations with J.J. Earl


PD TOWER  May 29, 1912 - August 22, 2006

 LIRR 3266 GP38-2 passing PD Tower eastbound 1966

LIRR-LocoRestrictionOnCurvesArtHuneke.jpg (27796 bytes)
Loco Curve Restriction: c.1912-1913 PD "Tower" was placed in service May, 1912.  CR4 March 1, 1913 does not list this siding. Archive: Art Huneke, Info: Dave Keller

Tower-PD-Patchogue-3-18-30.jpg (38216 bytes)
PD Tower 3/18/1930  Semaphore signals replaced 
(James V. Orborne photo, Dave Keller archive)

pd1947fredweber_morrison3.jpg (40173 bytes)
Ocean Ave View South  1947 
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller

PDtower.jpg (90842 bytes)
PD Tower MTA rendering
by Mike Maione c. 1980's 

PD 2006.jpg (54716 bytes)
PD Tower 3 Light signals in use 04/2006PDtower01-72.jpg (105732 bytes)
PD Tower PRR Position light signals 01/1972 
Photo: Dave Keller
Interlocking-PD_6-03-1912_ incorrect-tower-location.jpg (58083 bytes)
Interlocking PD 06/03/1912 Sheet #32 Note: Incorrect tower location
Interlocking-PD_9-28-17.jpg (70899 bytes)
Interlocking PD 09/28/1917 Sheet #36

Interlocking-PD-H.Wilhelm-Map_8-7-1921.jpg (72990 bytes)
Interlocking PD - H. Wilhelm Map 08/07/1921 -  Map stitched by Steven Lynch 10/2012

lirr-608_passing-PD_headed to siding for turn_6-75_ViewE_Huneke.jpg (109549 bytes)
LIRR FA #608 PC (power car) eastbound passing PD Tower headed into the North Siding Track (Schoolhouse Track)  for the return trip.  6/1975 Photo: Art Huneke
LIRR General Order (GO) no. 932  Archive: Art Huneke
LIGO932a.jpg (9591 bytes)
LIRR General Order (GO) No.932
April 16, 1963 

LIGO932b.jpg (24346 bytes)
GO No.932 April 22, 1963 Ringhouse track taken out of service

LIGO932c.jpg (38127 bytes)
GO No.932 April 22, 1963 Lace Mill turnout taken out of service

lirrGO932.jpg (138811 bytes)
General Order No. 932 4/16/1963
Archive: Art Huneke
From 1939 it appears that "PD" Tower controlled the tracks extending from an unmeasured point west of Atlantic Ave., and west of Reid's Ice Cream siding (unnumbered signal indicated- perhaps  S484, to a point 5,113 feet east of South Country Road, or 2,023 feet east of Signal S551. (Signal S551 is indicated at 3,090 feet east of South Country Road.) Quite a stretch of track!  Author: Dave Keller
AlBunker_PD1932_jvosborne.jpg (42423 bytes)
Al Bunker, block operator, at PD Tower levers March, 1930 view E
(J.V. Osborne photo, original image 
at Queensboro  Public Library)
Form-19-PD-Al-Bunker-3-30-30.jpg (68967 bytes)
Form 19 train order written and signed by Al Bunker;  the same month and year that the photo was taken of him leaning against the levers.
PD-Tower_Floor-Plan-Patchogue-1968.jpg (192100 bytes)
PD Tower floor plan 1968 indicating Armstrong Lever location
Research/Design/Archive: Dave Keller
You can see from the time that this order was issued and made complete that he was the 2nd trick operator there at the time; AND it was a weekend as the trains are numbered with the prefix “4”  Research/Collection: Dave Keller
PD - Levers - 1971.jpg (70060 bytes)
PD Tower Levers - 1971
PD - OPR AT LEVERS - 1971.jpg (66865 bytes)
PD Tower Lever operator 1971
PD_Dave Keller_1971.jpg (51552 bytes)
PD Dave Keller 1971 at the desk Archive: Dave Keller
OceanAve-viewW_c.1905.jpg (32313 bytes)
Ocean Ave view W pre-PD Tower c.1905
Last-steam-special_OceanAve-viewW_11-26-1976.jpg (37610 bytes)
Last Steam Special Ocean Ave 
view W 11/26/1976

PD Tower view W c. 10/1966 - early '67, the back of the #2038 "Setauket" on a LIST-NRHS excursion, the car was tacked onto the back of the morning Montauk run one Saturday Photo: Steve Hoskins
9-18-83patchogue.jpg (31576 bytes)
PD Tower  eastbound GP38-2 #273 09/18/1983
PDordersJoeSaullo09-98.jpg (71547 bytes)
LIRR #262 PD hooping orders  09/18/98 Photo: Joe Saullo
lirr268PDJoeSaullo09181998.jpg (76509 bytes)
LIRR #268 eastbound after hoop order pickup 09/18/1998 Photo: Joe Saullo

View W 2001 Photo: Steve Lynch

View E  2001 Photo: Steve Lynch

PD Tower at Ocean Ave E view 2001
PD8-12-2006.jpg (117986 bytes)
View E  8/12/2006 prior to demolition 8/23/2006


PDChrisSoundyHoopingtoCondr05-04-06.jpeg (131246 bytes)
Block Operator Chris Soundy hooping some of the last orders from “PD” tower to the Conductor of eastbound DE-30ac #420    
Photo: by Pat Masterson 5/4/06
PDsign05-04-06.jpg (31660 bytes)
PD Sign 05/04/06
PD-birdhouse.jpg (79821 bytes)
BDH "PD BirDHouse" Tower 
Photo: "Jersey" Mike


PDtower-GObirdhouse.jpg (86837 bytes)
General Order No. 2001 BDH Tower 08/23/2006

lirr2001-CPA-20_PD-Tower_westbound_9-63_ArtHuneke.jpg (35492 bytes)
LIRR #2001 CPA-20 westbound approaching 
PD Tower 9/1963 Photo: Art Huneke


PELCO - (Patchogue Electric Light Co.) PELCO built 1899
earlyPELCO_c.1900.jpg (30469 bytes)
PELCO c.1900

1926SanbornPatchogue.jpg (182334 bytes)
1926 Composite Sanborn Map area west of  Ocean Ave. 

The small building east of PELCO reads, 1 Pump. Outside (perhaps) as follows: "Finished Floor Construction Except Exposed Steel BR(ICK)-W(AL)LS  Conc(rete) Fl(oor) & P(ainted) F(inish)"  


patchelectco08-03-41emery.jpg (35231 bytes)
PELCO Plant 08-31-41
Collection: SUNY - Stony Brook 
Thanks to: Dave Morrison

Patchogue-RiverAve-PELCO-5-43.jpg (86140 bytes)
PELCO Plant in background 
view E of River Ave.  05/1943
Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller

PELCO Plant 1954 view NW
Collection: Dave Keller

PELCO_c.1960.jpg (46036 bytes)
PELCO Plant c.1960 view N

ex-PELCO-LILCO-electric_Patchogue_2016.jpg (118207 bytes)
Aerial view 2016 ex-PELCO site became LILCO site


Week's Coal & Wood view SE

Week's Coal & Wood view  SW

Week's Coal Ramp 1954
Collection: Dave Keller

DaytonHedgesCoalFeedReceipt_4-30-1910.jpg (153568 bytes)
Dayton Hedges Coal/Wood & Feed/Hay receipt 4/30/1910
patchogue coal & feed.jpg (48943 bytes)
Patchogue Coal & Feed Co. - formed 11/29/1911 stock certificate

Gas Company. c. 1906 later owned by LILCO view SW
Patchogue_Potter-Ave-Crossing_viewW_5-43.jpg (42870 bytes)
Swezey Coal & Fuel Potter Ave crossing view W 05/1943

patchrotary1968ziel.jpg (85565 bytes)
LIRR Rotary Plow #193 westbound 1968 at Swezey Fuel - Rider Ave. view SE
  Photo: Ron Ziel
Collection: SUNY, Stony Brook Thanks to: Dave Morrison

Swezey Fuel View SE  2001
Photo: Steven Lynch

Swezey Fuel Rider Ave View SE  2001
Photo: Steven Lynch

Swezey Fuel View E  2001 Photo: Steven Lynch

Swezey Fuel View E c. 1985
Photo: Steven Lynch

Underwood_PatchogueAdvance06-17-1932.jpg (40725 bytes)
Patchogue Advance 06/17/1932
Underwood_PatchogueAdvance08-12-1932.jpg (44644 bytes)
Patchogue Advance 08/12/1932
Underwood_PatchogueAdvance01-13-1933.jpg (35290 bytes)
Patchogue Advance 01/13/1933
Underwood-PatchogueAdvance_11-12-1937.jpg (60651 bytes)
Patchogue Advance 11/12/1937
Underwood_PatchogueAdvance11-19-1937.jpg (48309 bytes)
Patchogue Advance 11/19/1937
Patchogue-UnderwoodCoal-Coke-10-43_F.Weber-DaveKeller.jpg (232356 bytes)
Underwood Coal Co. 10/1943 view W of  River Ave.  Photo: F. Weber, Archive: Dave Keller
Underwood Coal Co. ads running in the Patchogue Advance weekly newspaper 1937 - At this time the telephone exchange had gone to 3 digits (536)
Underwood_PatchogueAdvance11-18-1954.jpg (42390 bytes) Underwood_PatchogueAdvance10-04-1956.jpg (12848 bytes)

Underwood-PatchogueAdvance_4-27-61.jpg (22026 bytes)

RDC1-2-RPO Car-River Ave-Patchogue-4-6-63.jpg (71476 bytes)
Budd RDCs 1 & 2 heading eastbound past Underwood Fuel with RPO car in tow, approaching River Avenue crossing, Patchogue, NY. - 4/6/63  Photo: Wm. Lichtenstern Archive: Dave Keller
Underwood Fuel Co. ads running in the Patchogue Advance weekly newspaper  1954-1961  - At this time the telephone exchange has gone to 7 characters GR 5-3600


Hiscox-Chemical-Works_viewSW-patchogue.jpg (115738 bytes)
Hiscox Chemical Works est. 1875
view SW built 1902 here

Hiscox-Chemical-Works_Shampoo-Ad.jpg (53030 bytes)
Parker's Hair Balsam "LAVO" changed to "GLYCOLEN"

Knickerbocker view SE 1906

Rider Ave W view 2001

Knickerbocker Brewery (built c.1894) burned to ground, November 1984; demolished 1997 at the corner of Rider Ave. & Academy St., near LIRR tracks

Rider Ave crossing view W 2001
"Fence Track" siding

Queensboro Ice Co.

Destroyed in fire 11/1984

Rider Ave crossing view NW 2001 ex-site of Ice Companies Photo: Steve Lynch


Buildings north of LIRR by Fence Track - Academy St./Rider Ave. view SW 2001 Photo:  Steve Lynch
Vrooman-Coal_SW-c.1910_patchogue.jpg (119290 bytes)
Situated alongside the LIRR tracks at the crossing of Potter Avenue is the interesting coal silo of the Wood &  Vrooman Patchogue Coal Pocket and adjacent lumber yard.  View is looking SW c. 1910.  For many years a landmark trackside, the building was destroyed by fire on May 6, 1964.  
Emery_Patchogue_MP53-54_5-58.jpg (357539 bytes)
Emery map 5/1958 MP 53-54  Patchogue River to Evergreen Ave, Patchogue

Patchogue-Evergreen-Ave_Reich-Bros-Trucking-siding_viewE-1939_Weber.jpg (104123 bytes)
Evergreen Ave View E - Whistle post for Grove Ave eastbound - Reich Bros. Trucking siding at left MP54 in background - 1939 Photo F. Weber Archive: SUNY-Stony Brook


Emery_Patchogue_MP54-55_5-58.jpg (113896 bytes)
Emery map 5/1958 MP 54-55  Grove Ave to Middle Island Rd. (now Hewlett Ave), Patchogue

Patchogue-Grove-Ave_viewE-1939_FredWeber.jpg (55275 bytes)
 Grove Ave view E 1939 Photo F. Weber Archive: SUNY-Stony Brook

Patchogue_Grove-Ave_bell_MP54_viewW.jpg (76994 bytes)
Grove Ave.  MP54 bell  view W  Photo F. Weber Archive: SUNY-Stony Brook
Emery-Patchogue_South-Country-Rd_pre1930.jpg (41380 bytes)
Emery Patchogue at South Country Rd  pre-1930
Archive: SUNY-Stony Brook

Patchogue South Country Rd 1-19-1930 view east.jpg (95780 bytes)
Patchogue South Country Rd  view E 1/19/1930

Patchogue South Country Rd looking west. 1-19-1930.jpg (73340 bytes)
Patchogue South Country Rd  view W 1/19/1930

Patchogue South Country Rd shanty close up.jpg (119548 bytes)
Patchogue South Country Rd  Crossing Shanty close-up view E 1/19/1930
Patchogue South Country Rd diamond sign.jpg (68011 bytes)
Patchogue South Country Rd Diamond Crossing sign  close-up view E 1/19/1930
Patchogue South Country Rd shanty car.jpg (65391 bytes)
Patchogue South Country Rd  
Crossing Shanty
close-up view W 1/19/1930 
Patchogue - South - South Country Road Xing Shanty - Closeup - 4-46.jpg (62143 bytes)
Patchogue South Country Rd  Crossing Shanty close-up view SE 4/24/1946
Patchogue-S.Cntry Rd Xing-Mail Crane-West-4-24-46-Close-up.jpg (73779 bytes)
Patchogue South Country Rd - Mail Crane, Crossing Shanty View W 4/24/1946 
The bells were for additional crossing protection. . . probably at times when the crossing was unmanned.  See attached images above.  South Country Rd has the bell staff mounted in 1930 and later attached to the crossing sign in 1946.  

Emery's  South Country Rd. map represents a time PRIOR (pre-1930) to the crossing shanty being moved from the SE to the SW corner location. Chances are, the Crossing Shanty being located next to the mail crane caused a problem with the mailbag being tossed off in the same location . . .maybe it slammed into the shanty on more than one occasion and it was deemed prudent to MOVE the shanty as far away from the mail crane as was physically and practically possible. Info: Dave Keller

Ruland's-Marble-Granite-Work_north-Ocean-Ave_west-side_1911_Hans-Henke.jpg (81109 bytes)
Ruland's Marble & Granite Works N. Ocean Ave view W 1911 Archive: Hans Henke
Ruland-and-Smith_ad-memorial -works.jpg (57476 bytes)
Ruland & Smith Works Memorial ad (c.1875+) Pine Street (or Canaan Rd) later changed to N. Ocean Ave.
Note: Both Ruland's Marble & Granite and Roe & Sons Steel Tapes Co. (below) were not rail served.
Research: Steven Lynch 
Roe-Sons-Co_Hans-Henke.jpg (36926 bytes)
Roe & Sons Co. c. 1880+
Archive: Hans Henke
1898roe-catalogue_page6-7.jpg (164018 bytes)
Roe Catalog sample Pages 6-7
roe-Sons-Co_packing-slip_c.1900+_Hans-Henke.jpg (61568 bytes)
Justos Roe & Sons, manufacturers of steel tapes and measures (patented 1892) packing slip c.1900

In 1878 Justus Roe began the manufacture of steel tapes and reels for surveyor's use.

#2020 P74D Parlor "PATCHOGUE" Montauk Yard  5/15/1966  (Rugen-Keller)

Built by Pullman in 1926 as a 28 seat 1 drawing room parlor car. Sold to PRR and leased back to Pullman 12/31/1945. Withdrawn from lease 10/01/1956. 
Acquired by LIRR March 1961. Retired November 1966 after car was wrecked in a derailment; scrapped. Research: Jack Deasy

LIRR-Tug-Patchogue_LIC_10-44.jpg (74242 bytes)
LIRR tugboat "Patchogue" leaving the dock at Long Island City - View west towards Manhattan Island - October, 1944
(Fred Weber photo, Dave Keller archive)
Patchogue-timetable_6-22-52.jpg (329764 bytes)
Patchogue timetable 6/22/1952
Patchogue-timetable-reverse_6-22-52.jpg (351247 bytes)
Patchogue timetable back 6/22/1952
Tuthills-Creek-Patchogue_7-10-15_viewN.jpg (49547 bytes)
Tuthill's Creek, Patchogue 7/10/2015 view N