Babylon Station - CRR of LI  View S 1878 (Brainerd-Huneke)

This depot was the CRR of LI terminal located on the west side of Fire Island Ave., across from and facing the Watson House (and hotel), per Art Huneke.  The tracks were intended to go to the town dock, but that never happened as the line was terminated here.  This view is south, as Fire Island Ave. ran North/South.    Info: Dave Keller

Babylon - CRR of LI map 1873 Archive: William D. Slade- Art Huneke



ELIMINATION PROJECT PER G.O. #1112, EFF: 09/09/64. TEMPORARY DEPOT RAZED.  Research: Dave Keller

Babylon Station LIRR 1881 View W  Archive: Dave Morrison

Babylon-Freight-House-1888_viewW_MTA-LIRR.jpg (65306 bytes)
Babylon Freight House 1888 View W Archive: MTA-LIRR

Babylon Station  view E post card c.1915

The SSRR's 1867 depot over the years acquired covered platforms and was moved to the location seen here for use as an express house once the new, 1881 depot was constructed in the little depot's former spot.  Over the years, the covered platforms came off and there was some remodeling to the structure.  It lasted until the grade elimination of 1963-64. Research: Dave Keller


West of Babylon near Great East Neck Road. Named after the nearby Belmont Stud Farm owned by August Belmont.  The Central Railroad of LI crossed the South Side Rail Road at this point. When both roads were acquired by the LIRR, the CRR of LI became the LIRR’s Central Branch Extension. The crossing was removed, a junction was created and tracks south of the junction were removed.  Passenger station and telegraph office appears on
timetables of 1873 -1880. In 1877, 1878 and 1880, some trains made regular stops.  "Long Island and Where to Go" from 1877 shows a depot and telegraph office with five daily trains each way. By 1880 made “F” stops. Telegraph office only per ETT #22, Eff: 6/18/1885 (No trains stopped. Switchman or operator had telegraph).  Per Seyfried, interlocking installed 9/10/1886.  Per “Railroad Gazette” of 2/10/1888, interlocking was “to be installed.” No data if it ever was. Station gone from timetables by 1896. (per Art Huneke). Junction of central branch with Montauk (Babylon) Branch elevated with Babylon grade crossing elimination project: 1964.  Junction still in operation.  Research: Dave Keller

1873 map Central Railroad of Long Island to Fire Island Dock,
Babylon Archive: Art Huneke

The C.R.R. of L.I. crossed the south side railroad at Belmont Junction. After those roads were merged a connection was installed and the trackage was removed south of the crossing.  A passenger station existed from 1873 until at least 1880.  “Long Island and Where to Go” from 1877 shows a depot and telegraph office with five daily trains each way. Employee timetable (ETT) no. 22 of June 1885 shows a telegraph office, but no trains stopping. By 1896 Belmont Junction is no longer in the timetables.  Info: Art Huneke

Babylon Railroad yard and shop at Belmont Junction area
View NW c.1910 Archive: Art Huneke
Babylon Railroad transfer to South Shore Traction Co. in 1907-1920
NY State Railroad Commission Archive: Art Huneke

Belmont Junction 1877 Archive: Art Huneke

At this point the Central Railroad of Long Island, intersects and joins the Southern Railroad, of Long Island, Within two miles of the depot  is Mr. Aug. Belmont's celebrated stud farm, "The Nursery." Here his beautiful thoroughbred horses are raised and trained for the race course; this is one of the most complete establishments of its kind in the country. Nobody should fail to visit it.

Emery map: Belmont Junction  MP34-35
7/1958 Archive: Dave Keller

LIRR 4-4-0 #65 Class D54 Bethpage Junction 1899
Photo: Hal Fullerton Archive: Queens Public Library

Belmont Jct. of Montauk and Central Branches - View W of Babylon
5/15/1974  Photo: William Madden  Archive: Dave Keller

Montauk Branch - Belmont Jct. to Babylon
Track profile map 1994

Belmont Junction historic marker
William G. Pomeroy Foundation 2017

Babylon-Station_colorized-postcard.jpg (102562 bytes)
Babylon Station colorized post card c.1900 view NW

MU-Babylon-1stElecTrain_5-20-1925_Block operator James V. Osborne at right_Keller.jpg (38952 bytes)
Babylon 1st Electric Train  5/20/1925 - Block Operator
James V. Osborne at right. Archive: Dave Keller

Babylon Station colorized post card c.1900 view NE 

Note:  Upon completion of electrification to Babylon (right), Babylon-Patchogue Scoot service began that month. 
The initial Scoot service utilized the LIRR Gas Cars #4669-4670.

LIRR_1st-Electric-Train-to-Babylon_5-20-25_BradPhillips.jpg (58228 bytes)
LIRR Special Run - 1st MU electric train to Babylon Pass
5/20/25 Archive: Brad Phillips

LIRR_1st-Electric-Train-to-Babylon_5-20-25_back_BradPhillips.jpg (36956 bytes)
LIRR 1st MU electric train to Babylon Pass - schedule on reverse  5/20/25 Archive: Brad Phillips

1902 Hyde map - S. Coleman Coal & Wood Yard, Carll Ave,
F. Bunce Coal & Lumber Yard, John St.

1915 Hyde map - Martha Sayre Coal & Wood Yard, Carll Ave. - F. Bunce Coal & Lumber Yard, John St.

Knickerbocker Ice & Coal Co. - Sanborn 1929

1888 Emery Map  - Archive: SUNY Stony Brook
Babylon-Railroad-Horsecar_c.1880.jpg (115247 bytes)
Babylon Rail Road - Horsecar c.1880

1888turntablebabylon.jpg (202431 bytes)
1888 Hyde Map Turntable Collection: Stony Brook, NY

babylonprior5-16-1906emery.jpg (147041 bytes)
Emery Map: W. Babylon :  Great East Neck Road Crossing.  <1906  MP34-35. The CRR of  LI crossed the road AND the LIRR tracks at grade on their trek to the Babylon Town Dock.  Archive: Dave Keller

Emery map: MP36-37 1925 Archive: Dave Keller
Emery-Babylon-East-Suttons-Creek_Higbie-Lane-before-1925.jpg (177297 bytes)
Emery Map: Babylon - East of Suttons Creek to Higbie Lane before 1925 Archive: Dave Keller

sanbornBabylon9-1928DeerParkAve.jpg (137780 bytes)
Sanborn Deer Park Ave 9/1928

sanbornBabylon9-1928JohnSt.jpg (103921 bytes)
Sanborn Cooper Ave  9/1928

Babylon Track Capacities
 MP 54 Cars - c.1950

babylon_mp34-35_7-58emery.jpg (154045 bytes)
Emery map MP 34-35 1958
Archive: Dave Keller

Emery map MP 35-36 1958
Archive: Dave Keller

Babylon Signal S358 LIRR #35 eastbound on
Central Branch track 10/16/1955

Emery map MP 36-37 1958
Archive: Dave Keller

Emery map MP 37-38  7/1958
Archive: Dave Keller

Babylon-water-tank_viewW-MP36_1907_Emery-SUNY.jpg (80196 bytes)
Babylon water tank View W at MP36, Deer Park Ave. 
 1907 (Emery - SUNY Stony Brook)

EnginehouseBabylon.jpg (52203 bytes)
Babylon Enginehouse 05/16/1918
Official LIRR valuation photo
Collection: Dave Morrison 

Station 1914  view east from south side platform

1925 BJ Tower almost completed.  View looking west toward depot from Signal bridge.  Track at far right (north side of main) not yet completed.  Track spur off to right to access Heinley Coal Yard.  Knickerbocker Ice & Coal at far left.  James V. Osborne photo, Dave Keller archive

MU3-carMail-Express-west undersignalbridgeleavingBabylonStation9-9-50.jpg (85025 bytes)
MU3-car Mail Express westbound under signal bridge leaving Babylon Station 09/19/1950
The train’s lead car is an RPO/REA car. The middle car is a passenger/baggage/RPO car and at the rear is a combine car. Edward Hermanns photo, Dave Keller archive  

REAFreightHouseBabylon1951JoeHagan.jpg (34299 bytes)
REA Freight House 1951 MP35.5
Photo: Joe Hagan

H16-44 #1507 1954
W. J. Edwards photo, Dave Keller archive  

RDC1-2 Babylon Tower 1955
Jules P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive

MU meet 1957 Jules P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller Archive

Double Deck Train in Tichy Scheme - Babylon Station 8/09/1952 (Faxon-Keller)

1925 First MU electric train arrival view east  towards depot from signal bridge.  James V. Osborne photo, Dave Keller archive

babylonfirstelectrictrain.JPG (63574 bytes)
1925 First MU electric train arrival view taken from on top of the electric transmission tower. Chester Kelting photo, David M. Morrison collection, Dave Keller archive

 babylonfirstelectrictrainproject.jpg (32821 bytes)
1925 First MU electric train project. 
Chester Kelting photo, David M. Morrison collection, Dave Keller archive

1925 BN Cabin (c. 1917 to 1925) located at west end of Babylon station platform, north side.  View looking northwest.  James V. Osborne photo, Dave Keller archive

Cabin-BN-Babylon-5-21-25.jpg (72710 bytes)
BN cabin, located on the north side of the west end of the westbound platform of Babylon station.  In service c. 1917 (Does not appear in the ETT of 1916.  No ETT of 1917 available to check.  Does appear in ETT of 1918) and out of service with opening of BJ tower east of the station sometime after May, 1925.  This view is from a negative shot of the first MU train to arrive at Babylon and the town’s pending celebration with thousands of people in attendance.  Chester Kelting photo, David M. Morrison Collection, Dave Keller archive.

FM 2002 Cannonball at Babylon
Jules P. Krzenski photo, Dave Keller archive

Babylon_viewW6-1960.jpg (86335 bytes)
Babylon station view W 06/1960
Photo: Jim Gillin

MU double deck train at Babylon Express House Train 3/22/1959 Archive: Dave Keller

Babylon_MU-Scoot-FM_ John Krause _c.1957.jpg (75882 bytes)
Babylon - MU, RDC Scoot, FM  View W c.1957 
Photo: John Krause

A electric train at left on Track 2, in the middle is the RDC
Patchogue Scoot and at right an FM led Montauk train just in from the Central Branch.

In this westward view, Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 #1507 is pulling a train eastbound through the temporary station at Babylon on June 23, 1963.  The temporary pedestrian crossover looms above the train and the temporary ticket office is just visible at the far left at the base of the stairs.  At the far right construction is underway for the grade crossing elimination project.  (Dave Keller archive)
babylon_c.1960_2.jpg (109075 bytes)
Babylon  Station View E c. Winter 1960 Archive: Jim Gillin
FM-CPA-20-5_2004_westbound-Deer-Park-Ave-Babylon-MP36_Huneke.jpg (107390 bytes)
FM CPA-20-5 #2004 westbound Deer Park Ave., Babylon MP36 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke
lirr1347E-6sbabylon-depotplace.jpg (91608 bytes)
LIRR #1347 E-6s eastbound Depot Place 1945  Photo: Frank Zahn Info: Ron Zinn Archive: Jim Gillin
BabylonNewStationSouvenirPass_09091964BradPhillips.jpg (60933 bytes)
Babylon new station Souvenir Pass 9/09/1964 
Archive: Br
ad Phillips
RDC1-3101_East-Ender_Babylon-Deer-Park-Ave_eastbound_winter-1955.jpg (135138 bytes)
RDC1 #3101 "East Ender" - Crossing Deer Park Ave., 
Babylon eastbound in Winter of 1955
Babylon_viewW_DepotSt1947.jpg (93836 bytes)
Freight House - View W at Depot St. 1947
 Photo: Unknown Archive: Jim Gillin
Babylon_Dependable-Fuel-Co.-coal-silos_viewE_1952_Emery-SUNY.jpg (66334 bytes)
Dependable  Fuel Co. Coal silos View E 1952 (Emery-SUNY)
Babylon_FM-2403_Deer-Park-Ave_viewW- 1955_WillaimGilligan.jpg (106568 bytes)
FM #2403 eastbound at Deer Park Ave 1955 
Archive: William Gilligan
Babylon_viewE_Depot-Place_9-9-56_FrankPfuhler-WilliamGilligan.jpg (110248 bytes)
Babylon view E Depot Place 9/09/1956 Photo: Frank Pfuhler
Babylon_1963_WilliamGilligan.jpg (94964 bytes)
Babylon view E 1963 Archive: William Gilligan

Babylon temporary tracks torn up. View E Carll's River
9/1964 ERA Headlights magazine Archive: William Gilligan

MU train leaving Babylon crossing Little East Neck Rd. temporary tracks at left. Signal bridge #358 - View W 2/27/1963

LIRR #220 train Great East Neck Rd. view W
c.9/1964 Photo/Archive: Art Huneke

Belmont Jct. at Montauk and Central Branches west of
Babylon  - View W 5/15/1974 (Madden-Keller)

Babylon MU train at semaphore signal #S376 Higbie Lane
View NW  1952 Archive: Dave Keller

Budd RDCs eastbound crossing Deer Park Ave., Babylon
View SW 1957 Photo: J.P. Krzenski Archive:
Dave Keller

Babylon Higbie Lane View W 11/22/1975
Archive: William Gilligan
 lirr2003TR9viewEbabylon1962.jpg (96355 bytes)
LIRR #2003 Train no.9 westbound Babylon 1962 
Photo: Jim Gillin
 lirr2002viewE_Babylon_c.1963.jpg (99155 bytes)
LIRR #2002 eastbound c.1963 
Photo: LIRR, Archive: Jim Gillin
Babylon-newMP-75MUs-crossingCarllsCreekwestbound-temptrackageduringgradeeliminationJimGillin.jpg (94591 bytes)
New MP-75 MUs crossing Carll's Creek on the temporary trackage during the grade crossing elimination.  Fill for new embankment can be seen in background.  9/1963 Photo/Archive: Jim Gillin

Babylon Station - View W c. 1960

Babylon Station demolition  - View NE  9/09/1964
First-train_No.66_into-new-Babylon-Station_viewW-from-rear-car_8-26-64_BradPhillips.jpg (73352 bytes)
First train No.66 into new Babylon Station view W from rear car platform 8/26/1964  Photo: Brad Phillips
Babylon_RS-3-1560_carl-Ave-viewN_8-64_WillaimGilligan.jpg (57524 bytes)
Babylon RS-3 #1560 at Carl Ave. View N 8/1964
Archive: William Gilligan
Babylon-Yard-M1s-viewE_4-29-1972_Votava-Boland.jpg (98589 bytes)
Babylon Yard M1s view E 4/29/1972 (Votava-Boland)
Babylon_Scoot-Temp-station_viewW_4-6-63_BradPhillips.jpg (68994 bytes)
Scoot at Babylon temporary station view W
4/06/1963 Photo: Brad Phillips 

The temporary station, which is visible to the right of this image and at which platform the RDC s are stopped, was placed in service on 4/6/63. 

It was taken out of service on 9/9/64 and razed thereafter, with the new, elevated structure being placed in service that day (9/9/64).

This image shows not only the old tracks and station platforms at the left but the temporary facilities at the right.  The old stuff is still there, so construction has not yet begun, so this image would have to have been taken shortly after the temporary facilities opened.

There are no leaves on the trees, but MAY have been photographed IN April of 1963 because we've had some pretty cold April's on LI that I can recall.

Also, if this were shot during the winter of 1963-64, that means that the old station and tracks were STILL IN PLACE and not touched for demolition from April until year's end.  That would be a VERY long time to do nothing to the area then completing everything in 8 months. 

I say 8 months because I have photos of the temporary station with the new, elevated station in place behind it, shot in August of 1964. (see below) Dave Keller

Babylon temporary station - View E Winter 1963
Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips

Babylon first train arriving at the new temp station eastbound
4/06/1963 Photo/Archive: Brad Phillips
MUdbldeck-Station-TempSta-Babylon-1963.jpg (60700 bytes)
This view is looking southeast from the north side of the tracks. 1963 Archive: Dave Keller 

What we have in the foreground is the old station high-level platforms with old pedestrian crossover in the background.

The temporary station facilities are adjacent to this, just south, running right through where the old depot building was once located. 

In the middle-to-right background you will see platform shelters.  You will also see a second, independent, pedestrian crossover.

redplatformshelterstemporary stationBabylon1964.jpg (19337 bytes)
The red platform shelters are the temporary station at Babylon in 8/1964. (New, elevated station partially visible in left background.) 

Those shelters on those platforms with THAT pedestrian crossover are the temporary station facilities with a temporary ticket office built on the south side of the tracks.

Once the temporary tracks and station/platforms were established and officially placed into service, the LIRR then began to demolish ALL you see in the foreground, and the elevation took place on the site of this earlier track location.  The temporary tracks were very close to the main.

Research: Dave Keller, LIRR Historian

Babylon_First-Day-Grade-Crossing-Elimination-Ceremony_9-09-1964_viewE_BradPhillips.jpg (88921 bytes)
Babylon First Day Grade Crossing Elimination Ceremony 9/09/1964 view E Photo: Brad Phillips

RS1-Frt-Meet-M1-Elec-Babylon-Tower-7-27-71.jpg (44708 bytes)
RS1 on eastbound freight, running against traffic, meeting westbound M1 electric train from yard, passing “ BABYLON ” tower and approaching station – Babylon , NY – 7/27/1971 (Note old Knickerbocker coal silo at right background) Archive: Dave Keller

Babylon Tower  interior 9/1987 Today, the interior of the tower looks totally different, with the 1964-era hi tech machinery now replaced with much more modern technology. The TIMACS system has been substantially upgraded, as well. Photo/Archive:  Jay Bendersky

This is the 1964 version of the current Babylon Tower, view NE. The tower was "widened" in the late-80's for the eventual inclusion of PD and points east. Since it was built about the same time as the current Divide Tower, it looked like a mini version of it. Although Divide was also expanded in the mid-80's, it kept it's "airport control tower" windows, which it still has today. I took this photo while posting at Babylon in 9/1987. Photo/Archive:  Jay Bendersky


General Notice 7-54 - Babylon Tower closing effective 3/26/2022
Archive: Jeff Erlitz

Babylon/West Islip Coach Yard - view East
c.1985 Photo: Steve Lynch

Lead Track Siding - East of
Cooper St. c. 1985 view N 
Photo: Steve Lynch


Wash Racks - Babylon/West Islip view west  c. 1985 
Photo: Steve Lynch

Just a minor detail the car wash has been completely removed. If memory serves since mid 2005. Info: Herbert Ketcham


NOV1977MikeRobbinsarchive.jpg (51505 bytes)
Babylon car wash  Interior view west 11/1977 
Archive: Mike Robbins 

M1s_washed-Babylon_10-1971.jpg (68856 bytes)
M1s being washed Babylon view E 10/1971

Babylon Yard - View W from Higbie Lane
10/09/2021 Archive: Joe Polidora

Babylon Interlocking 1988
Archive: Mike McEnaney

Babylon (left to right): M7, M3, M7, MP15-AC, M7s, C3 cab car ,M9, C3, DM30AC
 6/1/2/2021 Photo/Archive: Jason Baxter

Train #2766 Babylon to Patchogue consist: 520+4006+4042+4024+5018
at MP38.31 View W 7/07/2021  Photo/Archive: Jeff Erlitz

 Round Trip Ticket to Robert Moses State Park, NY - Form SX126 Archive: Kevin Fehn

Babylon-Sunset-MTA.jpg (90082 bytes)

Sunset at Babylon -  Telephoto view from station platforms c.2000 Archive: LIRR-MTA 

The signal bridge just west of Little East Neck Road (distant bridge in the sunset image), was constructed in 1924 and the signals mounted there were S357 (eastbound) and S358 (westbound) per Emery's 7/1958 map. Interlocking, 3 bridge. In the photo your looking at the back of 22 and 24 signal. The photo also shows the 21 switch crossover in the background; in the foreground you can see the switch points of 23 switch. The signal in the foreground is most likely 30 signal.

Town-of-Babylon-Historic-Markers_May-12-2018.jpg (199773 bytes)
Town of Babylon Historic Markers - May 12, 2018