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This string of caboose (the 3 left hacks) were stored in Holban Yard south of Hillside Station; east of Jamaica. The LIRR #2 N5B, at right, is owned by the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum (OBRM) and was stored on the Garden City Secondary (GCS) at one time. The hacks in question were moved from the receiving yard to the Bone Yard (pictured here) west of the former roundhouse due to a dedication ceremony to take place for the new maintenance facility in the advance yard. 01/20/10 Sheridan Shops at Richmond Hill view west. Photo: Andy H. Info: Kyle Mullins

lirr43MorrisPark03201956BillRugen.jpg (40274 bytes)                         C2-GCity.jpg (76699 bytes)
LIRR #43 Morris Park 03/20/56 Photo: Bill Rugen                                          LIRR #2 Garden City storage Photo: Roger Hahn

lirr1_ C-63_09-1972.jpg (97193 bytes)
LIRR #1 and C-63 09/1972

Cabooses-43-51-72-20-50-52-21-74-Holban-Yd-Hollis-6-1-58.jpg (74815 bytes)
LIRR Cabooses #43 #51 #72 #20 #50 #52 #21 #74 at Holban Yard, Hollis NY 06/01/1958
George Votava Photo, Dave Keller Archive

LIRR Road # LIRR Class LIRR Scheme
   43 N-52A Body: Caboose Red, "LONG ISLAND" and No. in small lettering over/underlined in white
   51 N-22 Orange body, large black "LONG ISLAND" lettering under the windows.
   72 ex-NYO&W cars*    "
   20 N-52A    "
   50 N-22    "
   52 N-22    "
   21 N-52A same as #43
   74 ex-NYO&W cars* same as #72

*ex-NYO&W cars with the tall center cupolas

LIRR C72 ex-NYO&W #8306 Holban Yard 1963 Archive: Art Huneke

LIRR Caboose Rosters: 

LIRRcab12.jpg (31749 bytes)   LIRR 1-70  Original roster of LIRR cabooses, purchased directly/or ex-PRR heritage. 
: Dave Keller


The Long Island Rail Road N52A Hacks by Bob Kaelin

lirr72.jpg (22069 bytes)   LIRR 70-75, C-80  ex-NYO&W Caboose LIRR roster. 
   Compiled by Dave Keller, Research:
Jeff Sumberg



lirrcabc94.jpg (15528 bytes)   LIRR 91-96  ex-IC Caboose roster . 
   Compiled by Dave Keller, Research: Roger Kirkpatrick



lirr13_Speonk-Frt-in-Patchogue-Team-Yard-1915.jpg (90989 bytes)   LIRR Bobber Caboose Roster
   LIRR Caboose list ICC Report 1916



   NX23 Cabin Cars - The Keystone - Jan-2019 (pps. 1-9)
   NX23 Cabin Cars - The Keystone - Jan-2019 (pps. 10-18)

   Archive: Dave Keller


   LIRR Caboose Lettering Schemes

In the early 1920's the LIRR ordered a fleet of wood bodied, steel framed cabooses (cabin cars) to bring up the rear of its freight trains. Built by American Car & Foundry, these cars served well for over 30+ years. Most were not retired until the late 1950's. Built in 1927, No. 14 was part of the last order of N52A wooden hacks the LIRR would ever order. During her career she would see the entire Long Island system, including some parts which do not exist anymore.     More: Roster & Photos

LIRRcab12.jpg (31749 bytes)
LIRR #12 in storage at Shore Line Trolley Museum 

lirrcab14 and plow.jpg (32831 bytes)
LIRR #14 1927-1962 N52A & snowplow

lirrcab14.jpg (19807 bytes)
LIRR #14 1927-1962 N52A 

The Long Island Railroad, always short of equipment and long the dumping ground for used Pennsylvania Railroad equipment, purchased cabooses 8301, 8304, 8306, 8308, and 8360 in March, 1957, the month the O&W went under. These cabooses, in LIRR orange and blue, added to the odd assortment of motive power and non-revenue cars that gave the Long Island's freight traffic its distinctive flavor. While they lasted only five years on the LIRR, this short period of service and maintenance was probably the salvation of two of them in unaltered form. (from OW THS)  More: Roster & Photos


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#71 1960 LI City Photo: Ken Martin

lirr72.jpg (22069 bytes)
#72 6/58 Glen Cove
photo: Ed Conklin

lirr73.jpg (12081 bytes)
#73 6/63 Hollis  Photo: O&W THS

N22 class built by International Railway Car Co. in 1958. These are not your typical cabin cars, because they have neither a cupola or a bay window. C-50, has been fully restored to its as-delivered paint scheme of orange and black. The other, number C-53 has just recently been acquired and is in rough shape.  More: Roster & Photos


N22_50_6-99gcity.jpg (62424 bytes)
C-50 6/9/99
Photo:  Steve Lynch
lirrcab50.jpg (23999 bytes)

crcab99m.jpg (36724 bytes)

C-50 Feb. 27,1999 moved to Garden City
N22_6-99gardencity.jpg (61410 bytes)
  C-53 6/9/99
Photo:  Steve Lynch

N22A class built by International Railway Car Co. in 1961. Numbered  56 to 6l, these cabin cars also have neither a cupola or a bay window.  Number 60 (renumbered C-60)  has been delivered to Twin Forks Chapter NRHS  Riverhead, NY on May 4, 2003 for restoration.  

N22B class built by International Railway Car Co. in 1963. Numbered  62 to 7l, featured a bay window for better visibility  Number 63 and 64 (renumbered C-63 and C-64) have been delivered to Twin Forks Chapter NRHS  Riverhead, NY on May 4, 2003 for restoration.  More: Roster & Photos


5-4-03 caboose move-full consist backing up.jpg (74619 bytes)
C-60, C-63 and C-64 as well as MTA flat #110 full consist
Riverhead, NY 5/4/03
C60,63 backing 5-4-03.JPG (87502 bytes)
C-60, C-63 backing move
Riverhead, NY 5/4/03
C60 north side 5-4-03.JPG (68288 bytes)
C-60 north side
Riverhead, NY 5/4/03

The Long Island Railroad acquired in January 1972 a set of 1941 steel constructed 28' caboose. Originally built for the IC railroad with side doors they were renumbered series 91-96.   More: Roster & Photos

lirrcabc94.jpg (15528 bytes) 
C-94 in Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) blue and yellow livery

Caboose shop homemade at Wading River c.1895 Archive: Dave Keller