Good Ground Station 1878 (Brainerd-Queensborough Library)

Good Ground Station c.1911 Archive: Dave Morrison

   HAMPTON BAYS: Opened: 2/1871 as GOOD GROUND,  burned: 11/4/1873
   2nd depot opened: 1/10/1874, closed: 1913, used as express house for 3rd  depot.
   3rd depot opened: summer/ 1913, renamed "HAMPTON BAYS" in 1922 to attract tourists traveling to the Hamptons.  Agency closed: 1958, depot razed: c.1964. Replaced with metal shelter shed. 
   Station stop moved 2,000 west: 12/26/74.
   Relocated, hi-level platforms and shelter installed: 1999 to accommodate newly arrived C3 bi-level cars which were placed in service July, 1999. (Robert L. Myers 1999 data)

Emery map - Hampton Bays MP81-82  - 6/1958
Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR Track Maps 1966 and 1978

Emery map - Shinnecock Canal MP82-83 - 7/1958
Archive: Dave Keller   -   MORE Shinnecock Canal

Good Ground Station - LIRR valuation 6/06/1918
Archive: Dave Morrison

The third depot that served the community of Good Ground, NY is seen here c. 1918.  The building was erected in 1913 with agent's living quarters upstairs.  It replaced the old wooden depot which can be seen in the distance in this eastward view, which had been placed in service as an enclosed express house. Note the fancy gooseneck electric platform lights. Other stations still used kerosene lamps.  This depot also served as a train order office with the call letters of "ND." The order board is visible on a post on the platform across from the ticket bay window. Signal flags would be hung there during daytime hours and kerosene lanterns during poor visibility or nighttime hours.  (Dave Keller archive)

Good Ground postmarked 1919 Archive: Dave Morrison

In 1920 Good Ground station ticket and train order office became a block office, receiving a new semaphore block signal placed directly in front of the ticket bay window. The call letters remained as "ND." This view is looking northeast.  Note the warning sign:  "Bicycle Riding on this Platform is Prohibited."  Also, it would appear someone did a poor job at photographically retouching the upper ladder and semaphore blades.  (Dave Keller archive)

Good Ground was renamed "Hampton Bays" in 1922 to attract some of the Hamptons' tourism. Unattended block station signals were added to the block signal mast in May, 1928 and the mast with semaphore blades was relocated further west at some point thereafter.  The manned agency closed in late 1958 at which time the semaphore block signals were also placed out of service and removed.  In this 1964 view looking northeast we see the ground floor windows and some doors have been boarded up.  The depot was razed that same year.  (Dave Keller archive)

Hampton Bays colorized card - postmarked 1925 
Archive: Dave Morrison



LIRR #207 eastbound Hampton Bays
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