The Jamaica East Improvement project, elevating Union Hall St., adding high-level platforms at Hillside, and the elevated flyover of the "Springfield" branch  at Holban Yard/Hillside completed in late 1930.

Elevation of Corona Station with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1930.

Elevation of Ozone Park station with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1930.

Removal of the Whitestone branch tracks and structures in 1932.

Elevation of Valley Stream station with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1933.

Elevation of St. Albans station with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1935.

Elimination of Great Neck station grade crossing in 1935.

Elevation of Springfield Gardens with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1936.

Elevation of Deer Park station with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1937.

Elevation of Smithtown station with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1937.

Construction of the Ronkonkoma new depot in 1937.

Elevation of Lynbrook station with the related grade elimination project in 1938.

Elimination of Atlantic branch grade crossings in 1939.

Removal of the Wading River extension AND the Sag Harbor branch tracks and structures in 1939.

Elevation of Aqueduct station with the related grade crossing elimination project in late 1939/early 1940.

Elevation of Edgemere, Arverne (Gaston Ave.), Arverne (Straiton Ave.), Frank Ave. and Wavecrest with the related grade crossing elimination projects all begun in 1940.

Elevation of Medford station with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1940.

Construction of the elevated Republic station for Republic Aviation with the related grade crossing elimination project in 1940.

Construction of the elevated Woodhaven Junction station and new "OZONE" interlocking tower on the Rockaway Beach branch, replacing the old wooden structures, in 1940-41.

Hammels, Holland, Playland and Seaside stations were elevated with their related grade crossing elimination projects in 1941-42, but as they were underway when we entered the war, I don't know if they would count as depression-era projects, as the Great Depression was technically over with the arrival of WWII.

Pretty impressive accomplishments as these depression-era projects, carried out by the LIRR, despite hard times, tight funds, large payroll, a large equipment roster, and low fares.  Research: Dave Keller

Valley Stream Station Elevation - Grade Crossing Elimination Project 1932-1933

VALLEY STREAM:  South Side Rail Road service began:  10/28/1867.  Depot opened:  7/1869 with opening of branch to Far Rockaway. Built inside the legs of the wye.

2nd depot built at same location or the original depot remodeled: c. 1881 out of service:  8/10/32 due to grade crossing elimination project. Razed: 1933. Temporary station relocated on shoo-fly north of former location in svc:  8/10/32 tracks and station platforms on Far Rockaway Branch out of service:  8/31/32.  Elevated temporary tracks and platforms on Far Rockaway Branch in service:  2/7/33. The project lasted 4 1/2 months in 1932 and 6 to 8 1/2 months in 1933.

3rd station, elevated, center-island structure north of former location in service:  6/27/33. Elevated junction of West Hempstead Branch in service:  9/10/33  Research: Dave Keller

At-grade freight yard west of Franklin Ave, Valley Stream showing old freight house and passing tracks of freight siding. Old power house demolished and freight house moved back. Roadbed being graded for temporary Far Rockaway Branch tracks. 7/1932  (View SW)

Scranton Avenue crossing, now non-existent. Picture from old main line showing the two temporary tracks on the City of N.Y. Pipeline for the Montauk and Long Beach Branches. Signaled for the traffic in either direction, subject to discretion of operators. Interlocking rules governing.  July, 1932

Temporary tracks being laid across Rockaway Ave.  June, 1932

Westward Rockaway Ave showing temporary line on pipe line and temporary station, building and platform at grade. VA Tower at left still in 100% service. Early July, 1932.

Looking westward at the point where the West Hempstead Branch joins the Main Line. Showing temporary track laying on Pipeline preparatory to abandonment of at grade line. Location known as "HW" interlocking. July, 1932

Temporary tracks across Rockaway Ave after being filled in. Old station and express shed in background June, 1932

View of crossovers, etc. "HW" in course of construction showing how piles and trestle were used to carry the rail line over brick and iron pipe line. At grade line in background in 100% service Early July, 1932

View east from #52 signal bridge showing temporary line being constructed. At grade tracks still 100% in service. Old  "VA" switches 16-18, 22 in foreground. June, 1932 Temporary "HW" cabin in distance at junction of W. Hempstead branch.

"HW CABIN": West of HaWthorne Ave., Valley Stream. Controlled temporary connection to the West Hempstead branch.  US&S 11-lever style TC table machine in service:  8/10/32 on account of Valley Stream grade crossing elimination. Out of service: 6/27/1933. Research: Dave Keller

Photos/Captions: Win Boerckel  Archive: Dave Morrison except as noted.

BAY RIDGE - MANHATTAN BEACH BRANCH - Grade Crossing Elimination Project 1905-1918

Crossing eliminations by street. Most are based on the dates on the elevated bridges/overpasses. Info: Kevin Wong
Cypress Hills Street - 1913
Myrtle Avenue - 1913
Seneca Avenue - 1913
Linden Boulevard - 1932

The Bay Ridge/Manhattan Beach branch was the earliest grade elimination projects undertaken by the LIRR (1905-1918). All the tracks were originally laid at grade.  Even the BRT had lines running through Brooklyn at grade.  At points, these lines crossed the LIRR's lines, all at grade. Add to this the trolley lines at grade running and criss-crossing other tracks all over the place.

The LIRR performed a multi-year grade crossing elimination project that was an engineering marvel and which resulted in a combination of depressed and elevated ROW, with construction of many overpasses, underpasses, tunnels and elevated/depressed stations.  

What we may be seeing in the below image is probably temporary tracks laid for all the work trains and ore cars laden with fill.  You can see the grade is at the left alongside the temporary work tracks.  The newly-elevated ROW is at the right.  Chances are all the wood framing in the image was for construction of retaining walls, overgrade crossings, etc. and may be in the process of being removed as is evidenced by the pile of loose lumber in no neat piles in the lower left portion of the image.

Sea Beach crossing where the LIRR was crossed by the BRT's Sea Beach line in Brooklyn.  In the images above you can see trolley wire overhead on the BRT tracks, suspended by cantilevered supports attached to the telegraph poles, as the BRT's trolleys ALSO used the at-grade EL's tracks as needed!  The girder bridge being installed so the at-grade crossing of the two lines could be eliminated.
Sea Beach Xing -BRT Car 1778 at  LIRR Bay Ridge Br.- Bay Ridge-1911.jpg (98240 bytes)
Sea Beach Crossing BRT car #1778 at LIRR Bay Ridge- 1911 
Crossing guard has placed a signal flag on the LIRR's track (right) to
warn trains that the trolley was crossing their ROW.
LIRR Bay Ridge Br - Readying Double Girder Bridge-Sea Beach Xing-1911.jpg (211200 bytes)
LIRR Bay Ridge Branch readying a 
double girder bridge at Sea Beach 
Crossing 1911
LIRR Crossing BRT Brighton Line at Avenue H - Bklyn, NY-1907.jpg (141904 bytes)
LIRR tracks crossing BRT Brighton Line tracks at grade
Avenue H Station, Brooklyn 1907
Station-Fulton St.-Tunnels Under Constr.-ENY - 1913.jpg (176037 bytes)
Station Fulton St. Tunnels under construction East New York 1913 
 Station-Fulton St-Manhattan Bch Br-East NY-1916.jpg (207368 bytes)
Station Fulton St. Manhattan Beach Branch East NY 1916
Archive: Art Huneke

Station-Fulton St-Tunnels-Manhattan Bch Br-East NY-1924.jpg (124364 bytes)
Station Fulton St. Tunnels 
Manhattan Beach Branch East NY 1924 
Archive: Art Huneke

All material/information: Dave Keller unless noted

Bay-Ridge-Branch-elimination_LIRR-3191-boxcar_1-20-13_ArtHuneke-887.jpg (77439 bytes)
Bay Ridge Branch elimination valuation photo #887
LIRR #3191 boxcar 1/20/13 Archive: Art Huneke

Bay-Ridge-Branch-elimination_1-20-13_ArtHuneke-866.jpg (70774 bytes)
Bay Ridge Branch elimination 
valuation photo #866 1/20/13 
Archive:  Art Huneke

Merrick view east of  Meadowbrook Parkway,  June 1975. The  replacement of the temporary  tracks and cutting in the new elevated tracks. The temporary tracks were laid in June 1969 and removal began in June 1975. The program languished a few years due to lack of state funding, with the bulk of the elevation work occurring 1973-1975.  Photo: William J. Madden  Info/Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy

In Order Going EAST, station name and opening day of elevation.

VALLEY STREAM: February 7th, 1933
LYNBROOK: October 18th, 1938
ROCKVILLE CENTRE: July 18th, 1950
BALDWIN: October 2nd, 1957
FREEPORT: October 8th, 1960
MERRICK: June 28th, 1975
BELLMORE: June 28th, 1975
WANTAGH: October 22nd, 1968
SEAFORD: October 22nd, 1968 (Platform renovated and replaced started July 1st, 2008 completed July 31st, 2009)
MASSAPEQUA: January 18th, 1953
MASSAPEQUA PARK: December 13th, 1980 (Last station to be elevated on the Babylon Branch)
AMITYVILLE: August 7th, 1973
COPIAGUE: August 7th, 1973
LINDENHURST: August 7th, 1973
BABYLON: September 9th, 1964.

Station Location

In Service Date

Richmond Hill c. 1924 RichmondHill-builtc.1924KevinWong07272007.jpg (99323 bytes)
Hillside Ave and Babbage Street. Photo: Kevin Wong 7/27/2007
St. Albans  10/22/35    
Springfield Gardens  07/24/36    
Rosedale  10/31/50    
Valley Stream  02/07/33    
Lynbrook  10/18/38    
Rockville Centre  07/17/50

rvc1949ArtHunekeCENTRE.jpg (86967 bytes)
Rockville Centre 1949 Photo: Art Huneke

LIRR Doubledecker on the gauntlet track Rockville Centre, Banks Ave - View E 2/1950
Archive: Dave Keller

Baldwin 10/02/1957 Westbound-Baldwin-Station_elinimation-project_2-1957.jpg (121851 bytes) 
Westbound at Baldwin Station 2/1957

Grand Avenue grade crossing. A westbound is leaving Baldwin Station in Feb 1957 while the grade crossing elimination project is in full swing. One of Nassau Co. finest chats up a gate tender on this chilly mid winter afternoon. Photographer John Krattinger.

These shoo-fly tracks were placed in service 8/14-15/1956 and the elevation opened on 10/02/57. 

Freeport 10/08/1960 as per G.O. 709, eff. 10/08/1960 H10s-Frt-east-past-Frt-Hse-Freeport-from-PORT Twr-c.1940.jpg (45509 bytes)
H10s Freight Eastbound past freight house View from PORT Tower c.1940
Archive: Dave Keller
1-Freeport-MU-From PORT.jpg (44622 bytes)
Freeport MU eastbound view from PORT Tower past the same location (Henry St. crossing) in 1959 during the grade elimination.  Old warehouses remains, the freight house is gone.  Info/Archive: Dave Keller

Tower-PORT-Temp Sta-Freeport-View SE-1959 (Keller).jpg (77677 bytes)
Freeport "PORT" Tower in 1959 ; view SE. Original tracks in foreground.  Temporary tracks beyond the tower and temporary station facilities to the left of the old tower, between the two sets of tracks.  Archive: Dave Keller

lirr2008_PORT-Tower_viewE_Freeport_10-08-60_Mirick-Fagerberg.jpg (54581 bytes)
John Scala's "Diesels of the Sunrise Trail", page 81:   "...PORT Tower to the left, was brand new with 
fresh dirt at the right and freshly-ballasted track in this 10/08/1960 photo and LIRR #2008, brings the first train past it to inaugurate the Freeport grade crossing elimination project.." Photo: Arthur L. Mirick Collection: Harold Fagerberg
Note the Dashing Dan logo affixed to the front nose

FreeportTempSta.jpg (43856 bytes)
Freeport Temporary Station
Archive: Dave Keller

MU Double Deck & Train eastbound at N. Grove St. crossing, Freeport View W - Summer 1959  Archive: Dave Keller

Freeport Station FM C-liner #2008 opening
banner  10/08/1960 Archive: Richard Eikov

Freeport-MUTrainPastElim.jpg (39490 bytes)
Freeport MU Train passing Elimination Project
View E c.1960 Archive: Dave Keller

Freeport Grade elimination temporary tracks
View W 1960

Freeport Grade Elimination Project completed
View W
1/1961 Archive: Steven Waldman
Merrick    06/28/75
MU train passing Merrick temporary station
View W 1968 (Dave Keller archive)

 Station-Merrick-Temporary Facilities-Grade Elim-View E-c. 1968 (Keller).jpg (108113 bytes)
Merrick Station Grade Elimination - view E c. 1968 (Dave Keller archive)

Station-Merrick-Grade Elim-View E-Zoom-c. 1968 (Keller).jpg (117927 bytes)
Zoomed-in view of the old Merrick Station looking east from the pedestrian crossover of the temporary station facilities in c. 1968. (Dave Keller archive)

Merrick temporary station station View E c.1975 Archive: Merrick Library

Merrick's first temporary station as seen here (above) looking east from the pedestrian crossover towards the old depot c. 1968. Built in 1902, the old depot was closed and temporary facilities with high-level platforms to accommodate the new M1 electric cars were constructed in 1968 along the original right-of-way, west of the original station location. A temporary ticket office (partly visible in the foreground at the far left) was constructed. The 1902-era depot was demolished in June of the following year. At the time of this photo, temporary platforms for the second temporary station were under construction south of these first temporary station facilities (platforms under construction are visible at the far right). Once the platforms were completed, temporary tracks were laid. These facilities were taken out of service on December 4, 1970 when the second temporary station facilities were placed in service and they remained in service for several years. The original main was torn up along with the first temporary station facilities sometime after June, 1972 (photo evidence). The new, center-island, elevated structure was finally completed and placed in service on June 28, 1975 (per G.O. #216), at which time the removal began of all the remaining at-grade temporary facilities and tracks. (Dave Keller archive and data)

Merrick temporary ticket off
ice on N side of tracks 3/1969 Archive: Merrick Library
Merrick temporary station construction - View W 4/1969 Archive: Merrick Library
Merrick Station temporary track install - View W
1/1970 Archive: Merrick Library
Merrick temporary station - View E 1/1971
Archive: Merrick Library

Merrick Ave - View NE  2/1974 Archive: Merrick Library
The concrete beam across Merrick Avenue has recently been put in place. The Warning sign reads: Danger. Stop. Trains may be
approaching from either direction.

Merrick Station - Merrick Ave - View E 1974
Archive: Merrick Library

Merrick06-72TimDarnell.jpg (37017 bytes)
June 1972  Photo: Tim Darnell
Merrick1973crossingTimDarnell.jpg (45756 bytes)
1973 Photo: Tim Darnell
lirr1520RS2_09-17-74MerrickTimDarnell .jpg (53454 bytes)
LIRR #1520 RS2 09/17/1974 
Photo: Tim Darnell 

June 1975 view East  Photo: William J. Madden Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy

merrickvieweastbabylontpket06-1975williamjmadden.jpg (61340 bytes)
 Merrick Ave view E view 6/1975 Photo: William J. Madden Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy

Bellmore  06/28/75 bellmorevieweast11-11-74williamjmadden.jpg (73587 bytes)
View east 11/11/1974  Photo: William J. Madden
Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy

Bellmore view E towards Bedford Ave 11/11/1974 (William J. Madden-Wantagh Preservation Society)

bellmorevieweast06-1975williamjmadden.jpg (69566 bytes)
View east approaching Old Mill Rd  6/1975 
Photo: William J. Madden
Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy

Bellmore - View E 6/27/1975
(William J. Madden-Wantagh Preservation Society)

 Bedford Ave., Bellmore - View E 6/27/1975 (William J. Madden-Wantagh Preservation Society)

Bellmore view W towards Centre Ave 6/27/1975
(William J. Madden-Wantagh Preservation Society)
Wantagh  10/22/68


Wantagh-Station_viewE_ 01-1966_BradPhillips.jpg (70161 bytes)
Wantagh Station view E  01/1966 Archive/Photo: Brad Phillips

Wantagh Ave, Wantagh View N 8/1967 Photo: William J. Madden Archive: Wantagh Preservation Society

  WantaghMUpastElim.jpg (52331 bytes)
Wantagh MU train passing Elimination
Project Archive: Dave Keller 
Wantagh-Station_during-elevation-work_BradPhillips.jpg (112088 bytes)
Wantagh Station during elevation work Archive/Photo: Brad Phillips
LIRR_Wantagh-Seaford-Grade-Xing-Elim-Sign_BradPhillips.jpg (135971 bytes)
Wantagh - Seaford Grade Crossing Elimination  Archive/Photo: Brad Phillips
Seaford  10/22/68 3-Seaford-Elim-West-Elev.jpg (79967 bytes)
Seaford Elimination Elevation West
Archive: Dave Keller
7-Seaford-Temp and Elim East-Elev-2.jpg (70104 bytes)
Seaford Temp Station and Elimination Elevation East  Archive: Dave Keller

MU 4110-Train-West-Seaford-8-8-65_TempStationUnderConstr)_Makse-Keller.jpg (100476 bytes)
MU 4110 train view west Seaford 8/08/65 temporary station under construction Photo: Makse Archive: Keller 


LIMass1s.JPG (249254 bytes)
Massapequa Station 1930 View E
Photo: Art Huneke

Massapequa Park  12/13/80




1-Mass Park depot and temp tkt ofc.jpg (69803 bytes) 
Massapequa Park depot and temp Ticket Office
1966 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller


Station-MassapequaPark-Temp Facilities-M1 Westbound-12-30-77 (Madden-Keller).jpg (119561 bytes)
Massapequa Park temporary facilities LIRR M1 Westbound 12/30/77 This photo shows the red paint that was used on the miles of lumber that where put in place for temporary high-level station platforms all along the south shore, beginning with Babylon in 1963 and continuing on to this last one at Massapequa Park in 1977.  Photo: Bill Madden Archive: Dave Keller

Massapequa Park - grade crossing elimination - Pettibone 441B tractor 1979 Photo: Paul De Lu

Massapequa Park - grade crossing elimination
View E 1979 Photo: Paul De Luca

Massapequa Park - grade crossing elimination  View W - 1979 Photo: Paul De Luca
MasPkJuly79viewWesttowardsParkBlvd.jpg (45546 bytes)
Massapequa Park July 1979 view west towards Park Blvd  Photo: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy
Massapequa Park-grade-crossing-elimination-final-stages_11-1980_BillMangahas.jpg (131238 bytes)
Massapequa Park - Grade crossing elimination project final stages 11/1980 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Massapequa Park station with eastbound M1 train making station stop. View NW - Ticket office in separate structure below station name.  7/1987 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Massapequa Park elevated station in distance_viewE_12-13-80_BillMalagras.jpg (121683 bytes)
Massapequa Park elevated station in distance View E 12/13/1980 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Massapequa-Park_ballast-hoppers_12-13-1980_BillMangahas.jpg (118414 bytes)
Massapequa Park MOW ballast hoppers 12/13/1980 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Massapequa-Park_LIRR-225_ballast-hoppers_12-13-1980_BillMangahas.jpg (96782 bytes)
Massapequa Park LIRR #225 MOW ballast hoppers 12/13/1980 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

Massapequa-Park_track-gang_12-13-1980_BillMangahas.jpg (100593 bytes)
Massapequa Park MOW track gang 12/13/1980 Photo/Archive: Bill Mangahas

As I witnessed, the temporary west bound track was severed and shifted to align with the new westbound track. Then, rail joints were welded or bolted, ballast dumped, then tamped and the new westbound track was now connected. Bill Mangahas







Note: The wood poles are used by Electric Traction (ET) electricians to shift (or lift) the live third rail that is held by gravity atop their insulators.


Amityville MU train West under old Trolley Trestle 1963 Photo: Art Huneke

Amityville-grade project_Spring-1973_Amityville-Historical-Society.jpg (64638 bytes)
Amityville grade project Spring 1973 
Archive: Amityville Historical Society

Copiague  08/07/73

3-Copiague-Temp-West.jpg (65480 bytes)
Copiague view west  Archive: Dave Keller 

Lindenhurst  08/07/73

LindenhurstMUTempPlatformsWest.jpg (76900 bytes)
Lindenhurst MU Temp Platforms West Archive: Dave Keller

Babylon  09/09/64

Babylon view East 
Photo: Frank Pfuhler

Babylon_1963_WilliamGilligan.jpg (94964 bytes)
Babylon 1963 Photo/Archive: William Gilligan

Babylon_RS-3-1560_carl-Ave-viewN_8-64_WillaimGilligan.jpg (57524 bytes)
Babylon RS3 #1560 Carl Ave View N
8/1964 Photo/Archive: William Gilligan

Babylon temporary station n service: 4/06/1963 to 9/09/1964.  - BUDD RDC Fan Trip - View E 6/23/1963 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

Note: As temporary, the  roof and the stairwell for the pedestrian crossover have not been shingled.

Trackwork-east-of-new_Babylon Station_8-26-64_BradPhillips.jpg (88421 bytes)
Track work view east from Babylon Station 8/26/1964 Photo: Brad Phillips

lirr2002viewE_Babylon_c.1963.jpg (99155 bytes) 
LIRR #2002 view W c.1963
Photo: LIRR Archive: Jim Gillin

Babylon-Crossing-elimination_viewW_BradPhillips.jpg (207171 bytes)
Babylon crossing elimination view W  4/6/1963+  Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips

Babylon Station -Temporary  shelters 9/1964
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

New-Babylon-Station_Elevation_viewW_9-09-64_BradPhillips.jpg (86265 bytes)
New elevated Babylon Station elevation view W - In Service 9/09/1964 Photo: Brad Phillips

Babylon Station-Temporary Ticket Office - 9/1964 Photo/Archive: Dave Keller

The Montauk Branch between Jamaica and Babylon is completely grade-separated. The grade reconstruction program lasted 30 years, 1950-80, beginning at Rockville Centre in 1950 and ending at Massapequa Park in December 1980. 

Abandoned freight sidings: Some that come to mind, west to east.

1) West of St-Albans are remains of  former freight sidings that used to trail eastbound into Montauk 2.
2) Coal siding for the Vet Hospital at St. Albans
3) Siding off MTK1 West of former Springfield Gardens (Recently uncovered by the tree chopping campaign)
4) Siding off MTK2 East of former Springfield Gardens (Recently uncovered by the tree chopping campaign)
5) Valley Lead which had 2 team tracks off it. (Used for MOW today)
6) Valley Coal co via the viaduct on the West Hempstead branch at Valley.
7) Siding West of RVC on MTK2 to the REA yard (Mavis Tire today)
8) Siding West of RVC on MTK1 to the LILCO substation site, and former  Coal Co. (Hot Skates today)
9) Siding off MTK1 West of Freeport into what looks like a Verizon property today. 
10) Freeport Team Yard. (Used for MOW today)
11) Siding off MTK1 west of Massapequa. (goes into a municipal sand dome today)
12) Hendrickson Siding just east of Babylon. (Might have been the remains of a shoo-fly just used as a MOW siding?)   Author: Joseph Vila

East Islip
Carleton Ave
 (old Rt 111)

CarltonAveex-Rte111viewN10-12-2001stevelynch.jpg (50741 bytes)
East Islip  view N 10/12/2001
Photo: Steven Lynch

Sayville (Rt 27)  1931

sayvilleRt27viewNEfredmiller.jpg (53597 bytes)
Sayville  view NE Photo: Fred Miller

Hampton Bays (Rt 27)  07/1929

A few more details on crossing signals of that time period were the number of tracks sign was black background with white letters, which is the opposite of what they use today. The last black and white stripped crossing gate I saw was in late 1978 at the Second or Third Ave crossing just east of Bay Shore. The first time I saw the red and white stripped single plank fiberglass gates similar to those in use today were around 1973-4 at Yaphank and a few crossings east of Patchogue. By the late 1970's the Massapequa Park group had the single plank fiberglass style gates. The last dual-plank gates I remember seeing were in the mid 1990's along the main line at Lowell Ave, Rte 111, Merritt's Rd, Broadway, Grumman Private Crossing and Herrick's Rd, which were stripped red and white. Around 1974, the LIRR went on an aggressive program to put automatic crossing gates at all railroad crossings, especially the ones out east. By 1976, the Main Line west of Ronkonkoma had only Pond Road, 2nd St and Pine Aire Drive/Long Island Ave with flashing lights only. Recent developments have added electronic bells (vice the old mechanical style) at some locations, LED Flashers and larger roundels for the flashing lights. Author: Unknown


Crossing eliminations by street. Most are based on the dates on the elevated bridges/overpasses. Info: Kevin Wong
Queens Boulevard - 1927
Junction Boulevard - 1930
108 Street - 1930
111 Street - 1930
Francis Lewis Blvd
- 1929

Station Location

In Service Date

Elmhurst c. 1927 Elmhurst-builtc.1927Kevin Wong08192005.jpg (95651 bytes)
Broadway & Whitney Ave, view SE Photo: Kevin Wong 8/19/2005
Corona c. 1930 Corona-builtc.1930KevinWong04042007.jpg (50019 bytes)
National St. View NE
Photo: Kevin Wong 4/04/2007
Flushing Main Street 1913
Murray Hill 1913
Broadway 1913
Auburndale 1930
Bayside 1928


Other Stations:
HICKSVILLE: September 12th, 1964 (3 days after Babylon)
FLORAL PARK: Sometime in 1962
BELLEROSE: Sometime in 1962 (I think)
ROSEDALE: November 20th, 1950
LAURELTON: November 20th, 1950
LOCUST MANOR: October 1935
SAINT ALBANS: October 1935
SPRINGFIELD GARDENS: October 1935 (Abandoned in early 1970's, Demolished in the 1980's)

Crossing eliminations by street. Most are based on the dates on the elevated bridges/overpasses. Info: Kevin Wong

Woodside Avenue - 1909
54 Street - 1909
Winfield Station (70 Street) - 1913
51 Avenue - 1909
57 Avenue - 1909
Woodhaven Blvd - 1909
63 Drive -1909
Yellowstone Blvd - 1909
Ascan Avenue - 1909
Metropolitan Avenue - 1909
Hillside Avenue - 1909
Westbridge Station (Jamaica Avenue) - 1911
Hempstead Avenue - 1923

Merillon Avenue (Nassau Boulevard) - 1911

Station Location

In Service Date

Woodside 10/17/15
Forest Hills  1911
Kew Gardens 1910




Jamaica-elimination_1-20-13_ArtHuneke-866.jpg (70774 bytes)
Jamaica elimination LIRR valuation #866 1/20/1913 Archive: Art Huneke

Jamaica-elimination_LIRR-3191-boxcar_1913_ArtHuneke-887.jpg (70147 bytes)
Jamaica elimination LIRR valuation #887 LIRR boxcar #3191 1913 Archive: Art Huneke
Union Hall St. Eastbound
JamaicaStationAtGradeNearUnionHallStreet.jpg (140415 bytes)Jamaica Station at grade near Union Hall Street  Archive: Dave Keller 

While Jamaica was elevated in 1913, Union Hall St. was not part of that project.

Union Hall St. was created as a substitute station stop to appease the riders who lived in the location of the OLD Jamaica station when it was at grade.  It was near Union Hall Street. When the station was moved further west, the people felt they were being inconvenienced by having to trek all the way west to Jamaica so the LIRR gave them Union Hall St. station.

After the grade elimination project was finished at Jamaica, the tracks leading up to that new elimination from east of the station, passing right through the former Jamaica station site were depressed BELOW grade level and the tracks were crossed by a combination of grade crossings as well as iron bridges.

turntableWashingtonSt-nearUnionHall.jpg (65553 bytes)
Turntable at Washington St. near Union Hall Street
Archive: Dave Keller

Union Hall St. station was newly-created and opened in 1913, and was later elevated in 1930-31 as a result of the Jamaica East project, which stretched all the way from east of Jamaica station up to and including Hillside station.  My father, an electrician for the LIRR at the time, actually wired the elevated Union Hall St. station for lights.

UnionHallStStation12-16-29.jpg (147539 bytes)Union Hall Street Station 12/161929
Archive: Dave Keller



Hillside 10/01/30
Hollis  1915
Bellaire  9/20/24 Special dedication ceremony opening day.
Queens Village 9/20/24 Special dedication ceremony opening day.
Bellerose 11/08/62
Floral Park 06/28/1962  More: Click Here

Station-Floral Park-Temporary Facilities and Tracks-View E-09-05-60 (Faxon-Keller).jpg (154610 bytes)
Station Floral Park temporary facilities and tracks view E 09/05/60 (Faxon-Keller)

Station-Floral Park-Temporary Facilities and Tracks-View E-09-05-60 (Faxon-Keller) with Notes.jpg (127033 bytes)
Zoom shot with notes of old Depot, shelter, PARK Tower and siding end bumper 
Research: Dave Keller

Floral-Park_Grade-Crossing-Elevation-Ceremonies_6-28-62_(Newsday-DickKraus).jpg (79550 bytes)
Floral Park Grade Crossing Elevation Ceremonies  6/28/62 (Newsday-Dick Kraus)

Station-Floral_Park-View_SW-1966_(Keller).jpg (44241 bytes)
The results of the grade elimination project: The elevated station facilities at Floral Park. By elevating the tracks, the traffic backups were eliminated along the busy cross avenues of Carnation, Tulip and Plainfield. Also, the Hempstead branch would now operate on separate tracks that originated some distance west of the new station, allowing the tracks to branch off to Hempstead west of the former junction location without the need to replace the old "PARK" interlocking tower. This view is looking southwest in 1966. (Dave Keller photo and archive)

Mineola - Herricks Road

herricksrdvieweast06-1961willaimgilligan.jpg (61395 bytes)
Herricks Rd view east 6/1961 
Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy

herricksrdvieweast05-10-96willaimgilligan2.jpg (57933 bytes)
Herricks Rd view east 5/10/1996 
Archive: Capt. William Gilligan, US Navy

Herricks Rd.  - View View N 4/03/2021 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Herricks Rd.  - View View S4/03/2021 Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Roslyn Road

2009 MineolaRoslynRoadcrossingatgradeViewS.jpg (56625 bytes)

View S on the original Roslyn Road crossing at grade.  It is looking towards the Mineola Court Complex, which is over Old Country Road and to the west out of the picture Main Street (right next to the tower)


MineolaRoslynRoadrestleViewNgates.jpg (58575 bytes)
View N with crossing gates still in place.

MineolaRoslynRoadtrestleViewN.jpg (61546 bytes)
View N elimination project nearing completion.
Roslyn Road view S 4/03/2021
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison

Roslyn Road view N 4/03/2021
Photo/Archive: Dave Morrison
Charlotte Avenue 1973?


 LookingeastBroadway in viewEdBady.jpg (73147 bytes)
View east to Broadway Photo: Ed Bady

Hicksville grade elimination project- laying ties View east to Broadway 1964
Archive: Dave Morrison

LiftingbridgegirderEdBady.jpg (87413 bytes)
Lifting bridge girder Photo: Ed Bady

Hicksville Grade Elimination  View W 1964 Photo/Archive: John Scala

takingdowngatesEdBady.jpg (82565 bytes)
"Taking down the gates" Photo: Ed Bady
Hicksville - Bethpage Rd bethpagerdviewsoutheast_8-63.jpg (56956 bytes)
Bethpage Rd view SE 08/1963

Bethpage-Rd_1964 WilliamGilligan.jpg (55634 bytes)
Bethpage Rd. 1964 Archive: William Gilligan

BethpageRdviewNW-AlCastelli04-07-10.jpg (55207 bytes)
Bethpage Rd view SE 4/07/2010 
Photo: Al Castelli

BethpageRdviewSE-AlCastelli04-07-10.jpg (59438 bytes)
Bethpage Rd view NW 4/07/2010
Photo: Al Castelli

Deer Park Ave. 12/17/1936

Deer Park Station -Grade Elimination Project View E - 1936 (Ayling-Keller)

Deer Park Station -Grade Elimination Project View W - 1936 (Ayling-Keller)

Deer Park Station -Grade Elimination Project View SW - 1936 (Ayling-Keller)


More details: Deer Park

Medford 9/09/1940 17-Station-Medford-Rt 112-Xing-North-4-1940 (1).jpg (90233 bytes)
Rt. 112 crossing at grade, looking north – 4/19/40 Albert Bayles photo, Dave Keller archive

More details: Medford

15-Station-Medford-Rt 112 and Trestle-NE-1969.jpg (22403 bytes)
The double-wide girder trestle over Rt. 112, looking northeast. 1969 
Photo/Archive: Dave Keller


Station Location

In Service

Nostrand Ave 1903
East New York 1940
Woodhaven 1942
Locust Manor 1959
Laurelton 10/31/50
Rosedale 10/31/50


Rockaway Branch: Crossing eliminations by street. Most are based on the dates on the elevated bridges/overpasses. Info: Kevin Wong
Fleet Street - 1908
Yellowstone Blvd - 1908
Metropolitan Avenue - 1908
Park Lane South - 1924
Jamaica Avenue - 1913
Ozone Park Station - 1930

Huntington Electrification Complete 10/19/70
LI Expressway Opens from Queens Mid-Town Tunnel to Old Westbury 8/12/60

NY State highway crossing eliminations from the LIRR PRR-style employee timetable era (Fall 1928 and on):

Jericho Tpke (Rt 25), Syosset, July 1929
Montauk Hwy (Rt 27), Hampton Bays , July 1929
Montauk Hwy (Rt 27), Sayville , 1931
Carleton Ave (Rt 111), Islip , April 1932  Note: Actually East Islip
  Jericho Tpke (Rt 25), East Williston , August 1936
Deer Park Ave (Rt 231), Deer Park , February 1937
Main St (Rts 25/25A), Smithtown , February 1937
  Medford Ave (Rt 112), Medford, November 1940

Archive: Jeffrey B Erlitz

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