MERRICK: South Side R.R. service began: 10/28/1867. Hotel built: 1869 by Charles Fox, President of South Side Railroad, to also serve as a station for his railroad. (2-year gap?)
2nd depot built: 1885
3rd depot built: 1902
1st temporary station built: 1968 west of former station location with high level platforms for accommodation of newly arriving M1 electric cars. 1902 depot building razed: 6/1969 on account of grade elimination project.
2nd temporary station and tracks relocated to shoe-fly 63' south of former location per G.O. #619 effective: 12/04/1970 account grade elimination project. Original tracks and first temporary station facilities removed after 6/1972 (per photo evidence).
4th station facilities relocated on elevation 63' north of former location and converted from two high-level outside platforms to a single high-level island platform, and 2nd temporary facilities placed out of service: 6/28/1975 per G. O. #216  and razed. Newly elevated structure in service: 6/28/1975.  Research: Dave Keller

Emery map - Merrick MP23-24  4/1958
Archive: Dave Keller

Merrick Station 1906 Note: The semaphore signal across from the depot, indicates that Merrick once was a train order office. eBay

Merrick Station c.1908 eBay

Merrick Station c.1918 Archive: Tommy Farrell

The 1902 Merrick depot is viewed westward from the high-level express house platform. The billboard on the station wall advertising Al Jolson in "Sinbad" dates from 1918.  (Dave Keller archive)

Merrick Ave - View E  4/13/1932

Merrick Ave - View W 4/13/1932

Merrick Ave  View S 1/27/1936

Merrick Station View E 12/26/1937

Merrick Station 12/07/1944 (Weber-Morrison)

Merrick Freight Station 4/25/1944 (Weber-Morrison)

Merrick - ex-Richard Fetherstone Coal Yard (1924)Milton Pettit Fuel  4/25/1944
Photo: Fred Weber zoom

Merrick Ave - View S towards the LIRR crossing c.1952 Archive: Merrick Library


Here's a trackside view of Merrick depot looking SE in the summer of 1966. When built, the little depot had horizontal siding on all 4 sides. Sometime in subsequent years, the siding remained below the window sills but was replaced by stucco above. Note the flowers and flower boxes under the trackside ticket office bay windows.  (Dave Keller photo and archive)

I photographed the rear view of Merrick Station in the summer of 1966.  As you can see it was two-toned and in need of painting.
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Merrick Station after the repaint c. early 1967
Archive: Tommy Farrell

A zoomed-in view of Merrick depot sporting the one solid color paint job, and, as high level platforms have been installed, it was photographed in 1968-69 as the high-levels were to accommodate the newly-arrived M1 electrics and behind the high-levels is the temporary covered station platform for the temporary tracks to be laid for the grade elimination project as can be seen in the photo right.
Info/Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

MORE: LIRR Merrick Grade Crossing Elimination Project




Merrick's little depot along with the high level platforms west of the station were demolished in June, 1969 during the grade crossing elimination project. Info/Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Merrick Station aerial view E with Sunrise Highway at right and LIRR tracks and temporary station at left. 1974
Archive: Merrick Library

Merrick Station temporary Taxi Stand - View NW
 Archive: Merrick Library

Merrick Station high platform shelter shed fire/vandalism - View W 6/1968

Archive: Merrick Library

Merrick Station Grade Elimination Project finishing touches - View SW 1975 Archive: Merrick Library

LIRR #1520 RS2 09/17/1974 
Photo: Tim Darnell 

Merrick Station view East June 1975 Photo: William J. Madden Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy, Ret.


MERRICK Opening Day of Elevation:  June 28th, 1975

Merrick view east of  Meadowbrook Parkway,  June 1975. The  replacement of the temporary  tracks and cutting in the new elevated tracks. The temporary tracks were laid in June 1969 and removal began in June 1975. The program languished a few years due to lack of state funding, with the bulk of the elevation work occurring 1973-1975.  Photo: William J. Madden  Info/Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy, Ret.

Looking west from the temporary station platform, towards the pedestrian crossover in the distance, an eastbound M1 train is entering the temporary station facilities at Merrick on this rainy September 29, 1974.  The elevated viaduct for the new station and tracks is visible at the right, behind the temporary station platform.  (Dave Keller archive)

Looking east from the temporary Merrick station pedestrian crossover on June 24, 1975, we see the temporary station platform and tracks at the right and center, and the new elevated station facilities at the far right nearing completion.  (Wm. Madden photo, Dave Keller archive)

This view of the newly-completed Merrick station facilities is looking NW on August 13, 1975.  The ticket office is at the ground level and the station platforms and tracks are on the elevated viaduct.  In front of the structure can be seen the ballast and used railroad ties from the temporary tracks that have just recently been removed.  (Wm. Madden photo, Dave Keller archive)


Looking north on Christmas Day, 1976, we see the Merrick station ticket office on the ground level and the enclosed platform shelter on the elevated track level.  (Wm. Madden photo, Dave Keller archive)


Merrick and Freeport half fare ticket
10/17/1961 Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR Off-Peak 10-Trip ticket Merrick and Penn Station - Issued 6/25/2007 Archive: Dave Keller



c.1930 "Roxy Travels Regularly on the LIRR" Newsday article 3/21/2009

Merrick Station waiting-room - Roxey plaque
2/20/2020 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison


A Memorial to Roxey, the Canine Mascot of the LIRR. The dog passed away in 1914 and was buried next to Sunrise Highway at the Merrick Station.

Roxey plaque
2/20/2020 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison