The Long Island Rail Road Company 
April 24, 1834 - 2014 

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Keystone Aspirations: "The Evolution, Creation and Construction of Pennsylvania Station" Special Issue Number 1,
 by George Chiasson, Jr. offered to members of the New England Chapter, Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society

This is a very basic but detailed history describing the conception, planning, construction, 
architecture, scope and operations of New York City’s famed Pennsylvania Station, from
its beginnings as a mere idea in 1897 through the time of its initial opening for trains of the
Long Island Rail Road in September 1910. Included in the 74-page Special Issue are 5 
railway maps and diagrams of Greater New York, interior plans of Penn Station at its
opening and three timetables depicting the railway facilities of that era in an ETT format.

Obtainable in electronic form (.pdf) through annual membership in:

The New England Chapter, Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society
PO Box 624, Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752-0624
2015 Dues are $15, and includes subscription to the chapter’s regular quarterly electronic (.PDF) publication:
“The East Wind,” plus additional Special Editions as they are published.

(Originally published as Part Three of “The Genesis of “Dashing Dan”)
An End to the Beginning: The Long Island Rail Road Makes Ready for the Opening of Pennsylvania Station

Order the Long Island Sunrise
Trail (LIST) 2015 Calendar
LIST Calendars Gallery  1986 - 2014

"Long Island Rail Road Company - A History 1834-1965" Robert C. Sturm
Order from Sunrise Trail

Shortline Railroads of Long Island
Harold Fogerberg and Edward M. Koehler, Jr.
Order from Sunrise Trail


The Twin Forks NRHS publishes The Railway Post Office, sponsors trips to railroad related destinations, and is seeking members.

Railroad Museum of Long Island
RMLI Calendar Gallery



Oyster Bay Railroad Museum

PRR E3sd- #3154 3 car train Oyster Bay 03/01/36  CLICK for Dave Keller's terrific LIRR homepage!

National Model Railroad Association Northeast Region (NMRA) Division
Publication: "The Cannonball"
Sunrise Trail Division

New spire lighting Empire State Bldg., view W Hunters Point, LI City 10/2014  Photo: B.E. Koch


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LIRR Expansion: 1836 - 1876  Maps Graphic

prr-reading-lirr-ticket 1880s_BradPhillips.jpg (51054 bytes)
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad ticket Phila., PA to Babylon c.1880's Archive: Brad Phillips

CRW_0484.jpg (61278 bytes)



LIRR "fantasy" Photo Security Pass based on a BNSF prototype in use.
Design: Steven Lynch

lirrpennstationNYC.jpg (44918 bytes)
Pennsylvania Station NY City

LIRR M7 lights*

* Green - brakes released
Amber - brakes applied
White - Door Station Energized (Conductor key in panel to operate doors)
Red (flashing) - Parking Brake (Handbrake) applied
Blue - ATC (ASC - Automatic Speed Control) operative  
Info: Nick Kudreyko

Islip Freight Photos and Switching Info
 Mke McDermet 10/10/08

My Life on the L.I.R.R. 

by Mark E. Smith
The Long Island Rail Road 
1925 - 1975 Now in 4th printing

Book Index

Revisiting the Long Island
Rail Road 1925 - 1975 

Book Index

Jamaica Station

by Dave Morrison

The Long Island Rail Road - Port Jefferson Branch
by Dave Morrison

LIRR Logos


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Bob Emery's LIRR Branch Notes
Bay Ridge
Far Rockaway
Long Beach
Main Line
Manhattan Beach
North Shore Freight
Oyster Bay
Port Washington
Wading River
West Hempstead

Current Branch Info

LIRR Modeling

Map Archive

LIRR/NYA Customers 1997

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Manhole cover in LIC, corner of
48th Street & Jackson Ave.
Photo: Bruce Carlson 10/23/1998

Note: Part of the "L" above is damaged. See Morris Park Shops for Al Castelli logo complete photo

lirrmanholecoverOBay121706AlCastelli.jpg (153518 bytes)
Manhole cover Oyster Bay
Photo: Al Castelli 12/17/2006

AmericanRySupplyc.1880-1890s.jpg (55429 bytes)
Vintage Police Service #160 L.I.R.R. Co. Star Badge 

AmericanRySupplyBackc.1880-1890s.jpg (30364 bytes)
Back of badge showing provenance from "American Ry Supply, NY”, c. 1880's- 1890's (?).  Info: Dave Keller

centralRRofLI_KissenaParkQueens_BrianC12-2006.jpg (117270 bytes)
CRR of LI passing Kissena Park 
1872 by A. Stewart
Station opened  6/1873
Research: Dave keller

Rail Road Anecdotes:

A Few Pointers from Your Friendly Neighborhood Locomotive Engineer


Book of Rules Joke 01/05/10
Rail Slang Story 06/21/11

2009 US Open Timetable
June 15th-21st
Bethpage, NY
Archive: Dave Keller

MTA-LIRR Police NY State Patch

9/11 "Show of Force" 
Newsday 0912/2011

HowardFoggNYExpressFortPondBayc.1962.jpg (22362 bytes)
Howard Fogg: "The New York Express" at Fort Pond, NY heading for Penn Station, NY, c.1962
Commissioned by John Scala


Battery Car No.3 on S. Ocean Ave View SE Archive: Dave Keller

View the New York City's Railroad Station Eagles

Freight Information:

LIRR 1903 Freight Time Table Info 6/09/10
LIRR Freight
LIRR Coal Operations
LI Ballast Hoppers
21st Century Long Island Freight 12/24/09
Working Yard A 03/15/08 
Islip Freight Sightings 10/10/08
LIRR 1966 Freight Sidings Maps 02/17/08
LIRR Milk Cars 07/29/07
LIRR Freight Yards 02/09/07
Switching LI City Floats 12/04/06
Freight Ops Q&A - M.Smith
LIRR Freight Info 1941 & 1945 01/08/05
Freight Ops Yard A  N. Kalis 12/14/04
1947 Pass/Freight Statistics
1950 Freight Car Types/Loads Chart


Amagansett 5/02/10
Amityville 08/28/11
Aquebogue 01/30/09
Atlas Terminal 01/25/10
Babylon 03/07/08
Bayport 09/15/12
Bay Shore 02/28/08
Bethpage 05/31/10
Bliss Yard 02/20/10
Brentwood 04/26/10
Brookhaven Rail Terminal 05/22/12
Calverton 05/21/12
Camp Upton Update 12/27/06
Center Moriches 12/27/13
Central Islip 11/18/2013
Chestnut St. Junction 05/23/14
Copiague 12/02/13
Degnon Terminal
Dunton Tower 08/10/2011
Dutch Kills/Kearny - Texas Oil 06/06/08
East Moriches 03/21/14
East New York 06/12/11
Eastport 07/07/09
Farmingdale 8/3/10
Far Rockaway 06/15/11
Flatbush 12/18/12
Floral Park  12/12/12
Freeport 9/05/13
Fresh Pond Junction 01/25/10
Glendale 12/17/14
Grade Crossing Eliminations 07/27/09
Great River 01/14/08
Great River E. Islip Hist. Soc. 01/17/05
Greenport 09/20/09
Hell Gate Construction 07/18/12

Hicksville  08/10/09
Hillside 01/25/10
Holtsville 7/22/13
Islip 05/31/10
Islip Freight and Switching 01/22/09
Jamaica 03/25/11
Kings Park  11/13/06
Levittown, Central Branch 03/05/09
Lindenhurst 01/12/14
LI City  4/15/10
LI City Phelps-Dodge 02/06/07
LI City Wheelspur Yard 01/12/07
LI City Yard A 11/04/07
LI City Yard A Update Part II  11/01/06
Locust Valley
Long Beach 8/19/13
Lynbrook 11/30/09
Maspeth 12/24/09
Mattituck  09/17/08
Mineola 01/05/2011
Mineola Modeling 12/07/2012
Mineola Nassau Tower 01/05/2011
Montauk 9/20/10
Montauk Cutoff
Morris Park 4/15/10
Oyster Bay 01/20/09
Oyster Bay Turntable 08/01/08
Peconic 7/20/13
Pilgrim State Hospital 9/02/13
Pinelawn 06/01/08
Port Jefferson 8/09/13
Race Tracks  7/08/13
Riverhead 06/21/09
Riverhead - RMLI
Rockville Centre Project 11/01/06
Roslyn 12/12/12
Sayville  07/23/06
Smithtown 3/08/15
Speonk 03/13/2008
Stony Brook 04/05/2013
St. James 4/30/13
West Side Yard Penn Station 05/07/07

Branch Info:

Bay Ridge Branch Update 11/30/09
Bushwick Freight Line
Central Branch 8/08/10
Central Extension 8/03/10
Creedmoor Branch 8/28/12
Emery LIRR Branch Info 06/07/05
Hempstead Branch 07/01/08
Manorville Branch
Oyster Bay Branch 03/06/14
Port Washington Branch 02/10/10
Rockaway Beach Branch 05/21/13
Springfield Branch 02/16/2012
Wading River Extension 01/14/07
West Hempstead Branch 01/06/14
Whitestone Branch 07/31/10

LIRR Historian Dave Keller Library:

Summer Ticket Clerk Memories 8/09/13
LIRR Button Evolution 08/28/12
LIRR Cap Badge Evolution 08/28/12
LIRR History of Train Orders 09/04/12
LIRR Miscellaneous Data Sheet 8/04/14
LIRR Station History
LIRR Supt of Transportation 09/16/06
LIRR Telegraphic Call Letters  12/15/13
Photo Listings Main Page
Roster of C.I State Hospital Equipment  05/30/09
1970s LIRR Special Services  11/22/06
Bob Emery's LIRR Branch Info Updated 09/20/05
Camp Upton Info Soldier Ticket 6/19/1999 Updated 12/02/06
Camp Upton Info War-time construction of Camp Upton 4/09/11
Camp Upton LIRR Form 36 timetable 12/26/06
"How Collecting can be Stranger than Fiction" 02/01/09
Ira Baker LIRR Station Agent 09/30/2012
"Recollections of PD Tower"
Photo Vignettes of the LIRR
Reminiscences as an Extra Ticket Clerk"  4/14/10 
"Reminiscences as an Extra Ticket Clerk Part 2" 06/24/05 
Scenes From the Past: Jakobson Shipyard, O. Bay 07/22/07
Skinner-Keller LIST Presentation 1971 10/01/2007
“Parlor Car East” by Oscar Brand, a jingle 07/07/09
LIRR Engineer John “Tanky” Bell, Jr.
Tom Collins 09/21/06
LIRR Engineer “Patsy” Molese and the Budd Car Updated 03/18/06
LIRR First Days Ed Schleyer 09/04/08
"LIRR Reminiscences"

J. P. Krzenski 01/21/05
"LIRR Steam Days at Southampton"
J. P. Krzenski
"LIRR Steam Days at Southampton, Part II" J. P. Krzenski 01/21/05
LIRR Wooden Caboose No. 38  Raymond Robinson, Jr.01/02/07
"Southampton and James V. Osborne" J. P. Krzenski 01/21/05
The Station Pot-Bellied Stove 
George Ayling


Flatbush and Pigeons Carl Englund 7/25/14
Jamaica Station Lockers Brad Phillips 6/13/14
 Hurricane of 09/21/38 LIRR wreck Raymond Robinson, Jr.10/02/06
The Ozone Park Station Sign Story 
Brad Phillips 06/09/13
J.J. Earl - A Tribute  12/31/2012
The Night I Almost went into the Water Frank Zahn 06/30/12
1966 Was A Time of Change on the Railroad  Gene Collora 06/30/12
A Uniform, A Ticket, A $20 Bill, And The Last Cab Paul Kennedy 01/13/09
LIRR Recollections  Harry Glueck 11/06/08
The Sunnyside of Yesterday R. Glueck 12/24/10

Floundering About the LIRR R. Glueck 12/24/10 
Drop of a Tank Car Ed Schleyer 11/06/08
FM vs ALCO Locos? Ed Schleyer 11/06/08
Unverified Stories Ed Schleyer 11/11/08
Waves of White Ed Schleyer 11/06/08
Crossing Guard, the Oil truck, and the Coffee Ed Schleyer 11/06/08
Mexican Labor Camp & the Remittance Train
Ed Schleyer 12/19/08
Track Gang 1953
Ed Schleyer 09/04/08
Snow Train from Hell Schleyer 09/04/08
Hiring On the LIRR  Ed Schleyer 08/31/08
NE Blackout 1965 Ed Schleyer 08/31/08
Dog Day Commute Ed Schleyer 08/31/08
B'hampton Wreck Ed Schleyer 08/31/08
Gould's Feed "Pay Up" G. Ayling 08/12/08
J.J. Earl Anecdotes by J.J. Earl 08/01/08
The Engineer and the Kid: Two Cab Rides, 44 Years Apart
by Mark Smith & Art Single 08/01/08
1st Recollections of the LIRR 11/15/07
Skinner-Keller LIST Anecdote
Ernie Murphy Anecdotes 09/12/2007
Jakobson Shipyard, OBay 08/05/07 
Belmont Race Track Trains  M. Smith 
The Last Steam Trip  by Mark Smith
On the "Scoot"  by Mark Smith
In the Hole
by Mark Smith
Joe Hagan Anecdotes 03/31/07
History of Ardsley Truetrack: 12/10/06 
LI Reminiscences  Krzenski 07/23/06
Climbing Mt. Olivet 07/08/05 M. Smith 
Island Park Switching  11/23/04 
The Cannonball 11/10/04 V. Seyfried
Picking up Your Engine by M. Smith
Engineer to Fireman by Mark Smith
Nearing Promotion by Mark Smith
Freight Donkeys by Mark Smith
Engineer-for-a-Day Program M. Smith
Moving Coal by Prayer  M. Smith
Port Jeff Freight Memories P. Boylan
Recollections of PD Tower D. Keller
Woodside Memories Jack Murphy 01/05/10
More Woodside Memories Dick Makse
Walkin' the Tracks Steve Lynch


Alco C420 Roster/Photos 11/30/09
Bobber Caboose Roster 11/30/10
Caboose Rosters 11/30/10
Diesel Era GP38-2s
Diesel, Pass & MU Roster 1963
Diesel Roster Photo History 05/30/09
Doubledecker Roster 01/12/09
Early Electric Engines 09/30/14
Engine Roster 1949 11/25/04
Engine Roster 1978 12/04/07
FA Units 04/15/09
FM C-Liners Roster 10/29/11
FM H16-44 Roster 01/02/2014
GP-38 Engine Roster 11/30/0
History of LIRR N52 Cabin Cars 11/06
Maritime Roster 11/17/2014
Modernization Numbers 10/11/09
MOW Roster 10/20/08
MOW Sandite Alcohol Cars 10/07/06
MP15AC Roster 11/01/07
Ore Cars 07/01/07
Passenger Photo History 02/14/13
Passenger Trains & Rosters 6/17/14
P72 & P75 Roster 8/22/10
Remembrances of N52 Cabin Cars 11/06/10 

RS1-3 Engine Roster
S1 & S2 Engine Roster
c.1952  07/07/09
Scrapped Loco #1-323 Roster
Steel Coaches & Electric M.U. 06/16/14 
Steam Roster 1901-1955
SW1001 Roster 11/01/07

LIRR Data Info:

1916 LIRR ICC Report 12/5/10
1926 Rule Book - Signal Aspects 2/11/15
1954 Goodfellow Pamphlet 09/17/08
75th Anniversary Pamphlet - 1910
100th Anniversary Pamphlet -1934
125th Anniversary Pamphlet -1959
1845 Stockholder's Report
175th Anniversary Tour - 2009
1965 Parking Study Part 1 06/01/09
1965 Parking Study Part 2 06/01/09
Celebrating 75 Years  04/22/1910
Crew Assignments 1991 5/18/07
CR4 1913 Sidings Western Suffolk
CR4 1919 Stations & Sidings Suffolk
CR4 1924 Stations & Sidings Suffolk
CR4 Freight Info 1944
Diagrams 10/25/06
Early Diesels of the Sunrise Trail 11/8/11
Expansion Maps
"EXTRA" List
Hack #12 Diagram/Photos 09/13/09
Hack #14 Diagram/Photos 08/28/10
Hack # 14 Restoration 07/07/08
Hack #60 Diagram/Photos 08/23/09
Historical Data References 07/12/07
Jordan Spreaders 5/28/2014
LI City Freight Articles Nick Kalis 4/05/10
LIRR Hospital Car 11/30/12
LIST Semaphore Articles 04/01/09
Marine Operations 06/17/07
Miscellaneous Data Sheet 8/04/14
Montauk Division Road Crossings 1908
N52A Caboose Info 10/15/09
Native American LIRR Names 09/10/14
RS1-3 Spotting Features 12/01/07
Sayville END CP Sign 01/04/08
Station Name Changes
Patchogue Crew Messages 02/06/05
Timetable Employee- May 2012  2/11/15

Track Maps  03/15/08
Track Names  12/14/061

Additional LIRR and Other Railroad Info:

Baggage Tags 01/25/08
BEDT Listings/Photos Updated 04/25/07
BEDT website link 07/10/06
Commuter's Handbook 1971
LI Historical Journal 01/12/08
LIRR Cartoons 8/5/12
LIRR RPO and Stamp Covers
NY Cross Harbor RR 06/06/08
Passes 03/20/08
Penn Station Opens and the LIRR 2/07/15 
PRR Station Eagle Booklet 08/21/07
RR Mergers List 2010 7/31/10
Slang Usage 04/15/08
South Side RR of LI  V. Seyfried 02/05/08
Stations Closed/Removed/ Replaced 05/24/07
Station Colors 005/26/07
The Term: Caboose 11/07/09  
Vanity Auto Plates 12/02/07

LIRR Photo History: 

19th Century LIRR 10/17/12
1970's LIRR 04/24/11
Amer. Ry Exp-REA Badge Styles 08/08/11
Bogies  04/04/2013
Budd RDC's 12/07/06
Cannonball 05/04/07
Early Locos 19th Century 6/20/14
Equipment Development 01/22/07
Fan Trips/Maps 08/01/14
First Train from Penn Station 9/21/14
Gas Turbine Cars 10/02/2012
Hooping Orders 12/18/08
Leased Units 11/16/08
Morris Park Tour 2009
Newspaper Delivery 7/24/14
Patchogue Signals 6/03/10
PD Tower Gone Patchogue 6/03/1
Railway Post Office (RPO) Service 02/28/13
Road n' Rail 7/30/12  

Ronk. Electrification 04/18/09
Scoots and Shuttles 03/29/11
Section Houses 7/17/14
Shanties 04/30/2012
Shelters 07/23/13
Signal History
South Side RR - Suffolk County 1867-1880 06/12/12
Towers 7/16/12  
Trestles/ Bridges/ Viaducts 07/30/08
Trolley Memories 02/01/08
Turntables  08/10/09
Water Tanks 7/23/13
Winter Shots 3/20/11
Wrecks 10/20/08
Wyes  10/10/08

LIRR Photo Topic Collections:

1939 & 1964 NY World's Fair 02/28/13
Baggage Cars 11/30/09
Before & After
Bernie Ente Photos 04/08/11
Budd M1's 8/31/14
Christmas 12/17/2010
Customers Logos/Signs 03/12/08
Dashing Dan 07/04/09
Diesel Horns 06/26/09
Drumheads 08/01/09
Excursion Tickets 6/15/2014
Express/Baggage Houses 08/08/11
Fall Foliage 10/27/09
Featured Photos 12/12/07
Freight Stations 04/15/09
Heritage Cars  04/17/07
Horses & Mule Power 10/05/10
LIST Calendars Collection 11/30/09
Loco Cab Photos  11/30/09
Logos 05/28/08
Milepost Photos 05/28/08
Named Diesels 04/15/09
Night Photos 4/01/14
Odds & Ends  01/01/2010
Paperwork 3/22/11
Pass Car Interiors 11/01/09
Pass Car Paint Schemes 08/03/07
Pass Train Photos
PD Tower Gone 05/04/07
Ping Pong Cars 06/21/09
RMLI Calendar Collection 12/21/2010
Signals Photos 11/30/09
Signs 05/01/08
Stations 08/31/10
Three Engines Photos 09/16/08
Trackside Business'  06/22/09
Tugs 06/26/09
Tuscarora Club Parlor Car 11/30/09
Workers 01/09/2010

Agent's-Keys-Speonk.jpg (61312 bytes)
Agent's Keys, Speonk, NY LIRR
Keys and I.D.  tag courtesy of Tom Collins, 
Dave Keller archive

The two long keys
(1,2) are somewhat different versions of the old "coach key" used to (literally) lock up the end storm doors of the Pullman-Standard Coaches (2700, 2800 & 2900's)...all used the same ones.

The flat key is an old locker key(6) from the Agents Office to keep "his" stuff, and two of the shorter hollow barrel keys are signal keys. (4,7)

The other flat key, (not the old Ford ignition key (3) , with less "teeth" to it is for an old Miller (Mfgr) 6 or 8 lever lock(5) with a "push" key(8), used for signal or other general purpose locks...possibly with baggage use (as in literally lock up the baggage or freight a shed or room for that specific purpose).  The tag(9) is great.   Info: Robert Myers

jamaicatobelmontparktokendashing60s-70sdavekeller.jpg (21283 bytes)
Jamaica to Belmont Park token - Dashing Dan 60s-70s 
Collection: Dave Keller

Woodbury Station changed to Cold Spring  General Order 90 10/15/1880

lirrbagtag.jpg (45887 bytes)
Brass Baggage Tag 
Great River 01/2008
Collection: Brendan Manley
Info: Dave Keller

LIRR Tag 02.jpg (59031 bytes)
Brass Baggage Tag 
Collection: Brendan Manley

gardencitytagBrendenManley.jpg (53193 bytes)
Garden City Baggage Tag 
Collection: Brendan Manley

luggagetagjohnfusto.jpg (32114 bytes)
Brass Baggage Tag 
Collection: John Fusto

lirrPaychecktag.jpg (25833 bytes)
LIRR Brass Pay Check Tag 

To the best of my knowledge, it was used to pay employees out on the line (perhaps as a "chit" to be cashed in somewhere where cash was available)...maybe a a major station where the ticket agent had copious amount of the green stuff and could pay you out of his "cash drawer" from selling tickets, etc, or maybe a major  terminal like Jamaica, where cash was disbursed to outlying terminals for different purposes. Info: Robert Myers

Affixed to a rider’s luggage in the old days. The express agent would put it on the bags with a leather strap. Upon receipt of your bag(s) at your destination, the express agent would remove the tag for reuse for another customer on another train.

American Railway Supply Co., was in business from 1891 to the 1920s. Info: Brendan Manley

With the years of operation you provided, that would confirm my dating and conveniently place it about mid-way during the 1891-1920s era, yet closer to the earlier end, since by the time the 1920s rolled along, the Pennsylvania Railroad, the parent road of the LIRR since 1900, was in full-swing bringing their systems on board.  1928 was a big year for institution of the block signal system and clearance cards, and Pennsy-style employee timetables.   

Pennsy-style uniforms began in the early 1920s.  

Disposable card stock baggage checks were used at that time, punched by the express agent.

Before you mentioned the American Railway Supply Co. (who made all sorts of stuff back then) and their dates of existence, I would have dated the tag c.1910.

So your brass tag would have been used in the teens and earlier.  Again . . . c. 1910 would be a safe bet to date it.  Research: Dave Keller

lirrtagBothSides22673BrendanManley.jpg (59080 bytes)
Ronkonkoma to 34th St. and reverse side #22673 
Brass Baggage Tag 
Collection: Brendan Manley

Baggage Tag South Side Railroad 
Long Island 

Trust-plate-P72-2921-7-28-62-Irving.jpg (55489 bytes)
"Irving Trust Company, Agent Owner"
Trust plate LIRR P72 #2921 07/28/1962
Dave Keller Archive

TrustPlate-MP70T-3516-Babylon-4-10-54.jpg (57380 bytes)
Photo: George E. Votava, Archive: Dave Keller 

lirrtrustplate.jpg (29602 bytes)

2-8-0 Class H10s ALCO Builder Plate

PRR #9742 Built: 6/1916, The LIRR acquired this engine from the PRR 1928-30

LIRR G5s #28 4-6-0 Builders Plate #3978 built 02/1925 from Juniata Shops at Altoona, PA.  Weighs 5 lb 5 oz measuring 11 5/8 X 7 3/8" from the collection of the late Ed Conklin III

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