Henry Raudenbush’s October 1952 Map LIRR System 

I spent a lot of time digging out the data for that map.  Where I couldn't see things from trains, I walked.  So I walked all around Hempstead crossing and that's when I saw those feeder rails.  Then I walked the lines from there to Mineola and to West Hempstead .

I had the map printed, just in time for the fantrip with #107, and it proved to be a fast seller, so I called home and had the folks bring more copies and meet the trip at a photo stop on the Creedmoor Branch.  

On the following Monday, I had a call from Paul Blauvelt, the LIRR PR department.  He wanted to know if the RR could buy 20 copies, and would I be willing to be interviewed for the Railroad.  I went down to Jamaica, and that's when that picture was taken.  

In the summer of 1957, I worked in the Chief Engineer's office, and found a copy of my map in the file there.  

On the stretch to West Hempstead , the track ran on a diagonal to the street grid.  Somewhere along there, there was a place where it crossed an east- west street, then a north-south street. Between the two streets the track ran across what looked like somebody's front yard for about 30 feet.  In this section, there was a 20 foot length of 3rd rail!  No fences, nothing. 

Things were more casual then, and what's more everybody on Long Island knew, and taught their kids, the dangers of the 3rd rail.  06/06/2010 Henry Raudenbush

LIRR Fan Trips with Maps
LIRR Robert Emery Track Maps
LIRR MP54 Track Capacity Maps
LIRR Expansion Maps Graphic
LIRR West Side Yard
Montauk Branch - Wilhelm Maps

Topographic Maps:



LIRR Track Profile Maps
Courtesy:   John Fusto
Track-profile-Index-Legend.jpg (201373 bytes)

LIRR System Road Charts Index/ Legend - March 1983

Track-profile-Index-Legend-2.jpg (153965 bytes)

Track-profile-map_MP0-6_1994.jpg (336504 bytes)
Montauk Branch track profile map LI City 0-5 miles 1994
 20 FRT 20 FRT 45 FRT 
60 30 60 55  80
Maximum speed indicated per area

babylon-patchogue_trackprofilemap.jpg (572830 bytes)
Babylon to Patchogue Composite Map updated 1982 Archive: John Fusto  Creation:  Steve Lynch 

bellport-westhampton_trackprofilemap.jpg (424758 bytes)
Bellport to Westhampton Composite Map updated 1981  Archive: John Fusto  Creation:  Steve Lynch 

patchtrackprofilemap1981.jpg (96245 bytes)
Patchogue 1983 Archive: John Fusto  Creation:  Steve Lynch 

montuakbranchtrackprofilemap0-6miles.jpg (192218 bytes)
Montauk Branch track profile map LI City 0-6 miles 1983 Archive: John Fusto
richmondhillglendaletrackprofilemap.jpg (156756 bytes)
LIRR Glendale to Richmond Hill track profile map 
Archive: John Fusto

LIRR-map_1898.jpg (219597 bytes)
LIRR Map 1898
LIRR-Freight-Stations-map_c.1930.jpg (273451 bytes)
LIRR Freight Stations in Greater New York map c.1930

tristate1918reprint1940.jpg (156393 bytes)
1918 Composite Area Map 
(reprint 1940) Creation:  Steve Lynch

 1918tristateNYCity.jpg (101451 bytes)
1918 NY City  Tri-State Area

1918NJarea.jpg (108714 bytes)
1918 New Jersey Area

1918Narrows.jpg (79971 bytes)
1918 Verrazano Narrows 

Central-Railroad-LI-map_LibraryofCongress_4-22-1873.jpg (3631126 bytes)
LIRR and Central Railroad of LI - 1873 Library of Congress

crlirr_farmingdale1873.jpg (302099 bytes)
Central Railroad of LI Garden City to Babylon 1873

1907steamboatlirr.jpg (59685 bytes)
1907 Steam Boat Line LIRR


1916map.jpg (706659 bytes)
1916 Western LIRR 
Archive: Steven M. Swirsky


Brookhaven Rail Terminal 2009

MP-41_LIRR-operations_George Chiasson Jr-red.jpg (422960 bytes)
Routes of LIRR MP41 operations. Map courtesy of Herb George's Change at Ozone Park.  Red route lines added and map captioned by Dave Keller and Chuck Blardone of  "The Keystone".


1847 LIRR System

LIRR-map_c.1895-reprint.jpg (439268 bytes)
LIRR map c.1895 reprint

1873 Central RR
Farmingdale, NY

LIRR_1909_Queens_station.jpg (138144 bytes)
 1909 Queens Station - 1909

1900 LIRR System

1898  Brooklyn - Queens Newtown area

1938 "World's Fair"

1920 Bushwick Freight Branch

1914 LIRR System map

1990's Central Freight Branch
with text

1955 Rockaway Beach Branch
lirrfreightmap1986.jpg (89921 bytes)
LIRR Freight Brochure 05/86
Archive: Paul Strubeck
Long Island USGS Topographic Maps

USGS_Brooklyn-Quadrangle_1889.jpg (1512400 bytes)
USGS Brooklyn Quadrangle 1889

Western part of  Hempstead Township c.1905 US Geological Topographic Survey Map  
Nassau County created on January 1, 1899  Charles D. Walcott (1850-1927) director in 1894, 
April 1907 resigned as Director of the USGS  Research: Steven Lynch
LIRR Main Line 3rd Track Project 

 May 5, 2016 MTA Document George Chiasson Jr.
General-Notice_4-13_7-16-2018-diagram.jpg (61507 bytes)
General Notice 4-13  7/16/2018 Interlocking Diagram - Jeff Erlitz