LIRR Employee Timetable No.4 page VI 5/14/2012

Oyster-Bay_track-profile-map.jpg (669182 bytes)
Oyster Bay Branch LIRR Track Profile Map 

nassau-interlocking_12-01-57revised_sheet36_Huneke.jpg (159718 bytes)
LIRR Nassau Interlocking sheet 36 Revised 6/11/57 and corrected 12/01/57 Archive: Art Huneke

lirr616_mineola.jpg (217033 bytes)
LIRR Alco  FA # 616 at Nassau /06/16/92 Train 4555
Photo: Kevin Gulau from top of the municipal parking garage
lirr607_Mineola_viewE_c.mid1990s_AJosephDaly.jpg (507234 bytes)
LIRR #607 at Nassau Tower, Mineola view E c.mid-1990's 
Photo/Archive: A. Joseph Daly
lirr171Nassau10-08-08.jpg (87019 bytes)
LIRR # 171 approaching Nassau Tower from Oyster Bay Branch 10/08/2008
Photo: Mark Edelman

Emery-OBay_MP19-23composite.jpg (611081 bytes)
Robert Emery maps 1958 Oyster Bay Branch MP19-23 Composite: Steven Lynch

East Williston

East Williston Station Winter painting by Cyril A. Lewis  Archive: LIRRailroader newsletter, Dave Morrison

Built: c 1880. Agency Closed: 12/10/96 Razed: 12/11/20  

Emery-OBay_East-Williston_MP19-20.jpg (347493 bytes)
Emery map East Williston MP19-20
EastWilliston1960.jpg (136363 bytes)
East Williston 1960 Archive: Dave Keller

East-Williston_viewSE_4-81_BillMcBride.jpg (113176 bytes)
East Williston view SE 4/1981 Photo: Bill McBride

Emery-OBay_Albertson_MP20-21.jpg (165564 bytes)
Emery map Albertson MP20-21
lirr616_Albertson_c.spring1994_AJosephDaly.jpg (559794 bytes)
LIRR #616 Albertson c. Spring 1994 Photo/Archive: A. Joseph Daly

Built: 1913, Agency Closed 
Razed: 1954
Shelter Shed Built: C. 1954
Ticket Office added to one end of Shelter Shed: ? 
Monday-Only Agency Indicated in "Long Island Rail Road Ticket Office Hours" Listing of 9/18/67. 
Agency Closed: ?
Replaced With New Shelter Shed: 19 ?


Opened: 1/23/1865, remodeled and moved: Summer/1885 to accommodate a new Freight Station
2nd Depot Built: June-July/1887
Depot moved to west side of Lincoln Ave. (N. Side Of Tracks) to improve visibility of roadway traffic: 1988
Agency Closed: ?

Emery-OBay_South-Roslyn_MP21-22.jpg (168152 bytes)
Emery map south of Roslyn Station MP21-22
Emery-OBay_North-Roslyn_MP23-24.jpg (82391 bytes)
Emery map (Ex-site of N. Roslyn Sta.) MP23-24
Emery-OBay_Roslyn_MP22-23.jpg (150101 bytes)
Emery map Roslyn Station MP22-23
lirr616_Roslyn_c.spring1994_AJosephDaly.jpg (519509 bytes)
LIRR #616 Roslyn c. spring 1994 Photo/Archive: A. Joseph Daly


Emery-OBay_MP23-28composite.jpg (613913 bytes)
Robert Emery maps 1958 Oyster Bay Branch MP23-28 Composite: Steven Lynch


Emery-OBay_Greenvale_MP24-25.jpg (77831 bytes)
Emery map Greenvale MP24-25

Freight station in use as early as 1866 on timetable in 1875 only. Back on timetable during 1880s and 1890s as stop primarily for milk trains. 
Shelter shed built: ?, No agency. May, 1891 newspaper
account describes the shed which shortly after was demolished by 4-4-0 locomotive #112 when it derailed on 5/17/1891 after hitting a horse whose foot got stuck in the switch points. The engine made it over the switch but the cars derailed causing the loco to roll over, demolishing the shed and trapping the engine crew underneath the engine killing both men. (per Vincent F. Seyfried, historian and John Hammond, Town of Oyster Bay historian)

2nd Shelter shed built: ? No data or photo evidence as to anything being constructed on site between 1891 and 1921.

3rd (?) Shelter shed built: 1921 (per Robt. Emery notes) 1937 photo shows two mail cranes on north (R.R. east) side of the shelter for mail pick-up in each direction. Crushed cinder platforms with Dietz kerosene platform lamps. Electric lamps and paved platforms added in later years. Razed: 1991.

4th (?) shelter shed with hi-level platforms built: 1991

Glen Head

Original depot opened: 1/23/1865
2nd depot opened: 5/1888
Out of service: 4/61 with opening of new depot. old unused depot stood for awhile afterwards and was razed
3rd depot in service: 4/61. agency closed: ?

Station-Glen Head-c1870.jpeg (35224 bytes)
Glen Head Station c.1870
Station-Glen Head-View NE - c. 1905 (Keller).jpg (66554 bytes)
Glen Head Station view NE c.1905
Station-GlenHead-1910.jpeg (48252 bytes)
Glen Head Station View N 1910
Glen-Head-Station_Patterson-Fuel-Oil-Co_viewNW-1961_cars.jpg (113139 bytes)
Glen Head Station - Patterson Fuel Oil Co., ex-Scranton & Lehigh Coal Co., ex-C.W. Bell 
view NW 1961
(B. Seixas-Morrison)
Emery-OBay_Glen-Head_MP25-26.jpg (192372 bytes)
Emery map Glen Head MP25-26
Glen Head_B Seixas photo morrison.jpg (87220 bytes)
Glen Head Station view W 1961 
(B. Seixas-Morrison)
GlenHeadStation1960LIRRphoto.jpg (107952 bytes)
Glen Head Station view SE 1960 Photo: LIRR  
Archive: Jim Gillin

Sea Cliff

Emery-OBay_Sea-Cliff_MP26-27.jpg (201326 bytes)
Emery map Sea Cliff MP26-27

Opened: 5/16/1867
2nd Depot opened: 5/1888. Agency closed: ?
Portion of eastward station facilities west of Sea Cliff Ave. out of service and removed: 12/16/83


Glen Street

Emery-OBay_Glen-Cove_MP27-28.jpg (397971 bytes)
Emery map Glen Cove MP27-28

Opened: 5/16/1867 (Glen Street)
2nd depot built: Sept-Oct/1898, exterior restored to original architecture, interior remodeled: c. 2001-02 
Agency closed: ?

Glen Cove

Built: July-Aug/1895 serviced nearby Nassau Country Club beginning in 1898 when Nassau County was formed
Part time Agency only per "LIRR Ticket Offices open for sale of Tickets" of 9/12/55
Agency closed: ? 

Emery-OBay_Glen-Cove_MP27-28.jpg (397971 bytes)
Emery map Glen Cove MP27-28
Station-Glen Cove, Nassau-1903.jpg (73878 bytes)
Glen Cove Station 1903
glencovestation1992.jpg (163650 bytes)
Glen Cove Station 1992
lirr606_approaching-Glen-Cove-Station_view NE_5-12-88_AJosephDaly.jpeg (137263 bytes)
LIRR #606 approaching Glen Cove Station view NE 5/12/1988 Photo/Archive: A. Joseph Daly
Emery-OBay_MP28-34composite.jpg (841563 bytes)
Robert Emery maps 1958 Oyster Bay Branch MP28-34 Composite: Steven Lynch
Locust Valley
Emery-OBay_Locust-Valley_MP28-30.jpg (281850 bytes)
Emery map Locust Valley MP28-30

Opened: 4/19/1869
2nd Depot opened: 11/1872, remodeled: 1885, moved to private location: c. 1906
3rd Depot opened: 12/1906
Agency closed: ?

locusttower2-88johnfusto.jpg (248862 bytes)
Locust Tower 2/88 Photo: John Fusto

“OY” Tower: North side of tracks at east end of station platform. 8-lever Std. Signal Co. style mechanical machine in svc:  6/1912.  Renamed “LOCUST”: 4/30/37

“LOCUST” Tower: 8-lever Std. Signal Co . style replaced with US&S3 lever style B-30 control panel: 11/11/65. Relocated from tower to hut: 11/17/75 and tower abandoned. In use as Nassau County Police precinct annex. Exterior completely restored to original condition for use by Nassau County Police and dedicated at ceremony: 8/8/2006

Mill Neck
Emery-OBay_Mill-Neck_MP31-32.jpg (101612 bytes)
Emery map Mill Neck MP31-32

GP38-2-252-Train 508-EB_approaching-Mill-Neck - 03-05-81 (Scala-Keller).jpg (75964 bytes)
GP38-2 #252 Train #508 eastbound approaching
 Mill Neck 3/05/81 (Scala-Keller)

MP15ac-168_Mill-Neck_viewE_4-89_keller.jpg (113380 bytes)
MP15ac #168 Mill Neck Station view E 4/1989 Archive: Dave Keller

Original Depot opened: 11/1892 on east side of Shu Swamp to replace discontinued Bayville Station ½ mile further west. (per 11/3/1892 edition of “Brooklyn Daily Eagle” and John Hammond, Town of Oyster Bay official historian)
Depot burned: 4/3/11
2nd Depot opened: 1912. Depot burned: 1918
3rd Depot opened: 1919 slightly east of previous depots
U.S. Post Office building added structurally to east side of depot building: 19 ?
Agency closed: 1958. Discontinued as station stop: 3/16/98
Still in use as Village Hall and U.S. Post Office (2003)  

Oyster Bay

Built: 6/25/1889 with Porte Cochere at rear, extensively remodeled: 1902 Covered platforms removed: 1941
Closed: c. 1988 under renovation for restoration to 1902 remodel for museum historical site (2003)
**4-stall engine house demolished: 8/24/29  (David Morrison data)

Emery-OBay_West-Oyster-Bay_MP32-33.jpg (247109 bytes)
Emery map Oyster Bay MP32-33
Emery-OBay_Oyster-Bay_MP33-34.jpg (396433 bytes)
Emery map Oyster Bay MP33-34
lirr-G5_4-6-0_no.24,23,25,47_06-12-49_BillRugen-Huneke.JPG (58307 bytes)
LIRR #24,23,25,47 4-6-0  G5's 06/12/49 
(Bill Rugen- Art Huneke
Maps, research and photos courtesy: Dave Keller, unless otherwise noted.