LIRR Freight Yards

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      LI City -1955

The freight on Long  Island was complicated by the fact that there were several western terminals, so to make things easier, they split the freight operations into two divisions - West of Jay and the Island.

Anything bound for the Island went through Holban, so the yardmaster would block traffic off of the floats for Holban and then for the road freight crews out of Yard A and Pond. They once had a great deal of traffic just on the west end, with freight terminals at Bushwick, Degnon, Maspeth, etc., so that would more than keep the Yard A yardmaster busy, then having to worry about what was needed at Holban. I believe at its heyday Yard A had two crews, one at either end of the yard just to block out the yard, and they kept the hump that was there busy.

"...Bliss was used by LIRR freight and had an engine terminal so that steam engines did not have to run reverse all the way to Morris Park. This was also gone by 1957. In my time, Bliss yard was used to store cars for Phelps Dodge, Van Iderstine and other customers between Greenpoint Ave and PD. Also cars for Murers sidings were stored here. Crews reported at Yard A and brought cars to Bliss before making up their trains for their respectful switching areas.
The afternoon Bliss job made up the train for the crew that switched Phelps Dodge..." JJ Earl

"...There was a yard alongside Borden Ave. known as the Wheelspur Yard where trains for Sunnyside were made up and stored until ready for the PRR crews. I'm not talking commuter trains here but the long haul DC and beyond with fifteen cars or more. Long Island crews made up these trains and took them to Sunnyside when they were needed. Old track diagrams show tracks extending out into Newtown Creek on piers, possibly taking shipments from boats to be loaded onto rail cars. (see map: Wheelspur Yard) This yard was gone by 1957 (when I hired on)..." JJ Earl

"...Back to Wheelspur. At the end of December  1941, after being hired as a fireman, I was sent to fire one of the steamers at the east end of the yard. Three Pennsy locomotives were used to heat yarded trains. These were right near the Montauk Cut-off and the two drawbridges. Hard to believe Sunnyside Yard ran out of room due to its size.

View east: Arch Street team yard lower left, Montauk Cut-off in center, PRR Sunnyside yard center top, Yard A (North Yard) LIRR top left of center.  Owner: Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) , Photographer: Jack E. Boucher April 1977 taken from helicopter.  Info and photo courtesy: Nick Kalis

Did you know at times these Pennsy trains were turned by pulling out of yard and shoving them east on the Montauk Branch past Bliss tower and then reversed to the Main Line cutoff to F tower and pulled up on leads far enough for GG-1s to get them on trains to head westbound. I know of at least one train that was handled as it had not gone around the loop which would have kept the Observation car on the rear ( This was the reason for the FANCY MOVE BY BLISS ).  As to Bliss Yard I never saw or knew of any passenger equipment laying over there. Maybe some cars that were being scraped were there..." Mark Smith  

There was once more passenger, traffic in and out of  LI City, so it was a spot to dump overflow from the yard or shopped equipment. It was also a place for a freight to leave part of his drag when working the freight in the area, a place to duck in the clear while waiting for a shot to get on the main, among other reasons...

Fresh Pond was there because of the interchange with freight from the NH off of the Hellgate, freight from the floats at Bay Ridge and also the lead to Bushwick.


Bay Ridge Yard
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Johnson Ave Yard
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Port Jefferson Yard
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Babylon Yard
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Long Island City Yard
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Queens Village Yard

Fresh Pond Yard
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Montauk Yard
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Ronkonkoma Yard
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Greenport Yard
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Oyster Bay Yard
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Speonk Yard
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Advance Yard
Arch Street Yard
Belmont Yard
Blissville Yard
C Yard
D Yard
Dunkirk Yard
E Yard
Far Rockaway Yard
Freemont Yard
Freeport Yard
Hempstead Yard
Hicksville Yard
Hillside Yard
Holban Yard
Long Beach Yard
Maspeth Yard
Morris Park Boneyard
Morris Park Yard
Port Washington Yard
Receiving Yard
Shea Yard
Storage Yard
Varick Ave Yard
VD Yard
West Hempstead Yard
West Side Yard

Other places trains may be layed up
(not considered yards)
Great Neck

Research: Nick Kudreyko


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West Islip view west
c. 1980's
Photo: Steven Lynch

AerialLIRRBabylonYard10-09-09DaveMorrison.jpg (142740 bytes)
Aerial view Babylon Yard 10/09/09 Photo: Dave Morrison


 65yardview.jpg (47424 bytes)
View looking west c. 06-97 
Photo: B. Ente


bshorefreightyard78.jpg (55286 bytes)
Bay Shore 1978
Photo: Steven Lynch



CampUpton-Yard-1918-1.jpg (47213 bytes)

CampUpton-Yard-1918-2.jpg (38558 bytes)
Camp Upton 1918



H10s-Frt-FreshPondSta-Yard-1944.jpg (29940 bytes)
H10s Freight 1944


greenport_roundhouse.jpg (97802 bytes)
 Roundhouse view East c.1906


NYAR-HicksvilleWestJohnSt-yardsign-10282010-AlCastelli.jpg (188763 bytes)
NYA RR West John St- 10/28/2010 
Photo: Al Castelli


 HolbanNorthYd1977TimDarnell.jpg (53992 bytes)
North Yard 1977
Photo: Tim Darnell

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holbanyard80.jpg (66789 bytes)
Photo: Steven Lynch 1980

Holban-South-Yard_ViewNW_12-1976_TimDarnell.jpg (97568 bytes)
Holban South Yard View NW 12/1976
Photo/Archive: Tim Darnell


March 8, 1904 Ziel 148th Jamaica 4-4-0.jpg (18935 bytes)
March 8, 1904  148th St. Jamaica
Collection: R. Ziel


ROW-LICityfromESB.jpg (37712 bytes)
View east from Empire State Building



NYA_Yard_AbernardEnte1997.jpg (86754 bytes)
NYA 1997 View West
Photo: B. Ente

Yard A 3-29-46.jpg (24107 bytes)
03/29/1946 View West


morris.jpg (199452 bytes)
Photo: Steven Lynch c. 1980's 

Mpark Dec 29,1908 Ziel.jpg (24141 bytes)
Morris Park Dec 29,1908
Collection: R. Ziel


New Lots Freight Yard, New Lots  7/26/1949


Station-OyBay-YardArea-1952.jpg (50888 bytes)
View East 1952
Collection: Dave Keller


Patchogue-Yard-West-1940s.jpg (60329 bytes)
View West c. 1940's
Photo: Frederick Weber  Collection: Dave Keller





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Christmas Day 1998



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ROW Speonk

speonkvieweast06-01-2006.jpg (68122 bytes)
Speonk view East 06/01/2006


Connect_ track_ Q tower and Harold Sunnyside Yard 5-8-02.jpg (105761 bytes)
Connect track Q tower and Harold Sunnyside Yard 5-8-02
Photo: Steve Kay

yarda3-29-47.jpg (19631 bytes)
03/29/1946 View West
Sunnyside Engine Facility


varick ave yard.jpg (60473 bytes)
Varick Ave


westsideyard2005lirr.jpg (136636 bytes)
View West 2005

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