LIRR Station Designs

The station is typical of many LIRR stations of the late-Victorian era. It contains a two-story red brick structure with an gabled-roof that extended into canopies on the sides, which contains elaborate gingerbread woodwork along the canopies.

Amityville Station - Huntington RR Trolley on Trestle View NW c.1910 Archive: Dave Keller

Amityville Station - 1898

Amityville Station - View SE 5/1964

Amityville Station floor plan
Drawing/Archive: Brad Phillips

Sea Cliff Station line drawing Artist: James Montelione Archive: Dave Morrison

Sea Cliff Station post card Archive: Dave Morrison

Sea Cliff Station 1/12/1979 (Madden-Keller)

Sea Cliff Station - View NW 5/06/2008

Glen Head Station-View NE c.1905
Archive: Dave Keller

Glen Head Station-View N 1910

Patchogue Station c.1890 pen and ink

Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue Station floor plan (1888-1963)
Drawing/Archive: Dave Keller

Patchogue Station colorized post card -  View E
c.1910 prior to PD Tower Archive: Dave Morrison

Patchogue Station - View SW 6/1960
Archive: Dave Keller

Along the lines of my Patchogue drawing attached.  The c.1890 Patchogue image was done either with pen and ink or as an engraving (wood or metal plate) like the illustrations of newspapers and magazines of the 1890s. Check out the roof tree along all the ridges and the large roof-tiled "P" on the front dormer.  Patchogue was not alone with this large identifying letter.  Amityville had a large roof-tiled "A"  and Roslyn had an "R."  This is all corroborated via photographic provenance.  (See above photos). All old images of Glen Head that I've seen, however, do NOT show a "G" on that station's dormer.  Research: Dave Keller

Roslyn Station and Trolley -View NW 1910


Roslyn Station and Trolley -View SE c.1910

Roslyn Station - View N 6/1987
Archive: Dave Keller

ICC Division of Valuation - LIRR Brick Station Building Type B-1 Pages 8-9
8/26/1916 Archive: Dave Morrison

Brick Station Building B-1 isn't exactly the same as Roslyn, but is similar with the clipped ridge corners.  It's also minus the large covered platforms. (See above) Info: Dave Keller

Calverton Station -View S 9/20/1958
Irving Solomon photo for the PSC, Dave Keller archive

Frame Station Building Type W-3 was used at Calverton and Cedar Manor. Info: Dave Keller



Cedar Manor Station - View N c.1918. LIRR valuation photo

Cedar Manor Station -View NW 1937
 Archive: Dave Keller

Montauk Station - View W from Bluffs - c.1920_zoom Archive: Dave Keller

Montauk Station - c.1925 Photo: Jim Osborne Archive: Art Huneke

Frame Station Building Type 2W-4 was used at  used at Montauk ONLY.  There was no other station on the LIRR of this style of which I'm aware.  It was a result of enlarging a small, square depot building into a 2-story, rectangular structure. Info: Dave Keller


Greenport Freight Station - View NW 6/05/1955 at Railfan Extra Photo: Roy W. Schnoor Archive: Dave Keller

Greenport Freight Station - View SW  4/1988

Greenport Freight Station - Rear view SW  7/2012 Photo/Archive: Don Fisher